Struggling with billing, claims, and inventory management? Explore BFLOW Solutions! This cloud-based platform empowers DME/HME providers with seamless billing, workflow automation, and intuitive inventory management. Optimize your revenue cycle and streamline your day-to-day operations. Find out more about BFLOW features today!

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What Is BFLOW Solutions?  


BFLOW Solutions is a cloud-based medical billing and business management software company that provides an end-to-end platform to support revenue cycle and operational processes. The system helps DME/HME providers streamline their billing, payments, inventory, and other workflows through an integrated suite of solutions. It includes automated billing, smart patient intake, integrated inventory management, workflow automation, and mobile capabilities.

What Is BFLOW Solutions Best Known For?

BFLOW Solutions is recognized for its automated payment posting functionality, which simplifies the payment reconciliation process. With features like automatic posting of insurance payments, auto cash application to claims, and swift payment analysis tools, BFLOW significantly reduces the manual effort typically required for payment reconciliation.

BFLOW Solutions Pricing

BFLOW cost is flexible, and the vendor offers the following billing options:

  • Software License Model - Custom Pricing  
  • RCM + License Model - Custom Pricing  
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BFLOW Solutions Integrations 

BFLOW DME billing software supports integration with a variety of third-party applications, including:

  • QuickBooks
  • CardConnect
  • Parachute Health
  • TriZetto
  • Sfax 

How Does BFLOW Solutions Work?

Here's how you can navigate the software’s dashboard and make use of its features:    

  • Log in using your credentials  
  • Manage billing and claims from intake to payment in one system  
  • Automate workflows like payments, reconciliation and reporting  
  • Streamline inventory, ordering and delivery with tools for mobile teams  
  • Integrate key services through their partner application marketplace  
  • Customize the platform with flexible pricing plans to fit your needs  
  • View analytics and instant insights from their performance dashboards  
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Who Is BFLOW Solutions For?

BFLOW software is designed for DME/HME practices and allied medical businesses of all sizes. 

Is BFLOW Solutions Right For You?

If you are a medical provider looking to streamline DME billing operations and boost revenue, BFLOW Solutions may be the right choice for you. The software enables DME providers to securely maintain a comprehensive medical document history for each patient, supporting the medical necessity for all your orders. Moreover, features like payment posting, document storage, workflow management and reporting improve overall practice efficiency.  

Additionally, the software is HIPPA-compliant and ensures data safety. Its centralized platform offers complete visibility into your business and simplifies workflows from intake to reimbursement.  

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Bflow Solutions Software Features

The software streamlines operations by consolidating multi-channel billing into a single, seamless software application. It includes an integrated retail point-of-sale system, electronic insurance claim submission, patient billing, and business-to-business invoicing capabilities. By automating redundant tasks and billing workflows, this feature saves time and resources for staff while improving overall billing accuracy.

BFLOW software includes smart intake tools that allow users to check eligibility, claim history, and deductibles from one system. It stores all insurance, diagnoses, physicians' notes, medical documentation, and more in a centralized location. This results in more accurate information during billing and improves overall revenue collection.

This DME business management solution enables inventory tracking of serialized and lot-based medical equipment and supplies. It automatically monitors, distributes, and tracks inventory with just a single click. Users can also track equipment maintenance documentation and schedules to help meet compliance and accreditation standards with an organized system.

The workflow management feature streamlines claim processing by coordinating tasks and automatically tracking the status of each medical claim. It allows users to monitor claim progress in real-time, helping organize staff workload and identify potential bottlenecks or backlogs that could delay reimbursement.

Pros and Cons of Bflow Solutions Software


  • Amazing user interface
  • BFLOW mobile app
  • Free demo available
  • Provides excellent visibility into billing operations
  • The BFLOW team offers great support


  • Steep learning curve, according to some BFLOW solutions reviews
  • Potential information overload for new users

Bflow Solutions Software Pricing

Software License Model


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What's Included

  • License Model features

  • % of Revenue Collected monthly or $350 whichever is greater

  • $150 Per Branch Monthly

  • Full software solution with all available core features

  • Includes Unlimited Transactions and Users Monthly

RCM + License Model


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What's Included

  • License Model features, plus

  • No Per User Monthly

  • $100 Unlimited Transactions Monthly

  • % of Revenue Collected by BFLOW’s Professional RCM Collections Team *

  • % of revenue is based on your operation's gross revenue

Bflow Solutions Software Reviews

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Oct 22, 2022

A decent healthcare management program with room for improvement

Monica J.


Ease of use


Value for money


Customer Support





Im happy I trusted my instincts and chose to use BLOW solutions. During my review, I took a look at fastrack, bonafide, brightree, and cortex, but none of them really stood out as having a decent workflow, which is what I really required. Once I discovered BFLOW, I knew it was the site for me. It has a process, is quite simple to use, and is very inexpensive. Ive been using BFlow for a year, and each time new features are added, it gets even simpler to use.


Communication with administrators is basically nonexistent. I dont really have many errors (surprising for a mediocre user), but still, if theres a claim, Bflow would just deny it for no apparent reason.

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BFLOW Solutions is a one-stop solution for all billing purposes. The software delivers real solutions to complex billing challenges and helps enhance practice efficiency.

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