Aurora Clinical EMR

Aurora Clinical EMR was previously labeled as Beacon Specialty. It is an EHR (Electronic Health Records) Software system, produced by a Health IT company, known as Boston Advanced Analytics. Aurora Clinical EMR caters to larger hospitals and practices and aims to help medical practices with the enhancement of technological tools, performance, and data analytics.

Medical practice fundamentally requires EMR. The software is able to encompass all the medical history of patients and basic tools that help with medical decisions. Aurora Clinical EMR Demo shows that it can be used on its own or be combined with EHR.

Aurora Clinical EMR uniquely possesses specialized software particularly for IVF (In vitro fertilization) and Cardiomyopathy. Since IVF demands proper scheduling of patients and consistent monitoring as well as accessibility to significant data of embryo; in addition to this, IVF requires the organization of frozen embryos as well. Aurora Clinical EMR Tutorial shows in particular how it possesses a built-in management software for Lab related tasks that help with keeping a record of ovulation in patients, management of inventory, reporting protocols, and the gradual evolution of the egg.

Aurora Clinical EMR features include flexibility, ease of access, and customization. The options for customization can be used to one’s preferences, making the transition to an electronic Health IT system easier. The information garnered in labs, through diagnostic equipment, and pharmacies is incorporated in it, making sure that the data collection of the practice is safely kept together for better analysis. Such a system helps multiple monitoring of tasks and helps gain test results spanning over days, months, or even years.

The other specialty catered by Aurora Clinical EMR is cardiomyopathy. This demands extensive data relating to phenotype, genotype, family history, tests, and pedigrees. These must be stored and organized perfectly, which is something the software expertly achieves. The data provided by Aurora in cardiomyopathy is live and stored in a single space to make its access easy and quick. It also has options to view the data according to specific colors, charts, and graphs that make notes of the progress made by patients.

Lastly, the platform also provides PM, which is used for the management of practice. Moreover, billing systems are offered with both IVF and Cardiomyopathy of Aurora.

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