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eMedicalPractice is a cloud-based integrated EHR, Telemedicine, RCM, and Practice Management Solution that helps you to manage your practices efficiently. eMedicalPractice is unique in combining all of the most notable features of a successful medical practice into one easy-to-use software solution.  

eMedicalPractice Software is certified by ONC-ATCB. eMedicalPractice's Telemedicine module enables you to offer your patients convenient access to care from anywhere. eMedicalPractice's RCM module includes everything you need to streamline your billing and collections process. With eMedicalPractice, you can have everything you need to run a successful medical practice. 

Key Features  

Patient Portal  

eMedicalPractice's Patient Portal is a great way for patients to stay connected to their health information. The portal gives patients 24/7 access to their records and allows them to communicate with their doctor's office. Patients can register at any time by requesting the front desk staff for the online portal registration process. This makes it easy for patients to stay up to date on their health information.  

Telemedicine Solution  

eMedicalPractice Software's integrated telemedicine solution helps care providers connect with patients via their mobile phones, tablets, or computers. Providers can write encounter notes in real-time and schedule or start instant tele-visits on demand. eMedicalPractice EMR is also seamlessly integrated with the telemedicine solution, so providers can easily document encounters and order labs or prescriptions for patients. eMedicalPractice's telemedicine solution is an easy and effective way for doctors to improve patient care and satisfaction.  

Clearing House  

eMedicalPractice's Clearinghouse module provides you with a secure way to send your claims to payers electronically. eMedicalPractice EHR software is fully integrated with the leading clearinghouses, so you can be confident that your claims will be routed correctly and efficiently. 

eMedicalPractice Software Pricing  

eMedicalPractice Software comes in three monthly pricing plans.  

  1. Silver: $199/month for EHR & MIPS-Registry   
  2. Gold: $299/month for EHR & Billing Software   
  3. Platinum: 2.99%-4.99% RCM   

eMedicalPractice offers a one-time license fee which includes phone and email-based support. 

eMedicalPractice Software Demo  

You can request a free demo of the software and can see how eMedical Practice can make practice easier for you. The demo will include a personal walk-through of the eMedicalPractice features. The software also offers a free trial and a free version to get started without paying anything.  

eMedicalPractice Software Reviews  

There are many positive reviews about the eMedical Practice Software online. The customers have said that the software is easy to use and helps to manage their practices efficiently. Many customers have also said that customer support is excellent and is always available to help with any questions or concerns. Overall, the reviews for eMedicalPractice software are positive, and customers are happy with the product. You can read more eMedicalPractice software reviews in our review section.  

Our Thoughts  

eMedicalPractice's Management solution provides you with all the features you need to manage your practice more efficiently. The software is easy to use and helps you save time and money. Overall, we think eMedicalPractice software is a great practice management solution for any medical practice. 

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