Behaviorsoft Software

What Is Behaviorsoft? 


Behaviorsoft, now called CR Essentials, is a cloud-based software platform designed to help therapy practice management organizations run more efficiently. It provides useful alerts, real-time metrics, and data collection tools to help streamline the practice’s operations.  

The software also includes an easy-to-use EHR system that meets HIPAA compliance standards and helps practices stay secure. Additionally, Behaviorsoft offers features such as appointment scheduling, billing, and invoicing, patient tracking, and reporting capabilities.  

What Is Behaviorsoft Best For?   

Behaviorsoft is known for its ease of use and appointment management feature. Its simple interface enables practitioners to schedule patient appointments without any challenges. Moreover, the software also has an appointment reminder feature. It saves healthcare providers from patient no-shows or missed appointments. 

Behaviorsoft Pricing 

Take control of your behavioral practice with Behaviorsoft's Startup Package ($0 USD*) or Small Business Package ($59 USD/User/Month). Click on 'Get Pricing' to learn more and find the best plan for your organization today. 

Behaviorsoft Integrations   

Behaviorsoft EHR software supports integration with third-party applications, such as Change Healthcare. These integrations enable you to connect your all-in-one practice management platform with other software applications. It allows for seamless data transfer between them. 

How Does Behaviorsoft Work? 

Follow these steps to get started with Behaviorsoft EHR software after successfully implementing and installing it: 

  • Familiarize yourself with the Behaviorsoft software by reading its documentation and user manual. 
  • Log in to the software using your credentials. 
  • Explore the software's interface and features. 
  • Set up your account and preferences according to your needs. 
  • Add your clients' information to the software's database. 
  • Schedule appointments and sessions using the software's scheduling tools. 
  • Create treatment plans and track progress using the software's therapy tools. 
  • Utilize the software's billing and invoicing features to manage payments. 
  • Take advantage of the software's reporting tools to track and analyze your clients' progress. 

Click on the Watch Demo button above to get further insights into the software and experience it firsthand. 

Who Is Behaviorsoft For?   

Behaviorsoft EMR software is designed to help small to medium-sized medical practices streamline their workflows. Here’s a list of medical specialists and departments that use this software: 

  • Applied Behavior Analysts (ABA) providers 
  • Behavior therapy clinics 
  • Special education 
  • Human resources 

Behaviorsoft Features   

  • Scheduling 
    Behavior soft software offers an intuitive calendar to help users schedule appointments and review availability and conflicts. It also provides authorization tracking to monitor insurance coverage for clients. This feature can detect any potential conflicts in the hours allocated for a client and check the remaining authorized time for them. 
  • Billing 
    Behaviorsoft is an all-in-one practice management solution that empowers small independent ABA providers to automate daily billing tasks. It provides a powerful calendar with efficient reports and optional billing services through certified HIPAA-compliant medical billing professionals. It helps reduce the burden of patient billing by providing a secure and HIPAA-compliant environment.  
    Moreover, this feature allows users to easily track profits per owner and amounts paid to contractors in an easy-to-understand display. It also enables users to track Medicaid-billed hours and more. The feature includes many tools, such as expiration alerts, financial management, employee management, etc. 
  • Data Collection Forms 
    Behaviorsoft makes data collection and sharing between assistants and analysts simple through its easily understandable forms. Its intuitive interface allows practitioners to collect data quickly, with all the necessary information for an efficient analytic report created from this data. 
  • Caregiver Portal   
    Behaviorsoft software offers a Caregiver Portal feature that allows caregivers to monitor their own and patients’ progress. This portal is designed with an intuitive interface.  
    Moreover, the software provides access controls that the caregiver or other authorized personnel can manage. Behaviorsoft EHR software enables caregivers to easily keep track of their patient's progress in a secure and organized way. 
  • Human Resource 
    This feature allows businesses to track employee credentials, assign rates, and store comments and archived documents. It also provides an easy way for employers to keep track of employee performance and progress. With this feature, businesses can ensure that their staff are properly trained and have the necessary skills to perform their duties effectively. 

Is Behaviorsoft Right For You? 

Behaviorsoft software is a comprehensive practice management and EMR platform designed to help small to medium-sized independent ABA providers automate routine daily tasks. The software is HIPAA-compliant and ONC-certified, ensuring it meets the highest data security and privacy standards. 

With real-time metrics and data collection, Behaviorsoft helps practices run efficiently while maintaining the highest level of security. Furthermore, it provides alerts to ensure all data remains safe from unauthorized access. 

If you are still unsure whether the software will fit your healthcare organization, contact our experts, and let them help you. They will assist you in picking the best EHR software according to your medical practice requirements. 

Behaviorsoft Pricing 

  • Startup
  • Small Business
0 / month
59 / month
What’s included
(Startup Plan Features)
What’s included
(Small Business Plan Features)
  • Dedicated English-Spanish support
  • No contract, no commitment
  • HIPAA-compliant all-in-one platform for scheduling, authorization management, billing, and data gathering.
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Ensure that your entire organization is onboarded and trained.
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Credit card processing that is PHI compliant via the Caregiver Portal.
  • (+$5 per user) EVV-Mobile Application
  • Modifications to Healthcare Claims Processing
  • LMS stands for Learning Management System.

Click on the Get Pricing button to discover the pricing options that best fit your needs. Don't miss out on the opportunity to optimize your workflow and boost your productivity with Behaviorsoft's powerful features. Click now and take the first step towards achieving your goals!

Behaviorsoft Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • A secure and private platform that meets the highest standards for data security.
  • The cloud-based platform allows users to access their data from any device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy-to-use interface with helpful tools and resources for small ABA providers.


  • As per the Behaviorsoft reviews, limited customer support options are available compared to other EMR platforms
  • Limited customization options may not be suitable for practices with complex workflows

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Behaviorsoft Software cost?

The vendor does not mention Behaviorsoft’s pricing plans. However, you get a customized pricing quotation by clicking the Get Pricing option.

Is Behaviorsoft Software cloud-based?

Yes, Behaviorsoft is cloud-based EHR/EMR software.

What are the main features of Behaviorsoft Software?

The main features of Behaviorsoft software include scheduling, billing, a caregiver portal, data collection forms, and human resource tools.

What level of support does Behaviorsoft Software have?

Behaviorsoft provides several support options: email, help desks, FAQs, forums, a knowledge base, and phone support.

Who are the main users of Behaviorsoft Software?

The main users of Behaviorsoft software include Applied Behavior Analysts (ABA) providers, therapy clinics, special education, and human resources.

Behaviorsoft Software Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Behaviorsoft Software reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews


Behaviorsoft for ABA Providers and EVV Users

April 2023


Hospital & Health Care

Behaviorsoft's support is outstanding. Initially, we had some issues with glitches and adapting the software to our workflow during the transition. However, their fast response, round-the-clock availability, and ability to offer quick solutions that cater to our specific requirements convinced us to stay with them. They even made software modifications based on our demands and are highly professional and knowledgeable.
We still aim to improve the way the replacements are displayed in the graph. Although there is nothing in particular that we dislike about the software, there are still certain aspects we wish to customize in the future.

Amazing product- Well worth the investment!

March 2023


Mental Health Care

The support team and customer account representatives at EXYM are great and very helpful. They have provided us with additional training and support during a period of staff turnover at our agency. The cost is reasonable for a smaller agency like ours.
I am a clinical user and supervisor of this system, and I think the dashboard and overall user experience could use some improvements. I find that there are too many steps involved in accessing frequently used tasks, which slows down productivity.

You get what you pay for

February 2023


Mental Health Care

For small companies, this is an affordable option. It uses the English language code.
The system crashes frequently and doesn't upload mobile data. The customer service response is slow, and they may not always be able to fix the issue.

Behaviorsoft, everything you could ask for in a practice management/data collection platform

January 2023


Mental Health Care

We tried out demos of behavior therapy practice platforms on various major platforms, and found that Behavior Soft had all the features of more expensive products while being the easiest to use. Unlike other platforms, we didn't need lengthy training meetings as we could quickly figure out how to use everything we needed within minutes of logging in. The user interface is well-organized, clean, and easy to navigate. If you've used any other data collection platforms before, you'll find it easy to quickly get started with this one.
I didn't find any flaws or negative aspects of the platform.

Behaviorsoft has everything you need

December 2022


Hospital & Health Care

I found the program easy to use and learn. It allowed me to quickly add our staff to the system and track expiration dates on certifications. Adding client/patient information was also simple, and my staff can quickly add notes and track progress through charts and graphs. Our director can view all clients in one place and provide feedback directly to the technician through messaging.
I haven't encountered any issues yet.

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