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Aurora Clinical EMR

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Aurora Clinical EMR is a cloud-based solution designed for hospital-based clinics and researchers. It prioritizes simplifying data access, especially in the realm of genetic-based diseases. Users can navigate intricate genetic data with unparalleled precision. This enhances both day-to-day operations and critical decision-making processes in healthcare settings. Get started today!

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What Is EMR Aurora?


A product of Boston Advanced Analytics, EMR Aurora is a cloud-based electronic health records system designed for hospital-based clinics and researchers. It specifically caters to the needs of clinicians and researchers working on genetic-based diseases.

The platform provides a unified dashboard that showcases detailed data such as genotype, phenotype, and family history. Aurora's primary aim is to simplify data access and expedite decision-making processes for healthcare professionals.

What Is EMR Aurora Best For?

Aurora is renowned for its specialized solutions. It uniquely manages patient IVF cycles and facilitates comprehensive research on cardiomyopathy patients. Unlike a standard EMR software system, Aurora significantly improves patient outcomes and streamlines operational processes.

EMR Aurora Pricing

EMR Aurora cost is tailored to meet the various requirements and needs of the clients.

EMR Aurora Integrations

The specialty EMR seamlessly integrates with a range of third-party applications, amplifying its functionality. However, the vendor has not disclosed exact information regarding its integration with third-party applications.

How Does EMR Aurora Work?

This section will guide you through the functionalities of the software. Consider it as a brief Aurora Clinical EMR tutorial.

  • Log in and access the dashboard
  • Enter patient data, including genotype, phenotype, and family history
  • View integrated lab reports and medical tests for a complete understanding of patient health
  • Employ advanced analytics tools for actionable insights
  • Engage with patients or peers via the integrated communication portal
  • Create custom reports or referral letters with the letter-generation tool
For more details, schedule an EMR Aurora demo today!

Who Is EMR Aurora For?

Aurora is crafted for medical practices including the following:

  • Hospital-based clinics
  • Researchers
  • Professionals specializing in genetic-based diseases

It's versatile, catering to both small clinics and large hospitals across sectors like the following:

  • Healthcare
  • Research
  • Patient advocacy

Is EMR Aurora Right For You?

Are you looking for a specialized software for medical practice that can help data analytics? Maybe you want to streamline the process of data gathering from diagnostic equipment to patient information sharing. Whatever the case, Aurora Clinical EMR is the perfect choice.

Recognized for its cutting-edge solutions, Aurora is trusted by leading hospitals in the US and Europe. It emphasizes security, scalability, and adaptability to the dynamic medical field. Furthermore, you are guaranteed conformity to security standards and reporting mandates, equipped with features such as HIPAA encryption and digital approvals.

The products, co-developed by engineers and specialized clinicians, seamlessly blend efficiency and user-friendliness in data-rich clinical settings, providing unparalleled performance and ease of use.

If you seek a solution for managing genetic-based diseases, Aurora could be your ideal choice. Unsure? Why not schedule your Aurora Clinical EMR demo or get in touch with our experts by calling at (661) 384-7070.

Aurora Clinical EMR Features

This feature enhances clinic operations by providing staff efficacy reports and key patient metrics. An integrated portal facilitates patient-clinician communication, while customizable templates aid in letter generation. Notifications keep staff updated, a detailed scheduler streamlines appointments, and the billing system integrates seamlessly with financial software. The user-friendly, table-driven system ensures easy management for site personnel.

This tool offers a comprehensive view to monitor egg/embryo progression. The whiteboard displays today's active events and procedures, aiding in manpower planning. Inventory management ensures real-time tracking of patient-stored biological materials, like genetic biobanks or frozen embryos in IVF clinics. The SART upload feature automates submissions, preventing redundant data entry, while the reporting function evaluates the efficiency of protocols, staff, and equipment.

This feature offers color-coded visual reporting for clear insights into intricate data sets. It facilitates collegial reviews and readies information for subsequent treatments. Seamless integration with existing lab and test systems streamlines orders and requests, while the 'Visit Notes' tool ensures swift access to crucial data during patient visits.

Prioritizing patient safety, this feature mandates electronic sign-offs at specific entry points. By requiring medical professionals to authenticate certain actions or entries, it ensures that all procedures and data entries adhere to the highest standards of care, minimizing errors and enhancing patient safety. Apart from the ones mentioned above, the software also offers advanced dashboards, reporting tools, and data validation features.

Pros and Cons of Aurora Clinical EMR


  • Patient data analytics is offered in a comprehensive view
  • Track patient progress with the help of color coded charts
  • Seamless integrations with third-party software


  • Aurora clinical EMR software pricing not disclosed on the official website
  • Might have a learning curve for those new to EMR systems

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Aurora Clinical EMR Software delivers tools for health systems, emphasizing patient management, lab integration, and data safety. It supports research, ensures data integrity, and maintains patient data privacy with HIPAA-compliant encryption, making it a top choice for efficient health systems.

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