ECLIPSE Practice Management Software

What Is ECLIPSE Chiropractic Software?


ECLIPSE Practice Management Software provides an intuitive chiropractic case management solution that ensures HIPAA compliance. It offers comprehensive tools for managing patient files, appointments, billing, electronic claims, and real-time data flow. The integrated SOAP notes simplify case management, allowing practitioners to prioritize patient care efficiently.

What Is ECLIPSE Chiropractic Software Best For?

Distinguished by its user-friendly interface, this management software excels in providing an intuitive design that facilitates the seamless organization of daily tasks for medical facilities, chiropractors, and physical therapists. The software's interface boasts a user-friendly dropdown menu, enhancing user experience by efficiently organizing information and ensuring ease of navigation.

ECLIPSE Chiropractic Software Pricing

Tailored ECLIPSE chiropractic software pricing options are available to users based on their specific needs. 

ECLIPSE Chiropractic Software Integrations

ECLIPSE Practice Management Software seamlessly integrates with valuable partners like:

  • Infinedi
  • DataHEALTH
  • Hour:Mine
  • N.C.M.I.C.
  • Aritec
  • Smile Reminder

How Does ECLIPSE Chiropractic Software Work?

Follow these steps to navigate ECLIPSE Chiropractic Software:

  • Log in to the dashboard using your credentials
  • Go to the file section and create a new file
  • Enter patient data and save it
  • Access patient records to view details
  • Explore additional notes and SOAP by clicking on the patient's chart

For a hands-on experience, schedule the ECLIPSE Chiropractic Software demo today!

Who Is ECLIPSE Chiropractic Software For?

Eclipse software is ideal for:

  • Chiropractors
  • Physical Therapists
  • Medical Facilities

This software is for practitioners of all sizes, including single practitioners, multi-site practices, and physical therapists.

ECLIPSE Chiropractic Software Features

ECLIPSE EMR offers standout features:

  • Appointment Scheduling

ECLIPSE EMR revolutionizes appointment scheduling with its user-friendly calendar interface, providing practitioners the flexibility to view and schedule appointments by day, week, or month. The system's automated reminders play a pivotal role in enhancing patient attendance, contributing to a more streamlined and organized scheduling process.

  • Bills And Claims

The billing module within ECLIPSE Chiropractic Software automates and simplifies the billing process for medical facilities. Supporting both electronic and paper claims submission, this feature allows practices to choose the most convenient method, ensuring a seamless financial management experience and reducing administrative burden.

  • Electronically Prescribing

Empowering healthcare providers, ECLIPSE facilitates the electronic prescribing of medications to pharmacies. This not only enhances patient safety but also contributes to reduced upfront costs and increased convenience. The integration of ECLIPSE EMR provides quick access to patients' medication histories, a critical component in ensuring adherence to modern healthcare practices and regulatory requirements.

  • Documentation

The software's multi-faceted documentation capabilities enable practitioners to comprehensively record patient information, covering aspects of physical therapy and medical history. From creating detailed SOAP notes to attaching images, documents, and lab results, this feature offers a holistic overview of each case, fostering thorough and informed decision-making.

  • Custom Forms

ECLIPSE Chiropractic Software empowers medical staff with the ability to create, modify, or use pre-designed layouts for forms such as intake forms, surveys, questionnaires, and consent forms. This not only streamlines data collection but also ensures that practices capture specific information essential to each patient's condition, contributing to more personalized and effective care.

Is ECLIPSE Chiropractic Software Right For You?

Looking to transform your chiropractic practice effortlessly? Enter ECLIPSE Chiropractic Software—a HIPAA-compliant solution endorsed by state associations. With its user-friendly interface and tailored pricing options, ECLIPSE streamlines daily tasks for practitioners, medical facilities, and physical therapists. Experience enhanced appointment scheduling, automated billing, and claims, plus electronic prescribing for patient safety. Its versatility caters to practices of all sizes.
Transform your practice with ECLIPSE Chiropractic Software—schedule your hands-on demo for a game-changing experience, read reviews for insights, or contact us at (661) 384-7070 for more information.

ECLIPSE Chiropractic Software Pricing Plans

Custom quotes are available based on your facility's specific needs.

ECLIPSE Practice Management Software Features


Appointment Management/Scheduling




Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Customizable Forms/Reports


Document Management


Lab Integration


Online Payments


Immunization And Allergy Tracking


Mobile App




Order Management


Reporting And Analytics


Billing And Invoicing


Insurance Eligibility Verification


Claims Management


Inventory Management


Referral Management




Patient Demographics

Deployment and Support






Web based
















Phone call



  • The dropdown menus help organize information for the user's ease 
  • Pricing details not publicly disclosed 
  • Offers smooth financial management 
  • The document section can be improved 
  • Comprehensive appointment scheduling and billing 
  • Users get in-house training support 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Eclipse users edit multiple patient files at once?

Yes, Eclipse users can edit multiple patient files at once.

Does ECLIPSE EHR provide HIPAA-mandated electronic claims?

Yes, the software provides HIPAA-mandated electronic claims.

How are MPN software systems related to ECLIPSE chiropractic software?

ECLIPSE is a registered trademark of M.P.N. Software Systems, Inc.

Is ECLIPSE Chiropractic Software the very first windows software?

According to the vendor, ECLIPSE EHR solutions are the very first windows software.

Is ECLIPSE Software cloud-based?

Yes, the software is cloud-based.

What are the main features of ECLIPSE software?

Main features of Eclipse software include e-prescribing, billing, appointment scheduling, and multi-faceted documentation.

What is ECLIPSE chiropractic software for?

ECLIPSE chiropractic software caters to small, medium, and multi-site chiropractic, physical therapy, and medical practices.

What is the pricing of ECLIPSE Practice Management Software?

Pricing can be customized; contact us for detailed ECLIPSE EHR pricing information.

What level of support does ECLIPSE practice management software offer?

The software provides email, chat, and phone support to users.

ECLIPSE Practice Management Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

ECLIPSE Practice Management Software reviews

Overall Rating

21 Reviews


Reliable and secure.

April 2023


Medical Practice

It is a highly secure EHR that has never failed me in the past 2 years that Ive been using it. They push out frequent updates and Ive never seen a major bug introduced with any of the updates so far. Customer service is highly professional and helpful. They helped fix some of my problems that had nothing to do with them and are always available for further support. Eclipse had a good track record and thats what got me interested but it is the customer service that has kept me with them ever since!
Eclipse is a slight learning curve to it which is expected from a software this complex. It was so different from our previous software that I had to undergo proper training in order to get a grip on it. However, after going through all that trouble, we have been able to utilize it to its full potential. And it is even better than our previous system! We cannot even imagine going back to the old one now. I would love to explore it further and move to a truly paperless working system using Eclipse.

Outstanding customer service.

March 2023


Medical Practice

They have an excellent customer service team. Whenever I get stuck at any point, I just need to handover the problem to customer service and take a back seat while they handle it for me. They have given me tips and workarounds to make my workflow smoother and more efficient. Eclipse itself is very easy to operate and whenever theres been a change in the software, we get a detailed email which keeps us informed. This has proven to be very helpful in our ever-changing insurance climate. It is a great value for money!
Whatever issues I have faced over the years, most of them have happened due to complications on my end and not Eclipse. The policies we work with are almost always changing which makes the current version of Eclipse redundant quite often. We have to face delays due to this and ask Eclipse to push out an update or provide us with a workaround. The team is very patient with us which is definitely something worth staying for. I have never had to wait too long for fixes and updates.

A reliable and effective scheduler.

February 2023


Health, Wellness and Fitness

Eclipse is a very strong scheduler and enables me to customize every aspect of my work week. I can view my daily and weekly activities at the click of a button which is amazing. The app overall is really simple to understand and easy to navigate. Posting payments is straightforward and I can create and attach so many types of reports. Billing is another strong point of Eclipse. I am very satisfied with my decision and would definitely recommend it to anyone running a practice.
The only thing I can think of is that sometimes the patient statements are difficult for the patients to understand. This is not that much of an issue since there’s an option to add notes to just about everything and I use that to explain to the patients what exactly they need to know. Importing payments from other tools is not as smooth as I would have liked and pressing OK at the end sometimes stalls the app completely. I have to close Eclipse and restart it to do it all over again, keeping my fingers crossed that it dont happen this time.

An efficient company

January 2023


Barr Chiropractic and Scoliosis Center

Patient billing and scheduling are a lot smoother than before. It shows us trends so we can see how to improve our business. Their customer support is exceptional and they are always available to help us out.
The requirements for field entry are not consistent. Some require clicking while others have tabbing which is confusing and troublesome.

Highly recommended to everyone

November 2022


Glenn Burnie Chiropractic

It is very easy to set up and customize it. I have not encountered any problems with scheduling and billing with the software.
I wish it was cloud-based so we could access it from anywhere on the go.

Complete PM solution

June 2022



It is great for our chiropractic and we are able to run the entire practice with it. They make sure you are set with everything you need.
It takes a while to learn the ins and outs of the software.

Awesome product

February 2022


Island Chiropractic

EHR software is amazing. It gets everything done and our associates enjoy the process too. It has been a great experience
There are not enough options for billing which makes it average.

Support is not good enough

November 2021


Bailey Chiropractic

It worked well for us for years until the software started acting up all of a sudden
The windows update caused problems for us and when we needed customer support the most they did not deliver.

My billing services are now successful

August 2021


Mt. Valley Private Clinic

I have been using this software for a long time and it has helped me process everything on time. The customer service calls back immediately and our practice is now fully optimized.
Nothing I would want to change.

The complete package.

April 2021


Neal Clinic

It has everything that we need ranging from e-prescriptions to SOAP notes. We have been using it for 22 years now and still have not felt the need to look for another software.
Not really an issue, however, I would have liked it if the format of SOAP notes were more of a narrative type instead of a bullet-point type.

Best Support Ever!!

March 2021


Health, Wellness and Fitness

I love this program. Its so easy to use and navigate. It offers various options to create reports. Billing support is great and it is also fully customizable.
This happens very rarely but sometimes the notes dont save which can be irritating. It would be of much help if they fixed this issue

Highly praised

February 2021


Health, Wellness and Fitness

A software that is easily accessible and the one on which I can easily schedule my stuff.
This is not accessible through cloud and so remote access to an office PC is necessary.

Highly suggested

January 2021


Glen Burnie Chiropractic

Simple to utilize, successful billing, experience noticing and planning software
not cloud-based, have to be farther into a location computer to get to information base when not within the office

Satisfied customer.

December 2020


Glen Burnie Chiropractic

Because this software allows us to send mass notifications to a patient, it saves us a lot of time since the need to call each patient individually gets eliminated. Now we utilize that time to provide better patient care and better coordinate everything around the clinic. The support team is amazing and very user-friendly. The particular representative who was assigned to us by the team was also wonderful and greatly helpful.
There are no major issues to be reported. Any minor inconveniences that we encountered during the learning process and the implementation stages were very efficiently eradicated by the support team.

Not a bad choice.

September 2020



I like that there are no many plug-ins.
It is a bit clunky but not bad overall!

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Call us at

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