Drs Enterprise Software, a comprehensive EHR system, streamlines day-to-day healthcare operations for medical practices. Enhance patient care, automate clinical workflows, and ensure compliance using a centralized suite of solutions. Explore its functionalities today!

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What Is Drs Software?


Drs software is a comprehensive electronic health records (EHR) system designed to streamline healthcare operations. This software offers a cloud-based solution for medical providers to manage their tasks and services efficiently. It provides a range of features such as clinical documentation, customizable templates, telemedicine, and e-prescribing.

With Drs Enterprise, medical practitioners can create and customize their workflows, enhancing their ability to deliver high-quality patient care. The software enables users to access and manage patient records, appointments, and other critical tasks from a centralized interface.

What Is Drs Software Best For?

Drs software distinguishes itself with a user-friendly and customizable interface designed to simplify complex tasks. The software empowers providers to customize and tailor the system to their unique workflow preferences, ensuring seamless integration into their practice and enhancing overall efficiency.

Drs Software Pricing

The Drs software cost varies based on a customer’s needs and requirements. Get in touch with our sales team to discuss a personalized pricing plan for your practice.

Drs Software Integrations

The software integrates with various third-party software systems, including:

How Does Drs Software Work?

Here’s how to get started with the software after its successful installation:    

  • Log in and go to the dashboard
  • Navigate to the forms processing module to save patient information
  • Enter the necessary patient details and save the record
  • Schedule appointments using the calendar feature
  • Access the customizable report writer to gain valuable insights into your workflows
  • Use the instant messaging to communicate securely with patients  
  • Manage billing and invoicing from the dedicated interface
The Drs Enterprise demo takes you through all of these steps in more detail.

Who Is Drs Software For?

Drs Enterprise is designed for the healthcare industry, specifically catering to small to medium-sized practices across multiple specialties, including:

  • Orthopedics  
  • Ophthalmology
  • Sports medicine
  • OBGYN   

Is Drs Software Right For You?

Drs Enterprise Software could be the perfect fit if you're seeking an efficient, hybrid EHR solution for your healthcare practice. With robust security measures and scalability to grow with your practice, this software is designed to adapt to your changing needs. Drs Enterprise’s fully certified and HIPAA-compliant system features security measures, ensuring that all your patient information is safe. Additionally, the software is scalable, making it suitable for growing healthcare practices. 

Still not sure if it's the right choice for your medical practice? Contact us at (661) 384-7070 and let our experienced team assist you in making an informed decision.  

Drs Enterprise Software Features

Drs software offers a full-featured telemedicine capability, providing users with a HIPAA-compliant solution for remote consultations. This integrated feature allows healthcare providers to conduct secure and efficient virtual appointments, fostering convenience for both practitioners and patients while maintaining the highest standards of patient data security.

The software empowers healthcare providers to streamline the entire clinical documentation process with its drag-and-drop technology. It offers a customizable solution featuring folders to store various file types, including Word documents, photos, PDFs, and rich text files, simplifying the process of organizing and accessing files.

Drs software includes an instant messaging service that enables users to communicate swiftly and securely through text messages. This tool facilitates prompt and secure exchanges, promoting efficient communication among patients and providers.

This feature allows users to efficiently create new prescriptions and renew requests across various pharmacies. The system incorporates real-time clinical decision support tools and drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy interaction checking, ensuring safe and informed prescribing practices for healthcare providers.

Pros and Cons of Drs Enterprise Software


  • Customizable interface for streamlined clinical workflows
  • Offers a robust document management system to enhance patient recordkeeping
  • Secure messaging tools improve patient engagement
  • Configurable templates for various healthcare specialties


  • Initial learning curve for new users, according to some Drs software reviews
  • Some charge capture tools could be improved

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 No, Drs Enterprise software does not offer a free trial.

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