Azalea Health EHR Software

What Is Azalea Health? 


Azalea Health is a cloud-based EHR software that enables medical care providers to enhance patient care through simplified and seamless technology. The software has an integrated practice management platform suitable for hospitals, ambulatory services, and medical billing firms. Azalea health care software aims to simplify administrative tasks and create a favorable work-life balance for healthcare practitioners. 

What Is Azalea Health Best For? 

Azalea EMR is renowned for its comprehensive healthcare practice functions, including practice management tools, medical analytics features, revenue cycle management services, and a patient engagement suite.  

Azalea Health Pricing 

The vendor does not disclose its pricing details. However, you can get a personalized pricing quote by clicking the Get Pricing option above.   

Azalea Health Integrations 

Azalea medical care platform facilitates integration with third-party healthcare solutions through SMART and FHIR API support. It enables the seamless integration of other healthcare solutions with the EHR. Some of the commonly used integrations with the EMR software include: 

  • DrFirst  
  • Gigabark  
  • Signal Health  
  • Labcorp  
  • Updox, and others    

How Does Azalea Health Work? 

Here’s how you can get started with Azalea software after installation: 

  • Log in to the application using vendor-provided credentials 
  • Set up user accounts and assign roles and permissions 
  • Input patient information and verify its accuracy 
  • Begin creating SOAP notes and documenting patient encounters 
  • Explore the various features of the software, such as the patient portal and appointment scheduling system 
  • Integrate third-party healthcare solutions using SMART and FHIR API support 
  • Utilize the software's analytics and reporting tools to monitor practice performance and identify areas for improvement 

You can also click on the Watch Demo option to learn more about the software’s functionalities. 

Who Is Azalea Health For? 

Azalea EHR is suitable for community and rural healthcare settings, including multiple specialty practices. The EHR services are tailored to healthcare providers such as physicians, medical assistants, and nurses. Azalea Health provides support for the following: 

  • Rural health clinics  
  • Ambulatory practices  
  • Critical access hospitals  
  • Billing companies  

The software is also used in general practices, behavioral health, and family medicine. 

Azalea Health Features 

  • Patient Portal 
    This feature enables secure messaging between you and your patients and allows you to distribute educational materials and resources to them. Azalea Health also provides patients convenient access to their medical records and enables them to manage their health information from anywhere with an internet connection. 
  • Charting 
    With Azalea Health’s charting feature, you can rapidly create patient records and input clinical data, allowing for swift and precise treatment decisions. The charting feature lets healthcare providers easily track patients’ progress and generate comprehensive reports. It helps identify patterns and trends in patient health that may inform future treatment decisions. 
  • Telehealth 
    Azalea Health’s telehealth solutions simplify the process of conducting virtual consultations with patients. Additionally, the telehealth solutions enable you to access and update patient records in real-time during the appointment and take notes. 
  • Customizable Templates 
    With Azalea Health’s customizable templates, you can select from various options tailored to different patient conditions, enabling you to develop personalized treatment plans for everyone. The customizable templates also help ensure accuracy and consistency in patient documentation, reducing the risk of errors and improving the quality of care. 
  • Analytics 
    Azalea Health offers improved tools for achieving better results by providing actionable insights through its analytics feature. It allows users to obtain extensive reports and scrutinize patient data to make well-informed decisions. 

Is Azalea Health Right For You? 

Azalea Health EHR has earned ONC 21st Century Cures Certification. It ensures that the software meets the highest data security, privacy, and interoperability standards. It is also 2015 ONC certified and supports Promoting Interoperability (PI).  

Azalea Health may be the right choice for healthcare providers looking to ensure their data is secure and compliant with HIPAA regulations. The software provides users with data encryption, phishing-protected email, source code review, and penetration testing to ensure their data remains secure.  

Still not sure if Azalea Health is right for you? Get in touch with our customer support team, who will help you make the best decision. 

Azalea Health Pricing Plans 

The vendor does not disclose its pricing details. However, you can get a personalized pricing quote by clicking the Get Pricing option above.  

Azalea Health EHR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Deployment and Support






Web based
















Phone call


  • Provides a variety of templates catering to different patient conditions
  • Offers telehealth
  • Includes analytics feature, delivering actionable insights
  • Designed with an intuitive user interface for easy navigation


  • Certain features may experience glitches intermittently, according to user reviews
  • Lacks the ability to lock sheets, leading to duplicated data

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Azalea Health Software cost?

The vendor does not disclose its pricing details. You can click the Get Pricing button for a personalized pricing quote.

Is Azalea Health EHR Software cloud-based?

Yes, Azalea Health is a cloud-based EHR software.

What are the main features of Azalea Health Software?

The main features of Azalea Health software include telehealth, patient portal charting, analytics, and customizable templates.

What level of support does Azalea Health have?

Azalea Health offers several support options: email, help desks, a knowledge base, phone support, a 24/7 live customer representative, and chat support. 

Who are the main users of Azalea Health Software?

The main users of Azalea Health software include rural health clinics, ambulatory practices, critical access hospitals, and billing companies. General practices, behavioral health, and family medicine also use it.

Azalea Health EHR Software Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Azalea Health EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

34 Reviews


Promising service by a great company

November 2022


Celebration Orthopedics & sports Medicine

The entire platform is intuitive and easy to navigate. All the functionalities are simple and efficient. The company is always working to introduce innovative tools to further ease its clients practice. There is a high scope for customization, which makes it a good choice for specialty practices. You can create your own templates or choose from a variety of pre-built ones. Azalea Health is futuristic, and it’s helping us get accustomed to the future of healthcare technology.
There are still some features that need brushing up. Their e-faxing is not entirely efficient. S-fax is slow and not fit for busy clinic work.

Azalea Health is an easy system to use

July 2022


 Phycinity PLLC

We are using azalea health for 10 months and we love it. This structure is very easy to use for the faculty to take their completed sketch for the practitioners.
The only disadvantage, complain from the nurse’s side is that there are not a lot of choices for the telephone note and measuring diagram.

The Best!

June 2022


ERH Healthcare

This has to be the best EMR I’ve ever used. The customer service is topnotch, always helping you out, and is super friendly as well. The system is very easy to use and is user-friendly. The system can easily be customized according to your needs and wants. The IT team and the revenue cycle management team are great as well and help you throughout until the problem isn’t resolved.
They should add a medical dictionary feature for people who don’t know to spell, and they need to improve their e-prescribing module as well.

Its been great working with them

May 2022



It is very convenient and you can easily look up and search for patients. The navigation is smooth and all the charts are organized and arranged according to the information.
No cons so far. It has been a great journey so far.

Azalea is awesome!

April 2022


Rest Hospital

The training, installation, and setup were very efficient. Once you climb the learning curve it is smooth sailing from there.
It is a comprehensive EHR software with a lot of features to learn about.

Not fit for hospitals

April 2022


Riverbed Rehabilitation Center

Very Convenient to scan documents and add to charts.
Everything on the patient charts is segregated and a lot of the information is hidden. The billing components do not communicate and there are other bugs that slow down the system hence lowering productivity.

Awesome for any clinic

April 2021


Celebration Orthopedics

Every option that we integrate with it works well. It brings productivity and efficiency into your workflows. Appointment reminders have been a big help for us.

Organized but questionable

March 2021


Small Buisness

The ease of rescheduling by clicking and dragging is helpful. The capacity to take off brief comments on each arrangement time is unimaginably valuable and the comments area on each chart gives sufficient space for more nitty-gritty notes.
At slightest twice an hour the software freezes. Whether this endures 10 seconds or 10 minutes is continuously unusual. Its disappointing and humiliating to tell patients that our software is not up at the minute and all we are able to do is to hold up.

Great Support

March 2021


Medical Practice

It is a cloud-based software and It also has a great customer support.
I would really like to have control over adding some of my templates


March 2021


Chiropractic Assistant

The best thing about Azalea is that it doesnt go down and if it does go down it is usually because of google and not because of Azalea.
I dont like how you have to be authorized to take payments. Another problem associated with this is that it is cloud-based so it doesnt work when the internet goes down.

Best software Ive used

February 2021


Hospital and Health Care

I must say that it is an amazing software which has made my work really easy.
It is a bit difficult to learn all features side by side but I really like the software.

Not suitable for heavy workload

April 2019


Myers Plastic Surgery

Cannot think of any single good thing this software has to offer. It is an awful choice for any specialty practice with a considerable daily business.
Truly horrible. Azalea Health is not ready to be put on the market. Almost juvenile in their professional ethics. The system is down every so often, during peak clinic hours with no backup, leaving us stranded. It’s almost funny how it goes on to make your work impossible by denying you access to your own files when faced with heavy workload, on a busy day. It is the worst choice you could make for your practice and I would recommend you steer clear.

Perfect for small practice

March 2019


Celebration Orthopedics & sports med

There is not about Azalea Health EHR that I do not absolutely love. They have picked the best vendors and companies to partner with and they bring so much ease into our practice.
There is no flaw in the software itself but the e-fax and the company that is responsible for verification and reminders for appointments could do better.

Excellent EHR

February 2019


Athens Bone and Joint

It is a great EHR, it is easy to use and user-friendly. Anyone can quickly learn how to use it, navigation is easy, and the menus are intuitive. You can easily customize it according to your requirements.
It would be better if the images could be accessible from the main program. Just to look at it we have to run a separate system for it, which is quite annoying.

Adaptive and efficient

December 2018


Gruber Medical Group

A simple and functional EHR system with all the tools you need to run your practice smoothly. It allows you to customize menus and templates according to the requirements of your practice. Once set up, they introduce utmost ease and convenience to your day-to-day tasks. Azalea customer service is readily available, patient and knowledgeable. They almost always find a way to see your issues to finality, the very same day.
The only possible downside I see to AH software is that its productivity relies on a fast internet connection but that is mainly because it is a cloud-based service.

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Call us at

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