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American Well is a flexible could-based telemedicine management software for healthcare practices of all sizes. Their well-crafted system helps doctors and experts to ensure modern-day patient care. The software offers a top-of-the-line feature set that includes doctor scheduling, real-time patient data, medical history access, patient self-scheduling, customizable telehealth application, multiway video, patient records, advanced analytics, Multiway video, image sharing, mobile SDK, defense-grade security, and mobile messaging. Other useful features include pre-visit review, photo viewing, post-review wrap-up, and a virtual waiting room. American Well supports diagnostic services and integrations with electronic medical record (EMR) software, Apple Health, Surescripts, Google Maps, and more.

The telemedicine management platform additionally improves the ability of medical facilities to swap and connect healthcare services with each other. Their Ask-Me module makes it easier for patients to connect with their doctors without having an appointment. Patients are allowed to handle medical claims and file for reimbursements. American Well is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile applications. They offer users a virtual kiosk that can be installed in a retail outlet, a community enter or any workplace – it enables patients to receive face-to-face consultations.

With this platform, doctors can utilize custom integrations to access the right data. This telehealth solution combines a variety of web applications and APIs which enables users to strengthen the relationship with their healthcare facility and the platform. On top of this, the software connects the entire group of stakeholders such as the payers, the providers, and care seekers to make healthcare readily accessible. Physicians get the opportunity to serve patients better while patients can have the freedom to enjoy services from healthcare specialists.


American Well’s pricing information is not available publicly. Users can contact the company for their SMB and enterprise pricing and more details. They can even get their quotes.

Free Trial

They don’t offer a free trial for their customers.


The software offers support via email and phone. Additional support includes online care groups, FAQs, and an online resource center.


Their multiway video feature supports a joint doctor appointment to deliver team-based healthcare. It allows the physician or patients to invite other members such as caregivers, family members, language translators, or specialists into their live video interviews.

Product Advantages

American Well helps doctors to ensure the best possible treatment plans or prescriptions for their patients. Their system also includes a reliable insight option that gets all the relevant data such as patient history, gaps in care, disease management checklists, etc. from outside of the system and delivers it to the doctor during a telehealth visit.

Product Limitations

The system slows down with patients who do not have good Wi-Fi or cell coverage. Also, it does not sync well with electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

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