Aprima EMR Software

What is Aprima EHR Software?


CGM APRIMA, formerly known as Aprima EHR, is an award-winning product by eMDs loved by physicians and office staff that helps maximize efficiency in the workplace. The platform makes for a powerful and flexible medical software solution designed to streamline patient care, billing, and scheduling. 

Developed to work the way healthcare providers do, Aprima EHR offers a single database system with features like fast data entry and accurate patient data input. It also includes practice management (PM), billing, and patient scheduling functions all in one place. 

What is Aprima Medical Software best for?

Aprima EHR software is best for medical practices looking for an all-in-one solution to streamline patient care, billing, and scheduling. The platform offers a fast, flexible, and powerful health records solution designed to complement and simplify clinical workflows. Aprima's award-winning technology, further, supports and enhances clinical care, allowing doctors to focus on patients. It also includes integrated Practice Management, Patient Portal, Medical Billing Services, and 'concierge-like' customer support.

Aprima Medical Software Cost/Pricing

CGM Aprima pricing plans have not been publicly disclosed by the vendor, but they are well-known for their ‘per feature’ costing dynamic and user affordability.

To obtain the latest, quick, accurate, and updated Aprima subscription pricing/cost figures customized for your practice, click on the ‘Get Pricing’ button above.

Aprima EHR Demo & Trial Offer

The Aprima medical software doesn’t generally come with any free trial offer. In compensation, the platform’s free demo screening provides prospects with enough interactive productive experience to enable them to make a decision.

As such, this latter provision comes as a highly recommended first step – from our end – in your journey toward taking up an Aprima practice management offer.

To start screening, click on the ‘Watch Demo’ button above.

How does CGM Aprima work?

CGM Aprima works via its developer’s design fixation on ensuring both speed and efficiency in deploying clinical workflow situations. The software uses the globally trusted Java programming language, giving it powerful security and reliability. And thanks to its cloud-based architecture, updates are outstandingly swift and incorporate seamlessly with other systems.

Who is Aprima EHR for?

The Aprima medical software is ideal for all-sized medical practices (both general and specialty-oriented) looking to automate the bulk of their repetitive, manual workflows; allowing clinicians to treat patients with uninterrupted focus (and, thereby, ensure patient satisfaction with quality, results-driven, patient care).

Aprima EHR Features

Here are Aprima EHR's top five features (as borne by user reviews and specialist accounts):

  • Single Database System
    Aprima EHR's single database system offers a holistic view of patient's medical histories, cutting down on the need to use multiple programs or manually input data. This feature not only helps check recording errors but also boosts efficiency when managing patient/client information.
  • EHR Practice Management
    The platform simplifies practice management tasks such as appointment scheduling, billing metrics review, accessing a patient’s medical history, and report creation. In doing so, it enables medical professionals to oversee their practices more effectively and efficiently with minimal effort.
  • Revenue Cycle Management
    Aprima EHR provides healthcare practitioners with an innovative revenue cycle management solution to simplify their billing processes and maximize cash flow. With features such as claims administration, payment posting, and rejection handling, the system has everything you need for a smooth workflow experience.
  • Patient Portal
    The tool's patient portal feature revolutionizes the way patients interact with their physicians, providing them access to pertinent medical record information and allowing secure online communication all in one place. This convenience increases patient engagement and satisfaction while also facilitating better outcomes (even more notably so through its inclusion of the Aprima mobile app – Aprima NOW – electronic health record functionality).
  • Telehealth
    In today's digital age, telehealth has become an essential tool for healthcare providers to offer remote care services to patients who cannot visit the clinic physically. Aprima EHR includes telehealth capabilities that allow any remote provider to conduct virtual visits with patients securely.

Here’s a quick listing of the system’s prominent functions in table form:

Aprima EHR

What’s included:
✔ Easy Access Aprima EMR
(for efficient, ‘meaningful use, fully integrated, record collection)
✔ Cloud-based; Single Application Built
✔ Mobile App – Aprima NOW – access
✔ Generalist Use (Primary Care Users)
✔ Specialty Use (Surgical Care Users)
✔ e-prescriptions Availability
✔ Patient Portal
✔ Patient Billing/Scheduling
✔ Patient Records/Charts/
Documentation Management
✔ Claims Management (Insurance Verification)
✔ Interoperable System (Multiple Files/Databases Access)
✔ Practice Management
✔ HIPAA Compliant
✔ EPCS Compliant
* This list is not exhaustive

How is Aprima different from other EMR/EHR?

Aprima stands out from other medical software due to its remarkable trifecta of speed, flexibility, and power. 
Unlike other sluggish Electronic Health Records that impede workflow, the software is designed with efficiency in mind - it simplifies tasks rather than complicating them. Healthcare providers can input patient data quickly and accurately with this comprehensive single-application solution built on a single database for easy access to patient charts or insurance information without having to switch windows (and even when the internet connection may be spotty!).

As such, the overwhelming result of the system’s application in a typical clinical workspace is more patients for clinicians – who can, in turn, save time via Aprima’s automation benefit.

Is Aprima right for you?

Aprima medical software may be the right electronic health record implementation for your clinic/practice if you’re looking for:

  • Stellar customizability
  • Unparallelled Client Portal Convenience
  • A platform open to improving/receptive to user feedback

Ultimately, however, the best way to decide if the subscription is right for your practice is to schedule a demo. 

Alternatively, you could reach out to our friendly customer service team via the helpline number above to learn exactly how Aprima could work for your facility.

To further ease your decision, we’ve added a brief subscription pros and cons table below for your consideration.

Aprima EMR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Deployment and Support






Web based
















Phone call


  • User-Friendly Interface/’Prone to Customer Feedback’ Vendor Reception
  • Highly Customizable Templates
  • Dynamic Client Portal Function


  • Contractual Concerns:Some users have reported difficulties in coming out of contractual vendor obligations
  • Slow Interface: Reports of lagging usability/interface ‘hangs’ on account of multiple users accessing the system

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I download Aprima?

Please connect with our dedicated Software Finder helpline executives for all subscription-related details.

Is Aprima web-based?

Aprima EHR software provides an efficient and convenient way to access patient information on all computers, tablets, and mobile devices. It is not necessary to buy expensive server equipment for running the application.

Who bought Aprima?

eMDs – a Marlin Portfolio Company – acquired the rights to Aprima EHR software in 2019.

Who is the CEO of Aprima?

Michael Nissenbaum is the current CEO of the Aprima Medical Software company.

Aprima EMR Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Aprima EMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

21 Reviews


Aprima delivers the goods for ambulatory practices

February 2023

Renee S. Sanders

Sanders Dispensary & Emergency Clinic, WI

Budget-friendly and simple EHR with all the bells and whistles. Real-time, cloud access allows our mobile clinicians to provide care without overloading the system.
Takes time to get in touch with support.

This product is great and fits within my budget.

February 2023


Hospital & Health Care

The system is easy to use and the help section is excellent. It provides an all-in-one solution for managing medical practices, including insurance verification, billing, denials, and posting.
It would be helpful if customer service was improved. Also, the posting system needs to be more user-friendly for payments, as not all payment information is currently visible.

Efficient Practice Management EMR

February 2023


Hospital & Health Care

As a part of a large healthcare organization, Ive been using this EMR system daily for over two years. One of the standout advantages is its user-friendly interface, which makes navigation a breeze. The presence of a comprehensive help section further adds to its ease of use. Moreover, this EMR serves as a one-stop solution for practice management, including insurance verification, billing, denials, and posting, streamlining our workflows effectively.
While overall, the experience with this EMR has been positive, there is room for improvement, especially in terms of customer support. Although the customer support is decent, it could be more responsive and helpful. Additionally, the posting functionality needs some refining, as it doesnt cater well to different payers, making it challenging to manage all the postings efficiently.

Good, all-purpose EHR for small practices

January 2023

Thomas P. Rodes

Almanta Hospitals & Clinics, NJ

As a not-particularly-techy physician, I wanted to subscribe to an uncomplicated EHR that didn’t break my bank and offered all the standard patient engagement/documentation features without complicating things. Here, Aprima continues to deliver. To date, I haven’t faced any system lags as has been mentioned in the pros and cons table above - don’t want to have to experience the problem, though. I’d recommend the software to newbie practitioners who just want to get the work done without having to pour over a lot of technical resources just to make sense of the platform (what you have to do with a lot of other EHRs).
It would help to have updates rolled out in higher frequencies. Also, the software developer should consider changing the dashboard design – been staring at the same image for several months turned years!

Outdated and Unreliable EMR

December 2022


Health, Wellness and Fitness

Having used this EMR system in our health and wellness practice for over two years, the only positive thing I can say about it is that it led me to leave the practice. Unfortunately, thats about the extent of its pros.
This EMR system falls short in multiple aspects. Firstly, the user interface feels outdated and clunky, reminiscent of the Windows 1993 era, making it a cumbersome experience to navigate. Secondly, the customer support is exceptionally poor, with slow responses and a lack of helpful solutions. Furthermore, we have faced constant service interruptions, leading to lost notes, which is highly frustrating and unprofessional. Lastly, the overall functionality of the system is awful, with excessive clicks and a tedious, antiquated feel that adds unnecessary complexity to daily tasks.

We’ve scored an all-in-one practice management solution - it’s a tad ambitious, though.

May 2022


Low Country Family Podiatry

It’s been a few months since we’ve made the subscription, and I can easily say that Aprima has been a good investment. It takes care of our patient records in a very straightforward manner, connects seamlessly with the lab work, offers intelligent diagnoses (which is not a substitute for the observations of an experienced clinician, of course), and is easy on the eyes.
Perhaps invest the same amount of money in customer support as you’ve done with software design. There have been moments when we’ve reached out to your staff for some simple trouble-shooting concerns which later took an entire day or two to resolve. Also, the application subscription pricing needs some work - maybe cut down on the hidden fees a bit for small (up-and-coming) clinical outfits?

Good Clinic Management Software; Patient Interaction Module Needs Improvement

May 2022


Innate Medical Care

Makes setting patient appointments and creating new records for incomers a breeze. The learning curve is low, and so we’ve been able to put a large number of our field-non-affiliates (non-medical personnel) on it to keep the physicians attached to their patients. My personal favorite is the demographic filtering setting which takes a lot of the - traditional - pain away from sourcing old records.
As regular interface users, we sorely need some software functionality for taking incoming patient messages - at the moment, we’ve been doing the outreach the old-fashioned way (using our landlines). Also, there needs to be more real-time (chat-module type) support offered on the brand website; the helpline queues are a bit off-putting at times.

Dream come true? Maybe.

April 2022


Neurology Associates

It really does seem to come designed by ‘physicians for physicians’ - as the software branding goes. The application flow, in terms of what process/function should follow another (per the usual workflow common in private medical settings), is quite intuitive, so I don’t really feel that it’s wanting in some major respects. Still, that’s the clinician’s perspective, and since not everyone employed in the field is concerned with direct patient management, I think my appraisal, alone, would be narrow - hardly general.
The customer service needs work, I feel. They seem to be a little too targeted (micro?) in their support calls; don’t focus on how one small change can change the entire management process. The brand staff needs to be more holistically versed in the software nitties - so we don’t have to proceed with a lot of (frankly nerve-wracking) caution every time a bug comes up and we make a recommended fix!

Aprima EHR: Good Choice If You Enjoy Headaches!

August 2021


Seasons - Womens Health

This is a full functionality EHR system with all the bells and whistles. The early Dallas support people were good to work with - there wasn’t much of a language barrier. Now, it seems they’ve outsourced their care outreach to another continent (which has presented some issues in problem resolution).
The user interface requires work - it’s a far cry from the ‘intuitive design’ branding plastered on the front cover. Further, the billing module makes for a royal pain. I knew we were in trouble during our initial onboarding session 10 years ago, when the trainer kept saying ‘that’s a good idea!’ to every suggestion for improvement. We’ve finally thrown in the towel! Since a lot of our clinical management work was processed on the application, I would be willing to go back if the issues discussed could be resolved - not with a patch but a core fix!

Efficient - but a bit ‘much’ on occasion

June 2021


La Familia Medical

Low software learning curve facilitates quick onboarding/early adoption. The easy-on-the-cognition user interface also makes things easy.
Doctors’ access comes with a wealth of modules - not all of which are useful. Some are downright distracting; taking up valuable space.

Working Well For Us (So Far)

June 2021


For Women Only

A decent, comprehensive software environment for learning how an end-to-end EHR system works in clinical settings. We’ve got all our interns on it - a prospective batch of new medical admins.
The only hiccup with Aprima pertains to its server-based limitation: it can’t be used remotely from locations other than our practice. It would be great if the vendor could propose an alternative.

Service is Satisfactory - We’re Still Using

April 2021


Park Central Family Practice

Great software with a large bunch of customizable templates. As a medical admin, you can control who has access to what. The patient portal runs smoothly (for the most part).
New user customizations present an arduous problem; resolving the issue is quite time-consuming.

The Whole 9 Yards - But Takes Time to Get Used To

April 2021


Health Wellness and Fitness

Keeps track of all patient info. The charts are well organized with different tabs.
The wealth of options on hand makes choosing a single very difficult on occasion.

Poor Experience for Me…Sorry

March 2021


Hospital and Health Care

For all practical purposes in my clinic, the notes-taking option allows jotting down points in virtually every format needed. Other than that, I didn’t find the interface of much realistic use.
The customer support is horrible! We weren’t provided any training videos to make hands-on sense of the interface. The support staff is hardly available to pick up the call/respond to written correspondence; though the company people are quite punctual when it comes to picking up the subscription cheque.

They Made Promises But Never Delivered

September 2020


HouseCall MD

The alarms and prompts integrated into the software really make systematizing your practice workflow easy.
The system is clunky and slow - resulting in a regrettable loss of valuable time. Please fix this.

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