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Chirsuite is a medical workhouse for multi-doctor, multi-clinic, and multi-disciplinary applications. It has the ability to be used as a personal assistant in the exam room so you can enter patient vitals and other notes into the app. In fact, it can be used to maintain a detailed note section about your patients. With 47 randomized grammatical depths, you can further ensure the accuracy of the input that you enter. The ChiroPad Cloud dramatically reduces the volume of document management and lets users check appointments on a daily basis. The self-auditing system is integrated to let users make sure that the information is accurate before examiners see it.  

ChirosuiteEHR Key Features 

Document Management  

Chirosuite wants to take away the edge by automating the document management tasks for people engaged in healthcare. In fact, it is possible to do so while maintaining money and time savings. Users can fully trust the Chirosuite system as it is equipped with ChiroOffice and ChiroPad EMR in the application for schedule management, appointment scheduling, call logging, insurance processing, and patient letter generation.  

The office work is also simplified with options to scan documents, schedule fees, and reduce the overall presence of redundant tasks.  

XCharge Integration  

Something that makes software stand out is the XCharge integration for debit/credit card payments. It can be quite complicated to process payments, but ChirosuiteEhr software lets you perform the task from your point-of-sale screen. Chiropractic is able to provide coverage to most of the major credit/debit card types. At the same time, you can avoid bulky and costly credit charge terminals that pose a problem throughout the payment process. In fact, the credit card is processed within five seconds.  

Front Desk 

An attractive way through which ChirosuiteEHR helps users is through a fully equipped system for front desk tasks. It can be used to sign-in patients to the signed-in window. Once the patients are checked in, the doctors can keep up with the progress while the patient is getting their therapy. Similarly, the checkout system is equally fast and schedules the next appointment through ChiroPad. The appointment section on the dashboard is accessible and easy to manage.  

ChirosuiteEHR Software Pricing  

The official website does not provide pricing information on the website, but it can be generated by requesting through a form.  

Software Demo 

A Chiropractic demo can be requested through their website if you want to familiarize yourself with the functions.


Chirosuite EMR software is considered to be a high-profile system for chiropractors, according to most of the reviews.  

Our Thoughts 

It can be concluded that Chiropractic EHR can sustain your office work and reduce the overall clutter related to file management. It can also be helpful in eliminating the anxiety related to the payment process, whereas the application is equipped with all the tools through which chiros can maintain their daily notes and schedules. The automatic diagnosis pointing further brings accuracy for practitioners.  

ChiroSuiteEHR Software Pricing

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ChiroSuiteEHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews


Excellent EHR

July 2021


Hospital & Health Care

The EHR software is considered one of the best available. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible for anyone to use.
I was able to use the EHR without any problems. It contained all the necessary features and even some additional ones that we didnt use.

Complex and not up with the times

June 2020


Health, Wellness and Fitness

There are multiple options available for billing and scheduling due to the complexity.
The level of complexity requires a degree in computer science to work with effectively. It is not intuitive.

Great for Smaller Offices

January 2019


Medical Practice

One of the best features is the random note generation. In under 10 seconds, you can create 10-20 unique notes based on specific details about muscle tonicity and other findings you choose to list. Our detailed notes stood out from the cookie-cutter ones and were highly appreciated by attorneys who referred patients to us. Additionally, managing patient information and reviewing both financial and intake notes was easy.
The scheduling feature in the software was not smooth and we had to opt for a different software for this task. Additionally, the software had a maximum data capacity of 2GB because it was built on a database (likely Access). Even though this limitation has been altered by the developers now, our larger office had already switched to a different software before the change was implemented.

Best software for random-text generation notes, and chiropractic notetaking in general!

May 2018


Hospital & Health Care

We have been using this software for more than 10 years and we have always been very satisfied with its performance. It includes an office management system that is easy to use and makes sense, although it has some limitations that we have managed to work around. Additionally, it has excellent reporting capabilities that allow us to easily monitor the accounts receivable and collections status in our office with just a few clicks. Generating and printing statements, as well as accessing patient information, is also very straightforward and the format is user-friendly. The billing and insurance department is struggling since we switched to a new software vendor. They communicate frequently about how much they miss the old software. From a provider's perspective, the notes and system of the previous software were exceptional. The software generated random text, so the same information in a note appeared in various ways. Attorneys contacted us to express their admiration for our notes. Despite containing the same content, a note could show a T6-L listing or PLS in ten different ways with the click of a button. I am really missing ChiroOffice software for this specific task. On the provider side, we had the flexibility to customize it completely. We could easily add any text, macros, or information necessary for examination/note-taking. Even editing or changing them was simple – just a single click and we could start typing. Moreover, it was compliant with EHR/EMR for PQRS and Meaningful Use. ChiroOffice, we miss you dearly!
We used to love the software, but we had to stop using it because of the limitation of our database. Our patient base is quite large, and the database is in Microsoft Access, which has a 2GB limit. With more than 10K patients, we had to do a daily compact/repair to prevent data loss or exceeding the limit. If the software could handle more data, we would have continued using it. We used a different software for scheduling because the one we had didn't fully meet our needs as a PT/Chiropractic/Medical/Massage business. Despite the fact that we had to do some compact repair, the alternative software was very reliable and there was no loss of patient data. I couldn't include this information in the "pro" section due to space constraints.

All in one software for note taking and billing makes for a great product!

April 2018



The software has been working perfectly fine without any issues for me, despite being new.

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Call us at

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