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ClinCapture is a solution that revolutionizes clinical trials with virtual data-sourcing services. This cloud-based solution simplifies data processing for clinical practices by allowing researchers set methodologies to analyze clinical trials. The forms are easily managed by multiple integrated features which also assist in sourcing data effectively.  

For instance, ClinCapture’s WYSIWYG form editor, translator, activity dashboard, auto-deploy, progress tracking, and form versioning services are extremely beneficial. The best part about ClinCapture is its pay-as-you-go pricing approach. Furthermore, the vendor supports multiple languages and users can explore its interface in their desired language. Therefore, it boosts the productivity of practices offering remote clinical trials.  

ClinCapture Features 


Access to crucial patient health information data is essential for medical professionals. The ePRO service of ClinCapture conducts patient health surveys and the recorded responses of patients are entered into the EDC system. The surveys record data such as pain intensity through diagrams and psychological symptoms. The prime characteristics of the ePRO service are time expiration tokens, progress tracking, scale-based questions, and compliance reporting.

Captivate Coder 

Medical professionals need effective codes readily available to process patient cases smoothly. Thus, ClinCapture features a medical coding solution that streamlines dictionary management. Every user gets a personalized coding dictionary along with a custom thesaurus. This feature functions like a private cloud-coding system with personalized coding task lists. Moreover, it supports manual coding and auto-coding support as well which significantly reduces the risk of inconsistencies. 


ClinCapture features a remote consent system for clinical trials. This innovative and compliant solution automates the enrollment process of patients which makes onboarding easier. In addition, the consent tracking system reduces human errors, simplifying administrative teams' workflow. Moreover, eConsent leads to better patient experiences as all client information is readily available, which simultaneously boosts patient engagement. This service is paired with signature compliance and site screening metrics which support multiple languages.  

ClinCapture Pricing 

The pricing plans of ClinCapture are not publicly provided by the vendor. However, you can click the “Get Pricing” button at top of the page to access a detailed pricing plan from our team.ClinCapture Demo 

A demo is also available for the ClinCapture users.  You can click the “Watch Demo” button to view its free and engaging demo. The ClinCapture demo is known for captivating the viewers by mastering impressive presentation skills.  

ClinCapture Reviews 

Reviews of ClinCapture are also second to none. The users praise the software for how helpful it is in assessing data. It increases the efficiency of data sourcing while making no compromise on the authenticity of data. Clients verify that they face zero downtime using ClinCapture. Want to read personal reviews of this cost-efficient solution? Consult the Reviews Section below.  

Our Thoughts 

ClinCapture is a useful software for clinical researchers that enables them to conduct a study in hours instead of days. This visually appealing solution manages studies effortlessly, leaving no room for misinterpretation. Its cloud-based infrastructure enhances collaboration between the teams, which is an added advantage. Therefore,  ClinCapture is the best choice at hand for researchers looking to kick-start studies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does ClinCapture software offer an API?

Yes, ClinCapture provides an API for its users.

Does ClinCapture software support mobile devices?

No, ClinCapture Software does not provide support for any mobile devices.

What languages does ClinCapture software support?

ClinCapture Software supports the following languages: English.

What level of support does ClinCapture Software offer?

ClinCapture Software provides support on the following levels: Phone support, email or help desk support, chat, FAQs or forums, 24/7 live support, and a knowledge base are all available.

Who are the typical users of ClinCapture software?

Following are the typical users of ClinCapture Software: Mid-size businesses and large enterprises.

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ClinCapture Software reviews

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