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Drs Enterprise is a hybrid EHR solution that complies with all Meaningful Use requirements and is suitable for practices of all sizes. It's primarily intended for orthopedics, sports medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and ophthalmology. The system complies with HIPAA regulations and includes security features such as audit trails. Drs Enterprise is a highly customizable solution with user-defined folders, categories, and preferences. 

The system is also fully ARRA 2014 certified and meets all Meaningful Use certification requirements.

Drs Enterprise Software Key Features  

Electronic Prescribing 

Drs Enterprise's ePrescribing feature allows physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to generate, transmit, and file patient prescriptions electronically. Regardless of their location, medical providers can send prescriptions with a single click. Furthermore, patients benefit from this feature because they can receive medication from the comfort of their own homes. 

Document Management 

Drs Enterprise can store various documents, including Word documents, images, PDF files, and more. The system also includes a forms processing module that automatically fills in information for commonly used forms, such as Medicaid forms and hospital forms. 

Remote Accessibility 

Drs EMR is a hybrid solution that is available both on-premise and cloud. You can utilize an interface that is more suitable for your needs. For example, the cloud interface is more affordable as it removes the need to buy expensive hardware. The on-premise solution can be a good fit for solo practitioners.  

Drs Enterprise Software Pricing 

The software can provide accurate pricing information on request as Enterprise prices are not available publicly. Therefore, you may have to contact the seller to acquire an estimate. 

Software Demo 

If you are still contemplating whether Drs EMR is worth an investment or not, we suggest you schedule a Drs software demo. The demo is a real-time setting where you can navigate the software and explore its different features. The demo will also help you analyze whether the software fulfills your practice needs.  


Enterprise reviews provide an insight into what current users say about the software. Enterprise users are pretty satisfied with the product, evidenced by a 4-star rating. You can read Drs Enterprise reviews with detailed pros and cons below.  

Our Thoughts  

Drs Enterprise is a ground-breaking new approach to electronic health records. Drs is a flexible and highly configurable patient chart management system that allows you to keep your current workflow or migrate to a new, more efficient, electronic workflow. Designers and programmers have put in a lot of effort to make a program that is genuinely accessible to everyone. 

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