EHR Your Way

EHR Your Way was founded in 2008, a software organization based in the United States that is suitable for solo and mid-sized behavioral practices such as autism, abuse, social work, vocational case management, and more. The platform includes a full suite of features such as appointment scheduling, claims management, assessment and treatment plans, appointment reminders, billing and invoicing. The vendor is an ONC & DEA certified platform and includes paper forms that can create a verbatim copy in order to stay compliant with the payor, country, and state. Users can even navigate by using voice commands instead of clicking multiple times.

They are the only EHR vendor who will take your paper forms and create an exact duplicate copy in the EHR.

You may optionally add up to 21 rules on the forms guiding users to comply with workflow regulation or payor guidelines. Each field is customizable with content which even novice users can update with little training.

Best of all; any field may be reported on in any format so you can flexibly adjust the forms to meet your reporting needs.

When moving to EHR YOUR WAY you’ll find the following:

• Learning Curve: 1-3 Hours

• Change in Workflow: Little to None.

• Adoption Rate: 95%

• Implementation Time: 4-6 Weeks

• Speech to Text on Any Field (Dragon or Google)

• Navigate the EHR Using Dragon Voice Commands


• Practice Management

• Auto-import of faxes directly into the EHR

• Patient Portal

• Prescription & Labs Modules

• Works on Any Device

• Cloud Platform

Price: Software pricing starts at $40 per month and per user.

Free trial: Yes.

Support: The software offers online support during business hours.

USP: The EHR vendor can be deployed both on mobile cloud-based devices and desktop.

Product advantages: EHR Your Way offers many useful features such as client portals, appointment reminders, referral tracking, electronic signatures for both patients and physicians.

Product limitations: The system is designed to cater to general practitioners only. The current version of the software does not support data entries into a visual field.

EHR Your Way reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews



Mental Health America of Dutchess County


March 2021

Great framework!

The team provides great framework from training stage to implementation process. Simple and customizable user interface. Overall, impression of the software is great!
I had no problem at all.


Communicare, Region 2 Community Mental Health Center


March 2021

Looking forward to use it for many years!

The team is very knowledgeable and assists you with anything required for clinical needs. It has been a pleasurable experience.
No cons.

Randy S.

Medical Practice


March 2021

System Navigation through Voice command. What a concept!

This software has the ability to operate and keep electronic medical records through voice commands. My staff finds it very useful. Customization of interface works great for specific services.
Overall, it has promising features but the team should also introduce some services for specialists.

Taylor K.


11-50 employees

September 2020

Wow, just wow

EHR your way software helped us with expanding as the learning curve for the employees has become shorter with the use of this software. It's user-friendly and so worth it. Excellent features.
It has some glitches that the customer staff is already trying to resolve so for now, no complaints.


California Palms Recovery Campus Recovery


September 2020

Made my life a lot easier and work efficient.

The ease of use makes this software my favorite. I also love how they adjust everything to your requirements.
This software lacks a little bit in the communication department. Messenger box doesn't really work sometimes.

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Call us at

(661) 384-7070