DocuTAP EMR Software

What is DocuTAP EMR Software? 


DocuTAP EMR software (now called Experity urgent care EMR after merging with Practice Velocity) is an electronic medical records (EMR) practice management suite designed for urgent care.  It offers a comprehensive solution including an EMR system, robust scheduling feature, revenue cycle management, and more. With DocuTAP EMR, urgent care specialties can streamline their operations and improve patient care while reducing administrative burden. 
What is DocuTAP EMR Practice Management Software Best for? 

DocuTAP EMR software is best known for its user-friendly and responsive interface which allows medical practitioners to rapidly document and code medical visits. This is a crucial feature for urgent care clinics where patients need to get treatment as soon as possible. 

DocuTAP acts as an all-in-one software to schedule visits, create/enter visit history, complete billing, and send bills to the payer. Users online have raved that the software has made their documentation process more efficient, accurate, and comprehensive.  

DocuTAP Urgent Care EMR Pricing  

The vendor has not disclosed the pricing information for DocuTAP EMR. This is a common practice in the industry. Most modern medical records software serving urgent care medical practices have a subscription-based pricing model, making pricing plans flexible for diverse customers. As a software aggregator, however, we can give you a customized pricing list. Please click the 'Get Pricing' button at the top of this page. 
DocuTAP EMR Software Integrations 

Integrated EMR is part of the DocuTAP software suite. The vendor, however, has not indicated the software integrating with other platforms that may be valuable to an urgent care facility. Similarly, there is no information concerning the availability of API access. For further queries, you can contact our customer support representatives via our helpline.
How does DocuTAP EMR Software Work? 

A dedicated team of DocuTAP EMR experts simplifies the process of software implementation and getting started with it. Here are a few steps to follow if you are seeking to upgrade to DocuTAP practice management software: 

  1. Schedule a free demo. You can also do so by clicking the 'Watch Demo' button at the top of this page. The demo will provide insights into the functionality of the software. 
  2. Subscribe to a pricing plan that suits the needs of your medical practice. 
  3. Create a DocuTAP EMR login. 
  4. Learn how to use the different features through the vendor-provided DocuTAP training and DocuTap resources. 
  5. Consult the dedicated customer support/success manager for any queries that may arise. 

Interested customers can also view Urgent Care Connect Conference highlights by the vendor (Now Experity EMR software) to receive the latest software information and build their skills.  

Who is DocuTAP EMR Software for? 

DocuTAP EMR software is designed for urgent care clinics and outpatient facilities. It specifically caters to the needs of healthcare providers who treat patients on an episodic or walk-in basis, such as those in urgent care centres, occupational health clinics, and primary care practices. Small to large urgent patient care centres can benefit from the software. 
DocuTAP EMR Software Features 

  • EMR and Practice Management 
    Urgent care and outpatient facilities can manage their patient records, medical billing, scheduling, reporting, and practice management with DocuTAP. The patient charts tool creates and maintains a detailed electronic medical record that includes medical history, vitals, allergies, medications, and more.  
    Patients can also schedule appointments online (DocuTAP patient portal) or through a mobile app with the appointment scheduling tool. Clinic owners can use the reporting and analytics features for insights into clinic performance, patient flow, revenue trends, and more.  
    Meanwhile, practice management tools such as inventory management, employee scheduling, and payroll processing help healthcare providers improve patient care while running a more efficient practice in the background. 
  • Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management 
    The software's billing tools can help streamline the revenue cycle process by automating tasks such as claim submission, payment posting, and denial management. Clinics will be able to reduce administrative workload, improve accuracy, and speed up the reimbursement process.  
    Additionally, real-time eligibility verification ensures that patients have insurance coverage before they receive treatment. The software also includes reporting tools that provide insights into revenue trends and performance metrics, which can help providers make informed decisions about the practice. 
  • Patient Engagement 
    DocuTAP EMR software offers a variety of patient engagement tools that can help healthcare providers improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. The patient portal allows patients to view their medical records, request prescription refills, and communicate with their providers securely. 
    Additionally, the software includes automated appointment reminders via email or SMS to help reduce no-shows and ensure patients attend their scheduled appointments. These features can enhance patient engagement and deliver more personalized medical care.
    Other popular patient engagement software include PrognoCIS, AdvancedMD, and eClinicalWorks. For a full list of patient engagement software, please click here.
  • Teleradiology 
    DocuTAP EMR offers a robust teleradiology solution that allows healthcare providers in an urgent care clinic to securely transmit medical images and reports between facilities. These tools improve patient care by enabling remote consultations and diagnoses, especially in areas where there may be limited access to specialists.  
    Healthcare providers can quickly share images and reports with radiologists or other specialists for immediate review and interpretation. This can help reduce wait times for patients, improve the accuracy of diagnoses, and increase efficiency in the diagnostic process.  
    Additionally, the software includes a variety of security features such as encryption and two-factor authentication to ensure patient data remains secure during such information transfer. 
  • Consulting 
    The consulting feature provides healthcare providers with access to experienced consultants who can offer guidance and support on a variety of topics related to medical practice management. The services cover areas such as billing and coding, compliance, revenue cycle management, and more.  
    With this resource, healthcare providers can get expert advice on how to optimize their EMR workflow, streamline operations, and improve overall clinic performance. The consultants provided by DocuTAP EMR are knowledgeable about industry best practices and can help providers stay up-to-date with changing regulations and standards. 

Is DocuTAP EMR Software Right for You? 

If you are looking to automate and streamline documentation for your urgent care or outpatient facility, then DocuTAP is a good consideration. According to most customer reviews, the software is user-friendly; many find it easy to start with. Notable customers include Pentucket Medical, BayCare Medical Group, Integra Urgent Care, Well Fast, One Stop Medical Care, and Xpress Wellness. 
DocuTAP EMR Pricing Details 

The vendor has not publicized the pricing breakdown for DocuTAP. To learn about the available pricing options, please click the ‘Get Pricing’ button. One of our consultants will contact you to provide the appropriate information.

DocuTAP EMR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Deployment and Support






Web based
















Phone call


  • Specialized tools for urgent care facilities
  • Simple to start with and use
  • Comprehensive features
  • In-built revenue cycle management and billing
  • Live training and resources available


  • Lack of multi-language support
  • Limited customization
  • System slow to respond occasionally

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does DocuTAP for urgent care cost?

The vendor has not revealed the pricing information.

Is DocuTAP an EMR?

Yes, DocuTAP offers a wide range of EMR tools.

Is DocuTAP the same as Experity?

Yes, DocuTAP is now called Experity after merging with Practice Velocity EMR software.

What are the top 5 features of DocuTAP for urgent care?

The top features include medical charting, patient portal, medical billing, teleradiology, and practice management.

DocuTAP EMR Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

DocuTAP EMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

16 Reviews


Very user-friendly

January 2023


PA Physicians

It is very easy to create and access patient charts. I am able to track all my appointments and send messages to patients from within the app. Great service.
The font is not readable and there are too many pages you have to scroll to get to the feature you want, needs to be efficient.

Simple and engaging design

November 2022


Family Nourishment

It is intuitive and engaging so new users can get trained on it without any trouble whatsoever. The system updates itself and we get new features every day on the go.
With the updates come a lot of glitches and we have to click many times to access the documentation.

Fundamental software

July 2022


Urgent Doc

We have used this product since Docutap was the initial title and whereas it's exceptionally oversimplified and easy to use when charting and archiving patients, there are imperfections with reporting where the software is nearly oversimplified as they appear to be stuck on how to progress or perhaps fair select not to.
Web check is nearly never working, as it ported over a few of the entered data which at that point causes patients to copy the work when they arrive and there are no fixes within the works that I am aware of as it was attempting to offer a bundle for the distinctive sort of check-in program

Fulfills our needs

April 2022


Radiologic Care

We have been using it for years and it fulfills all our EHR needs. It facilitates up to 10 physicians and the price is very affordable.
It becomes difficult to scan multiple documents.

Customer service is not very helpful

February 2022


Recept Medical Center

It is very easy to use and we can change anything with ease. Navigation is easy and our clinic staff is now more productive.
The customer support is not very friendly and they never follow up on our complaints on time.

Good for small clinics.

November 2021


Advanced Kids Care

Navigating through the interface is pretty easy with this. Moreover, I find it reasonably simple to operate.
Might not be the best pick for larger practices.

Customer support needs improvement.

August 2021



Great usability and amazingly user-friendly. This software has changed the way things got done around here. Patient scheduling, collecting, medical billing, etc. have never been easier. Now I cannot even imagine our company functioning efficiently without an electronic health records system.
The customer support team needs improvement. They seem to lack expert knowledge and are always in a bit of a hurry. Other than that, there are some glitches associated with the network connection.

Not a very user friendly software

May 2021


Hospital and Health Care

It is easy to use and navigate the system. The EMR is well organized and the layout is very smooth.
It feels like their team doesn't have much knowledge about their own product. Whenever I register any complaint, I usually don't receive any solution, or the team delays it.

Fairly Good

March 2021


Horizon BPO

It is easy to use and user friendly. You can customize everything and it is super easy to schedule appointments and billing is also very easy.
The network slows down sometimes and the wait time is too long.

It has worked well for us.

September 2020



I love how we can customize everything and it's flexibility.
I do not like that it starts getting slow when you make edits to an old card.

Easy to use and manage.

February 2020


Horizon BPO

It is an easy software. It is easy to use, and our overall experience has been good. This software has everything that our practice needs it to do. It is a good software for Urgent Care. Easy to schedule a visit, create/enter visit history, complete the billing/coding. Easy to do the day to day work.
They need to upgrade the reporting part of the software

Docutap review

September 2019



It is easy to use, and super user-friendly. I cannot see our company without electronic health records. It has helped us a lot in every way. Patient scheduling, collecting, billing etc has become so easy.
There are a few glitches, with the network connection and stuff, and the customer support team seems to be a little anxious at all times.


April 2019


AFC Urgent Care Portland

I like the product. It is easy to use till its basic level. Adding patients is very easy and keeping track of their check-ins and check-outs too. It is a nice tool to use, to manage your patients and their documents.
When you need to do things that use more than the basic functionalities, it takes a lot of time. I had a ticket open for nearly 2 years just for that, and it was very painful.


January 2019


MediTox Wellness

The system overall is great. It is easy to use, and just with few clicks or how the name says taps, you can easily get things done. I just signed another year contract with them. Their customer support team is great, always helps.
At times the network slows down, and it feels like torture itself, because the wait time kills you.

Great for Urgent Care.

November 2018


Kootenai Urgent Care

It has been a great partner. For urgent care, I would say that it is a really great software. Their practice management software has helped us produce superior collection, DOS and accounts over 120 days ratio. The providers have mentioned that it is a very intuitive EMR.
Well, at the beginning we noticed that the analytics were weak, but now they have improved it, so there are no issues with it or any other thing of this product.

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