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eMedicalPractice offers a scalable solution for medical practices of all sizes. It's an integrated platform that combines EHR, e-prescription, and RCM, offering a seamless workflow. Discover how eMedicalPractice can simplify your practice management.

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What Is eMedicalPractice?


eMedicalPractice is a comprehensive cloud-based practice management solution designed to alleviate the challenges faced by medical practices. The software integrates electronic health records (EHR), e-prescription, lab services, and revenue cycle management (RCM) into one centralized platform. It offers solutions to eliminate inefficiency within medical offices by providing a streamlined workflow, from patient scheduling to billing.

eMedicalPractice also allows practices to schedule appointments, facilitates initial patient online self-registration, enables clinicians to chart patient visits, and even provides a feature to e-prescribe or fax medications.

What Is eMedicalPractice Best For?

eMedicalPractice stands out with its integrated e-Payments feature. This allows practices to conveniently collect co-pays and deductibles in-office and provide patients with the option to pay outstanding balances through the online patient portal.

eMedicalPractice Pricing

The vendor offers the following three standard subscription plans:

  • Silver – 249/month
  • Gold – Starting at $399/month
  • Platinum – Starting at 2.99%/month (RCM)
Contact us for a custom pricing quote tailored to your specific requirements.

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.

eMedicalPractice Integrations

The software integrates with the following third-party applications:

  • rater8
  • Juno Health
  • SHOTSTracker

How Does eMedicalPractice Work?

Here’s how you can get started with the software after its successful installation:

  • Log in to the software using your credentials
  • Schedule an appointment using the scheduling feature
  • Register new patients using the online self-registration tool
  • Chart patient visits and e-prescribe or fax medications as necessary
  • Utilize the RCM clearinghouse patient portal to manage claims and insurances
  • Use the insurance benefit verification feature to verify a patient’s insurance
  • Conduct remote care consultations using the telemedicine services
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Who Is eMedicalPractice For?

eMedicalPractice is suitable for medical practices and clinics of all sizes across a variety of healthcare specialties.

Is eMedicalPractice Right For You?

If you are seeking an affordable and user-friendly EHR system, eMedicalPractice is a great option to consider. Its integrated platform streamlines billing, scheduling and other day-to-day workflows from a centralized dashboard.

eMedicalPractice has been certified by the ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Additionally, it prioritizes data security with features such as multi-factor authentication to protect sensitive patient information.

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eMedical Practice Features

eMedicalPractice software offers an efficient system for managing patient data, facilitating easy tracking and monitoring of patient information. It also enhances communication between healthcare providers and patients to ensure a comprehensive and patient-centric approach to healthcare management.

This feature enables medical practices to schedule appointments, reducing administrative tasks and improving the overall patient experience. Clinicians can quickly set up personalized appointment calendars, manage different days and facilities, and reschedule or cancel visits with ease.

eMedicalPractice provides an e-prescription feature, allowing healthcare providers to send prescriptions directly to pharmacies, making the process more efficient and convenient. It includes a practical and clean workflow that enables providers to connect with pharmacies across the country. Moreover, this feature is connected to all major labs, such as LabCorp and Quest.

The software offers a real-time dashboard that provides an overview of various aspects of the practice at a glance, helping to make informed decisions. Healthcare providers can unify the key performance indicators, monitor patient outcomes, and assess resource utilization efficiently through the centralized dashboard.

eMedicalPractice supports telemedicine, allowing healthcare providers to consult with patients remotely, thereby expanding their service reach. It allows users to conduct secure video visits with their patients while efficiently documenting the encounter.

Pros and Cons of eMedical Practice


  • User-friendly interface for seamless navigation
  • Customizable templates support documentation efficiency
  • Offers telemedicine capabilities to enable remote care consultations
  • Clinical decision support tools improve treatment decisions
  • Responsive customer support


  • Customization complexity for a few advanced features, according to some eMedical Practice reviews
  • Initial learning curve for new users

eMedical Practice Pricing


(EHR & MIPS-Registry)


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What's Included

  • Practice Management Software (with an All-in-One Database)

  • Demographics

  • Scheduling Core functions with Simplified (Check-In Procedures)

  • Intra-Office Messaging

  • Customizable EHR Dashboard

  • Referral Management

  • Medical Record Requests Management

  • Outbound Faxing

  • Inbound Faxing

  • Automated Patient Education Module


(EHR & Billing Software)


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What's Included

  • All Silver plan features, plus:

  • Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Verification

  • Billing, Claims, Clearinghouse & Auto EOB posting

  • Claim Rules & Denial prevention

  • Web Based RCM Support

  • Unlimited Electronic Claims Submission


(Revenue Cycle Management)


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What's Included

  • All Gold plan features, plus:

  • RCM Complete Service

  • (Your easy Billing Solution)

  • Complete claim cycle Management – Account Receivables from Insurances

  • CAQH

eMedical Practice Reviews

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Oct 16, 2022

Long-term user review

Dennis C.

Hospitals and healthcare

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Ive been using eMedical Practice for my daily EHR and billing needs for over 4 years in private practice. The technology enables my team to quickly check in and check out patients, and I can adjust templates to fit the way I practice. Their app, Cariee, has proven extra helpful when managing my inpatient census and billing.


It gets complicated when I try to use Emedical for charting. The text entry forms have bugs and frequently substitute what you type with their own suggestions. There is no way to fix these mistakes. As a result, it moves very slowly and awkwardly.

Frequently Asked Questions

eMedicalPractice software helps medical practices schedule appointments and simplify other practice management tasks through one centralized platform.

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