Eclipse practice management has a list of firsts in its impressive 25 year run in the US healthcare IT space. It was the first practice management software to run on the Microsoft Platform. The owners of the company, which included chiropractic and a developer, were the first to introduce the concept of case management under a single unique ID; something which we take for granted nowadays. 

Despite running for more than 25 years, Eclipse medical software has adapted to the changing standard in design and technology maintaining a “state of the art” user-interface. Their product which was initially built for single practitioners is now used by multi-disciplinary and multi-site practices with hundreds of users.  

This practice management has many useful features which include claims management, EMR, e-prescribing, inventory management, multi-office and multi-physician, patient billing, patient portal, patient records, patient scheduling, SOAP notes, physician scheduling and more. Moreover, the software enables users to open multiple patient files simultaneously without retracing previous activity

Recent additions include custom forms creation, synchronization of scheduler with mobile forms, and   “Real Time Data Flow” – which instantly displays changes to every user currently working with that patient’s chart.”

The Eclipse practice management software is ONC certified Complete EHR and is INGENIX certified for HIPAA-mandated electronic claims.

ECLIPSE Practice Management Software

ECLIPSE Practice Management Software reviews

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Scott H Hensley DC, Inc

2-10 employees

February 2019

All-in-one system.

This system has the ability to do a lot. With this software I can easily make appointments, track patients, track charges, track payments, do paper billing, electronic billing etc. it basically does all the functions that any chiropractic office needs it to do. I have been using Eclipse practice management software for over 20 years. I don’t have any concerns and issues with my day to day operations, due to this system. It has brought a lot of peace to my mind. Over these 20 years it has improved with all the changes that occurred like Medicare, HIPPA compliance, EMR, electronic billing etc.

There isn’t anything as such that comes to my mind as a con. If I was writing this review a few years back, then definitely I would have a list of cons to write here and probably wouldn’t have stopped, but over the passage of time they improve. Usually in a year or 2 they keep on adding new features and improving it. It is like whatever I think of, they add it as a feature to the system.


Mainland Wellness and Rehab

2-10 employees

June 2018

Pretty reliable system.

The customer support team is great. They always come around for us, whenever we need their help. We recently lost our Eclipse program, but Hector was the one who was really helpful and got us the program up and running and that also in the same day, they are that quick in helping. The system is reliable.

I believe that we can use the most of this product, and that it is capable of doing a lot, but for that we need to be trained on this program. There are no training programs for this software, you have to figure it out on your own. Even when new updates come, and new features, the problem that we are unable to use it to its full potential due to the lack of training.


Discover Chiropractic


May 2018

Great for chiropractic

Moving around the program, is not that hard. When patients are waiting, it is quite simple to quickly pull up the patient, calendar and statistics for them. It is a great software to track day to day use. It is also great for posting the chiropractic charges.

It has limited training functions, which is kind of a pain for us, as it gets hard to train any other employee/use on our back-office computer. We do face a bit of a problem here with the training.


Team Chiropactic Corp.

1 employee

March 2018

Gets things done.

The software is fairly easy to learn, and not just for me, for the staff as well, which is a plus for us. Moving around the system/program is great, and not that hard. I like that it has a specificity for insurance-based practices, which is great for us. The staff is helpful with the system, but non-tech people really don’t have the patience sometimes. It gets the job done for one or many offices, which is great.

It is not cloud-based; hence, we cannot access it through our phones, or get the emails direct to appointments. It only runs on Windows. There is limit to its use with Case Practice Systems.


Surfside Chiropractic

2-10 employees

February 2018

For chiropractic.

It is a great software, especially for Chiropractic office management I can say. For me, I need a customer support team always readily available to help, and with Eclipse I am glad that is the case. Whenever I have questions and need an immediate answer to it, Eclipse has always come through for me. Their customer support team is amazing.

In my view, I think that it would be great if they could improve the note taking option a bit. Probably, it might not be this case, as I haven’t yet used the note taking option much and don’t really know about this part of the software, as I do get overwhelmed.

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