ChiroTouch Chiropractic EMR Software

What is ChiroTouch Chiropractic EHR?


ChiroTouch is a cloud-based, comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) and practice management solution that was exclusively designed with chiropractors in mind. It not only equips users to securely store patient profiles and manage appointments quickly but also allows them to easily process payments. 

Plus, ChiroTouch provides tools such as secure messaging capabilities and automated appointment reminders to expedite operations while simultaneously improving patient care - no matter the time or place since it can be accessed through the internet.

As a fitting complement, the vendor's MyChiroTouch offer serves as a community portal for ChiroTouch clients that allows them to access their records and manage their accounts.

What is ChiroTouch Chiropractic EHR best for?

ChiroTouch Chiropractic EHR is the perfect solution if you need a reliable, secure platform to store patient profiles and manage your practice. It has features such as scheduling appointments, documenting visits, submitting claims, generating reports, billing management tools with automated reminders, and integrated marketing capabilities - all of which help streamline everyday tasks for the entire practice. 

Plus its intuitive design and user-friendly interface make it incredibly simple to use so that chiropractors can put their focus on delivering quality care.

ChiroTouch Chiropractic EHR Cost/Pricing

ChiroTouch Chiropractic EHR offers an affordable pricing structure that is tailored to the size of your practice. 

Starting at $159*/month, plus a one-time fee for installation, training, and data conversion, you can get all the basics covered. 

If you're looking for extra features such as patient engagement tools or automated billing then the vendor's Advanced plan might be more suitable. 
But no matter which option you choose, both plans include 24/7 customer support and access to regular software updates.

* Please note that the cost figures given are rough ballpark estimates; to obtain details on the net (state and/or federal tax-inclusive) prices you’d be required to pay for your practice-preferred plan arrangement, click on the ‘Get Pricing’ button above.

ChiroTouch Chiropractic EHR Demo & Trial Offer

Discover the capabilities of ChiroTouch Chiropractic EHR with the vendor's free demo and trial offer. 

Get a firsthand look at how easy it is to use SOAP notes software for chiropractors, as well as observe the platform's integrated billing service. Plus, you'll catch sight of the tool's companion mobile app that can help chiropractic assistants become more productive.

To start the demo screening, click on the ‘Watch Demo’ button above.

How does ChiroTouch Chiropractic EHR work?

ChiroTouch Chiropractic EHR works as a cloud-based solution that you can access from any internet-connected device, making it ideal for use both in and out of the office. Using the software, you can access patient data, review records and enter notes remotely. In addition, the platform is compliant with all HIPAA regulations, so you can ensure that your patient’s private information remains safe and secure.

Who is ChiroTouch Chiropractic EHR for?

ChiroTouch Chiropractic EHR strives to make running a chiropractic practice simple and efficient, thereby allowing for the best care of patients. It is the premier chiropractic EHR software on the market, delivering an all-inclusive system that can be accessed from any device practically anytime.

ChiroTouch Chiropractic EHR Features

Here are the system’s top five features by clinical use importance:

  • Patient Management
    With ChiroTouch Chiropractic EHR, users can effortlessly manage patient profiles and track visits/treatments, process payments and insurance claims with the convenience of being able to access records from any device. It's an intuitive patient management system that puts you in control.
  • Scheduling
    The software offers an intuitive scheduling system, giving users (clinicians/patients) the ability to promptly book appointments and observe their availability in real-time. Plus, this feature allows for recurring appointments for practice clients who need regular checkups or treatments.
  • Billing & Insurance Claims
    The platform simplifies the process of submitting insurance claims with both accuracy and speed. Further, it comes with an integrated third-party billing system that enables users to quickly submit their claims electronically without reentering data multiple times.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    ChiroTouch Chiropractic EHR's reporting feature brings users a range of detailed insights into the performance of their practice. From patient visits to treatments and payments, these customizable reports allow them to make smart decisions that help refine the efficiency of operations.
  • Security & Compliance
    ChiroTouch Chiropractic EHR is designed with security in mind and meets all HIPAA compliance requirements for protecting patient data from unauthorized access or misuse. It also supports two-factor authentication for added security when accessing the system remotely or from different devices.

Here are some of the platform’s prominent features in table form:

What’s included

  • User Access Permissions
  • Intuitive Activity Dashboard
  • Automated Patient Appointments/Scheduling
  • Billing & Invoicing Management
  • Charting
  • Patient Insurance Verification/Claims Management
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Customized Reports/Templates
  • Email Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • SOAP Notes
  • SMS Messaging
  • Patient Self-Service Portal
  • HIPAA Compliance

* This list is not exhaustive

How is ChiroTouch Chiropractic different from other EHRs?

ChiroTouch's SOAP notes for chiropractors are a key EHR feature that makes it stand out from its competitors. This advanced system helps to ensure complete and consistent documentation, while also providing integrated billing services with software that verifies insurance coverage before treatment commences.

Is ChiroTouch Chiropractic right for you?

If you're trying to decide whether ChiroTouch is right for your practice, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Does the software have features that are custom-built for my business? 
  • Is it intuitive and straightforward to use? 
  • Can I rest assured knowing patient data is safe and secure? 
  • Are there built-in billing capabilities available with this system? 
  • Is their customer service team on hand if needed down the line?

Furthermore, check out reviews from other users of ChiroTouch. Compare different pricing plans as well to find what fits best into your budget.

Ultimately, the best way to decide if the subscription is right for your practice is to schedule a demo. 

Alternatively, you could reach out to our friendly customer service team via the helpline number above to learn exactly how ChiroTouch Chiropractic EHR could work for your facility. 

To further ease your decision, we’ve added a brief subscription pros and cons table below for your consideration.

ChiroTouch Chiropractic EMR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • Process Automation: ChiroTouch makes administrative tasks like check-ins and billing management easier by automating them.
  • Budget-Friendly: The software provides a self-hosted version with all financials in one exclusive program, which makes it a budget-friendly option.
  • Improved Accuracy: The EHR, which was first offered as a substitute for traditional health records to make preserving and retrieving health information simpler, now offers several added benefits.


  • Steep Learning Curve: It can take some time for users to understand and fully utilize the software’s interface.
  • Problems Importing Data: The system can encounter errors in downloading information from previous modules or databases. Some information may not be completely imported.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does ChiroTouch work with Windows 11?

Yes, ChiroTouch is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 11 (64-bit version).

How do I log in to ChiroTouch?

Launch MyChiroTouch by typing into your web browser's address bar and logging in with the client ID and password found in your welcome email (delivered post-subscription).

What kind of software is ChiroTouch?

ChiroTouch is an electronic health record (EHR), cloud-based, subscription software designed for use in chiropractic clinics/healthcare centers.

Who owns ChiroTouch?

ChiroTouch is owned by Michael Failla; a premier voice in the chiropractic space.

ChiroTouch Chiropractic EMR Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

ChiroTouch Chiropractic EMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

68 Reviews


Bone Doctors: Get this!

April 2023

Haley P. – MD

Private Practice, LA – CA

I’ve been operating a private orthopedic consultancy since mid-2022, and after having used Chirotouch extensively in a hospital ward setting, took their basic subscription for my individual work. From updated bone charts and treatment recommendations to excellent patient charting and billing, this software offers it all. Their friendly helpline execs are always ready to assist (have made many calls to learn).
There is a learning curve, but not too much. Medical staff soon picks it.

Decent EMR for chiropractic work; could use more customizations

February 2023

Mariah P. J. Morrison

Sticks, Stones & Bones, IL

Hands-down the best chiropractic care management software around. Has helped us increase our patient turnover through better care delivery.
Please add more custom templates; patient portal gets stuck on occasion.

Great Transition to ChiroTouch

January 2023

Ed Harkins

Dr. Ed Harkins

A) The ability to construct an EHR to my exact specifications. B) The ability to have the front desk, biller, and DC all work seamlessly.
A little overwhelming at first which was solved by getting great support from Laurence Peppler from the support team and getting me up to speed fast. Hats off to him.

Great company. Brilliant staff

October 2022


Living Well Center for Integrative Health

The company staff is incredibly kind and amiable. From their sales representatives and training staff to their unparalleled support staff. Whatever issue we might face, they go above and beyond to find a timely resolution for it. We had a time limit to complete the implementation of the new software and their training team was a great help throughout the process. They sure deserve compensation for their devoted performance. As for the software, it is easy to use, very flexible and offers a lot of options for customization. Note-taking has just the right features for a chiro’s office. This software has been a noteworthy help to our practice.
The learning curve is slightly challenging. Navigating through the system can be confusing but once you have learned it, it’s pretty simple and intuitive. It streamlines the workflow.

Great Customer Support

September 2022


Complete Chiropractic Sports & Wellness

Kudos to Complete Chiropractic Sports & Wellness. I have the utmost admiration for the customer support staff at CT. Elienai C. is an operator there who helped me through a very difficult insurance billing and accounting problem today and I am so grateful for her patience because there is no way I could have figured that out on my own. ChiroTouch is an amazing software that makes chiropractic practice far easier for us. Online forms for new patients and online schedules for providers to access at any time and place are a huge help. OpenEdge, for an integrated credit card system, makes billing very simple. There are options for care packages for service.
The setup still shows a few glitches every now and then but that can be overlooked, and the online scheduling isn’t always the smoothest process. The Verify option does not work for all insurances. We currently have a request-based system in which patients send requests for appointments where they could see the schedule including the free and taken slots. This resulted in negative feedback from them so we had to take that whole service down.

Chirotouch is the best decision weve made for our clinic!

August 2022



This is the best decision for our business that my husband ever made. It may have saved our marriage! LOL I am saving so much time on my billing and patient recalls and once my staff learned it has made all of our lives easier, which means our patient care has dramatically improved! Thank you for all the training and support as they have been amazing. 6 months later and still amazed by the software and the support has been world-class - they are always helpful and very nice. ChiroTouch Chiropractic EMR Software is amazing.
Support is not open on Saturday, but they need a break too as well.

A great product

July 2022


Bill Chiropractic Injury

ChiroTouch Chiropractic EMR Software is so easy to use and great for chiropractors. We see a lot of patients every day and this has really helped us manage our flow. Learning it and using it every day has been seamless.
There are no cons to talk of at the moment.

Best billing for cashless practices

June 2022


Breath of Life Chiropractic and Acupuncture

ChiroTouch Chiropractic comes with all the insurance forms and claims documentation that you would need. There are a lot of automated features which reduce menial administrative work. The charting feature is really easy once you have them customized and set up how you like them according to your desire.


May 2022


Emeryville Chiropractic

ChiroTouch Chiropractic EMR Software is easy to move between pages. The customer service is highly competent and can answer any question
More guidance and tutorial videos are needed on the website for our information.

All your needs will be met

March 2022


Pure Billing

I really like the billing portion of the software. You can post EOBs and track claims. Creating disputes is also no longer tricky. I am not going to switch from this now for a long time.
Wish they would introduce the web-based version soon. Cant wait for it.

Help with setting up fee schedules for patients

January 2022


Back In Motion

The customer service representative was very helpful with solving my issues on the ChiroTouch Cloud.
I have no cons to report at this time.

Great for small clinics

October 2021


Bozeman Family Chiropractic

Everything is included in the software and just a few clicks away. If you make a mistake you can easily go back and fix it. Their technical support is a lifesaver
The data transfer had some glitches and we are missing some files.

Relatively good

May 2021


Integrated Spinal Solutions

It is a nice software with an easy-to-use interface. Much better than our last software. There are a lot of add-ons you can choose from.
The add-ons cost additional money.

Amazinig support

April 2021


Wellness Solution Centers

It updates often so that all the bugs in the previous version are resolved. Their customer support remains on the call until we figure out how to handle the error.
There were initially some obstacles but they helped us out.

A great platform!

April 2021


Kanady Chiropractic Center

Customer service is great and the representative we were assigned went above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate us.
It has multiple report features which I dont like.

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Call us at

(661) 384-7070