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Benchmark EHR is an intuitive, user-friendly multi-purpose electronic health record system that saves time while seamlessly maintaining patient charts. With customizable templates and workflows for more than 40 specialties; clinicians are able to save both mental energy as well as paper resources with this easy solution on hand at all times. 

Benchmark’s EHR is a powerful tool for managing and evaluating your patients. Users are able to customize pre-built templates based on their specialty, or they can create an entirely customized solution that meets all of the needs in one easy dashboard. 

The template and dashboard view allows doctors to easily cross-reference patient data while taking notes during an encounter. Patients can access lab results, order prescriptions refill messages from their provider for quick responses, or check appointments with just one click from anywhere at any time on our mobile application! 

Benchmark EHR and Benchmark PM seamlessly connect your entire office from patient demographics to codes, billing information. Together they will help you make a better healthcare experience for all of those in need! 

The Benchmark EHR support team is responsive, and it's not just a matter of providing customer service. Through customization, they help clients optimize workflows in order for them to get the most out of their system. 

Benchmark Systems Pricing 

Pricing begins at $150.00 per user, per month. 

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Technical Specification 

This software is designed to be used on Windows and Mac operating systems. It also comes with a built-in help desk, email support, and Phone Support. The software does not support Android or iOS devices. 

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