ALTAI Oncology Suite Software

ALTAI is a promising oncology and chemotherapy software company offering on-premise and cloud-based services. This versatile software can be integrated into any healthcare practice to manage oncology treatment processes.

The ALTAI EHR offers treatment guidance, an order validation engine, and a protocol editor, streamlining oncology workflow. Also, this rigorous solution intuitively handles patient encounters and features an innovative drug infusion service for better care management. 

Key Features

Chemo Planner 

The ALTAI Chemo Planner is a client-first solution crafted to reduce errors in chemotherapy orders. The planner reduces liability by encompassing a detailed chemo protocol library that complies with updated healthcare guidelines. 

Moreover, the ALTAI EMR offers an integrated staging module to simplify patient diagnosis. Additionally, the Chemo Planner offers education material, IV bag labels, protocol-specific consent forms, and much more. Along with all this, the ALTAI Oncology Suite software assures data protection too. 

ALTAI Infusion App 

It is a mobile app built by ALTAI EMR to improve the efficiency of infusion centers. ALTIM is faster as it is independent of web browsers. The nurses can handle drug infusions by always having drug lists in the palm of their hands. 

The mobile app of ALTAI EHR has a drug-to-patient matching system embedded within it. Patient medical history, demographics, and charts are displayed with drug lists. In addition, users can directly call patients. Above all, this native mobile app streamlines workflow with an authentication verification service. 

ALTAI Oncology Suite 

ALTAI Oncology Suite is designed to simplify chemotherapy processes. It encompasses best-of-breed practice management services that satisfy the administrative needs of oncology centers. Also, it provides immediate patient data access anywhere, anytime.

Using the ALTAI Oncology Suite, one can get their hands on a wide range of tech-intensive features. Some of them are chemotherapy ordering, patient safety, patient records, and clinical research. In other words, the ALTAI Oncology Suite encourages trial recruitment. 

ALTAI EMR Pricing 

The cost structure of ALTAI Oncology software is quite diverse. The vendor offers varying price models for the ChemoPlaner and the ALTAI Oncology Suite. Go for the "Get Pricing" button to get exact price details. 


You can get detailed insight into this software by going for its free demo. Click on the "Watch Demo" button to set up a demo. 

ALTAI EMR Reviews 

Users of ALTAI EMR are highly supportive and encourage oncologists to go for ALTAI software. Its best feature is that physicians can track changes made to treatment plans. It is an invaluable resource for oncology centers that optimize care, shape the patient flow and simplify chemo order processing. It empowers users with graphic visuals of patient charts for improved care delivery. Consult the reviews section of ALTAI EMR to learn more about it. 

Our Thoughts 

ALTAI Oncology Suite is dedicated software for oncologists, making things simpler to handle. This rigorous platform offers tailor-made modules so oncologists can have the best of both worlds. The ALTAI Oncology Software provides the best value in the market with its easy-to-use functionalities. Above all, it ensures accuracy in treatment plans, leading to improved patient outcomes.

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