Agility EHR Software

What is Agility EHR?


Developed by Net Health, Agility EHR – also ‘AgilityOM EMR/EHR’ and ‘Net Health Occupational Medicine’ – software is an occupational-medicine-specialized electronic health records (EHR) system crafted with the needs of large hospitals, independent clinics, and urgent care centers in mind. It is equipped to facilitate increased productivity as well as improved patient satisfaction.

The platform provides an array of customizable workflows, billing, and management tools. Not only is it user-friendly but it also seamlessly integrates with existing electronic health records (EHR) or electronic medical records (EMR), granting users the flexibility to utilize what they feel most comfortable with or transfer over directly.

Additionally, it has been certified as an EMR for employees' health management by large healthcare systems.

What is Agility EHR best for?

With Agility EHR, rehabilitation centers, outpatient physical therapy clinics, and home health agencies have a powerful tool for streamlining clinical documentation, practice management, and revenue cycle management processes. This not only helps improve patient care but also enhances operational efficiency at these vital healthcare organizations.

Occupational Medicine
Agility EHR is specifically designed to meet the demands of occupational medicine, offering customizable workflows, billing processes, and management tools- all in one. It caters not only to hospital programs but also to independent clinics that need a reliable work-streamlining solution. Other popular occupational medicine software includes Athenahealth, AdvancedMD, and eClinicalWorks. For a full list of e-prescribing software, please check software finder list.

Practice Management Software
The system, moreover, includes an integrated clinical EMR and practice management software framework which can be used in urgent care settings as well as family health practices.

Employees Health & Compliance
Stay ahead of compliance objectives and alert to any changes in regulations or public health crises with Net Health Employee Health® - the perfect solution for hospitals, manufacturing companies, and retail operations. Agility EHR provides a comprehensive way to maintain safety and well-being on the job site while keeping your staff secure.

Agility EHR Cost/Pricing

With Agility EHR, you won't be paying the same amount for your healthcare plan; rather, the pricing is tailored to meet your exact needs and features. 

The basic patient portal cost starts at a pocket-friendly $9.99* per month while TeamDesk begins at an affordable $49* each month - all with no setup fees.

To get accurate, custom, paid plan figures (inclusive of taxes and other charges) tailored for your practice, please click on the ‘Get Pricing’ button above. 

Agility EHR Demo & Trial Offer

The Agility EHR/Nethealth Occupational Medicine trial provision – subject to availability; please reach out to us at the helpline number above to confirm all eligible vendor software offers – provides a brilliant route to understanding how the software would operate in your practice setting.

Similarly, the platform’s free demo can equip you with a hands-on, yet detached/noncommital, perspective on the same; enabling you to evaluate the interface in practical, practice management, depth before agreeing to sign up.

To start the screening, click on the ‘Watch Demo’ button above.

How does Agility EHR work?

On the technical front, Net Health AgilityOM EHR works on a secure platform that uses the latest technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript to deliver a modern user interface. This allows occupational medicine users to access the system from any device with an internet connection. The software also supports multiple programming/coding languages such as C#, Java, PHP, and Python.

On the regular workflow front, Agility EHR functions by enabling healthcare providers to quickly access patient information/patient records, create treatment plans, track progress over time, and manage billing processes/practice management tasks/urgent care routines efficiently. Additionally, it provides tools for data analysis so that providers can make informed decisions about their patients' care. 

Who is Agility EHR for?

Agility EHR is primarily used by healthcare providers such as hospitals, clinics, and private practices to manage patient medical records electronically. The system is also used by medical staff, including doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, specifically engaged in the following concerns: 

  • Therapy  
  • Occupational Medicine/Health  
  • Practice Management
  • Exposure Management
  • Healthcode Compliance Management
  • Mobile EMR Management
  • Wound Care (monitoring ‘surveillance injuries’)
  • Urgent Care (‘deployed on premise’)
  • Home & Hospice Care 
  • Outpatient Care    

The Net Health platform, further, is well-suited to supporting the enhancing workflows in the following health specialties:

  • Family Medicine 
  • Pediatrics 
  • Internal Medicine 
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology 
  • Orthopedics 
  • Neurology 
  • Cardiology 
  • Oncology 
  • Dermatology 
  • Psychiatry

Agility EHR Features

Here are the top five features/benefits of Net Health’s EHR solutions services (inclusive of the Agility EHR occupational medicine offer):

  • Clinical Documentation & Workflow Management The platform provides clinicians with a user-friendly and intuitive interface to manage patient records, documentation processes, and clinical workflows all in one place. The system is designed to not only boost efficiency but also reduce errors, consequently leading to improved patient outcomes.
  • Practice Management
    The software subscription includes a comprehensive practice management system that helps clinicians manage their health set up more efficiently. Features include appointment scheduling, billing, claims management, and more.
  • Analytics
    Agility EHR comes equipped with powerful analytics tools that help clinicians assess patient outcomes, pinpoint areas for improvement in practice, and access benchmarks and reporting functions. It provides a comprehensive analysis of compliance to ensure quality care is consistently provided at all times – enabling more adroit practice management.
  • Outcomes
    By utilizing FOTO Patient Outcomes, Net Health's EHR Solutions give clinicians the ability to assess their patient care over time and match it up against national norms for top-notch quality. This capability helps healthcare workers guarantee that they are delivering optimal treatment to all of their patients.
  • Expert Coaching & Clinic Marketing Solutions
    To ensure healthcare professionals remain current with industry advancements and trends, Net Health offers specialized mentoring services as well as clinic marketing strategies to help clinics grow their businesses and attract new patients.

Here’s a list of the EHR’s prominent features in table form:

What’s included

  • Specialized EHR/EMR Software
  • Occupational Medicine Management Practice Management Software
  • Practice Management Software
  • Customer Support Functionality
  • Urgent Care Management
  • Patient Data Storage/Transfers
  • Client/Patient Scheduling
  • Patient Visits Management
  • Employer Billing/Patient Billing
  • Employee Health Monitoring
  • Security Features
  • Drug Screening
  • Injury Management
  • A/R Management
  • e Prescribing Features
  • e Claims
  • On Premise Functionality
  • Patient Data/Client Privacy Control

* This list is not exhaustive

How is Agility/AgilityOM different from other EHR solutions?

Net Health's Agility EHR stands out from other solutions due to its specialized focus on occupational medicine, practice management, customizable workflows, and fast charting capabilities, as well as its CCHIT Certified® 2011 Ambulatory EMR status.

Is Agility EHR right for you?

If you're looking for a reliable electronic medical record system that can help streamline your occupational medicine practice, then Net Health's Agility EHR could be the right choice for you.

Ultimately, however, the best way to decide if the subscription is right for your practice is to schedule a demo. 

Alternatively, you could reach out to our friendly customer service team via the helpline number above to learn exactly how Agility EHR could work for your facility.

To further ease your decision, we’ve added a brief subscription pros and cons table below for your consideration.

Agility EHR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • Customizable: Agility EHR is highly customizable, allowing healthcare providers to configure it to their specific needs.
  • Cloud-based: The platform is cloud-based, which means that users can access it from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Efficient documentation: The system helps healthcare providers streamline their documentation process, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks and freeing up time for client care.


  • Reports of Practice Management Software Integrations Bugs: As communicated by a few users.
  • Reported Urgent Care Lags
  • High Cost of Implementation & Maintenance (especially for small practices)
  • Medical Reports Learning Curve: Steep for some users new to the standard EHR reporting routine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I subscribe to an Agility EHR plan?

To quickly subscribe to an Agility EHR plan fit for your practice, please contact us at our helpline number given at the top of this page. Net Health, the developer behind Agility EHR, offers pre-implementation planning and on-site training services to help you get started with the software. They also provide continuing education and training support five days a week; in addition to the CloneAware software integration with your existing EMR/EHR system for improved patient care.

What is Agility Net Health?

Agility Net Health is an electronic health record (EHR) system that provides specialized healthcare solutions for occupational medicine, hospital employee health, skilled nursing, and senior living. It offers configurable workflows, billing, and management tools suitable for a variety of healthcare settings.

Agility EHR Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Agility EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

12 Reviews


Loved by our physicians

February 2023


Valley Immediate Care, LLC.

Agility has improved our charting flow and coding has also been easier for our staff. This has increased our office productivity without switching systems.
No cons.

Exceptional software for tracking!

January 2023


Childrens Hospital of The Kings Daughters

I have tried and evaluated many softwares and this is so far best that fits to our hospitals needs. Availability of manager and staff portal gives you control. Modules of stock reports and creating your own reports is my favorite
there should be a guide for new features.

Needs improvement!

December 2022


OccMed Associates, LP

It is oriented towards occupational medical clinic. It is one of the few software that handles billing section like a pro!
Their customer support is of no use and its not budget friendly. They can do better.

If you are looking for a transition, go for AgilityOM

December 2022


Tennessee Urgent Care Associates

Their training programs targets different individuals who would use different modules. Its really easy to learn and implementation is effortless. Documentation , dashboards and templates are editable and customizable. Moreover, charts are very easy to follow up and read. My company had a smooth transition process and their team is great to make you comfortable with the software.
We ran into few bumps at first but that is the case with trying any new software.

A secure EMR software

November 2022

Christina D.

Mental Health Care

I have recently shifted to this software because of the security features which makes it highly reliable while working with sensitive information. The training process is quite smooth and easy. Highly recommended.
It requires few additional steps for some tasks which are not essential however, the system is easy to use.

Go for it, its the best.

September 2022



They deliver what they promise. All the features are awesome and each one of them has a way of making your task so simple. Online lab results and scanning abilities are one of my favourites.
I wouldnt give it 5 stars if i had a single thing that i disliked about Agility EMR.

Pretty easy to use

August 2022


Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services

It has many great features that no other software has. Love it
It can be a little time taking sometimes in some certain areas but overall, great experience.

Assists me to do my work perfectly!

May 2022

Mark G.

Hospital & Health Care

Obtaining insurance authorizations is easy for me because I have no trouble accessing the necessary documentation.
Although I rarely have to call customer support, I find their response time to be slow.

The program is easy to learn and user-friendly, but charting can be challenging.

March 2022


Hospital & Health Care

Scheduling clients and making adjustments is very simple.
The program for charting is more delicate than other programs.

Simple but has some flaws

November 2021

Megan K.

Hospital & Health Care

I found Optina easy to learn and navigate at the beginning. It is functional and has good features to create unique notes.
The software keeps shutting down or displaying unexpected messages that prevent me from saving my work. As a result, I have lost several documents.

A program that can manage all the areas of therapy.

November 2021

Caitlin C.

Hospital & Health Care

This program effectively connects different components of home health therapy and provides a product that enables therapists and other users to smoothly manage their tasks throughout the day.
Home health software programs can be challenging and time-consuming to use when there is a loss of wifi signal. Additionally, onboarding new hires also takes time.

Support could be better.

June 2021

Nichole F.

Medical Practice

The software was cheap and effective for a small clinic.
The billing process involved many manual tasks and the customer support was unsatisfactory. It took several hours of waiting on hold to speak with an agent and they did not reply to messages.

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