Emma is a cloud-based digital marketing solution geared towards helping businesses gain more from their email marketing campaigns. Users can access it and use it remotely from any smartphone device using the native apps. Emma comes with an editor and pre-built templates that can be used in designing calls-to-action and mobile emails. It offers robust tools capable of identifying target markets while automating marketing efforts and working with systems to boost communications.

With this platform, users have the option to collaborate among marketing team members and help them reach out to their customers more effectively. Users can also design email programs, segment audiences based on demographics, tenure or spending history and send automated emails. For target marketing, Emma enables users to send messages that are personalized, using customer information as a foundation while triggering automation tools that help in campaign execution. Other functions include analyzing marketing campaigns’ performance, allowing them to make improvements with the use of analytics and insights.

Pricing: Three Pricing packages are offered: Pro, starting at $89/month, Plus, at $369/month and Enterprise, at $729/month.

USP: Integration with a number of popular customer relations management (CRM) platforms, analytics, and eCommerce tools are offered which enables businesses to access and use data from them.

Support: Support is extended via email, phone, tickets, and live reps.

Product Advantages: highly adaptable and simple to use. Ability to design attractive and professional-looking emails using the abundance of amazing templates.

Product Limitations: Does not allow more than one user to log into the same campaign at the same time.


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