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EasyRx is a 3D and digital care management software that manages lab workflow like never before. The vendor welcomes the enhancements of lab prescriptions with a warm heart. EasyRx Ortho enables practitioners to create, share and record lab prescriptions efficiently and securely. Labs can also use EasyRx. It is not solely restricted to medical practice’s needs and thus nurtures smooth integration between the two parties.  

Orthodontics makes the best use of EasyRx as this system allows attaching 3D models to prescriptions. This helps minimize the probability of errors in the communication interface, and patients get the best care services. Besides that, Easy Rx prescription management software comes with multiple valuable third-party integrations. To work with STL files, the software works well on the cloud providing clients faster access to the 3D models.  

EasyRx Features: 

Digital File Management: 

This intact software helps with file management and helps optimize the STL files. Then Easy Rx supports the file attachment service and attaches 3D models, including STL files, to the prescriptions and patient records. Adding to it, there’s an auto-backup service, TRIOS scanner integration, and 3D model-sharing services. What's more, there’s a 3D model configuration service too.  

Aligner Tracking:  

EasyRx is not just the first pick of orthodontics but dentists too. It offers a best-in-class aligner tracking system and ensures better aligner workflows. Using it, the clients can total trays required, set up batches, enter protocol numbers for tray switching, and set follow-up reminders. All this can be done via the aligner dashboard of EasyRx software. In addition, this process leads to better aligner case management.  

Invoice and Production Management: 

EasyRxOrtho offers a top-notch invoice management system. The platform helps create and process invoices. Labs and practices can view the invoice status to stay informed about unpaid invoices. These can even be exported in a supported format. The invoice management system of EasyRxOrtho even provides archived and production reports. Labs can use this system to set and manage sales goals.  

EasyRx Pricing: 

The pricing bundles of EasyRx are divided into two categories: Labs and Practices. The pricing details of the sub-categories of the EasyRx pricing bundles are available on its website.  

EasyRx Demo: 

EasyRx provides unlimited support to practices and also offers a 30-45 minutes free demonstration video. The demo helps clients decipher the commercial and in-house services of this robust platform.  

EasyRx Reviews: 

Almost all the users of EasyRx laud it for being an innovative addition to care centers. The way it handles the entire prescription process is simply splendid. The users state that keeping a record of patients' medication is a hassle-free task with this solution. The customer support services of EasyRx are also worth praising.  

Our Thoughts: 

EasyRx is an unparalleled lab prescription handling sofware. It offers remarkable 3D modeling, scanning, and printing services to simplify the Rx process. With its best-in-class services, EasyRx Ortho adds value to the patient experience.  

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