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ClinicAid practice management tool helps physicians to schedule appointments and issue invoices easily. The EHR helps medical facilities and practitioners categorize diagnoses, document operations, and create prescriptions. Doctors can employ code look-up tables. The software is available to Canadian doctors, billing agents, and hospital departments in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. 

Using this advanced medical software, users can manage patient information, make charts, save documents and handle re-billing. Patients can also make multiple appointments in one go. Users can also enter evaluated claims and payment slips to medical billing agencies using the system. Various third-party medical record platforms, including OSCAR EMR, and Ramsoft, are integrated with ClinicAid software. The medical software is available on a monthly membership and offers support via phone and email. 

ClinicAid Software Key Features 

Allied Health 

ClinicAid EMR streamlines the claims submission process. It reduces the number of denied claims and increases payment to allied health practitioners. Customizable dashboards with unique reports and critical performance indicators help you track your progress. Practice administration tools for scheduling, notes, demographic administration, and file upload are available. ClinicAid billing allows users to establish private billing codes and invoices with inventory tracking, which notifies them when their supply is running low. The platform takes care of administrative tasks, expedites the claims process, and simplifies financial reporting. 

Infectious Disease 

Practitioners get the assistance they need to avoid making input mistakes. The software provides automatic support to assist you in identifying and fixing specific claim issues. Resubmit soon for payment. ClinicAid Healthcare streamlines the claims processing tasks and enhances billing and coding accuracy to reduce claim rejections. It improves the overall financial performance of your clinic by boosting cash flow. 

Internal Medicine 

The platform supports both solo practitioners and individuals working in healthcare organizations. You can eliminate data collecting issues with the tool. By automating the claim-filing process, the software saves time. Internal medicine specialists can avoid making input mistakes as these can lead to rejected, missed, or delayed payments. The billing program provides automated support to assist you when mistakes do occur in the case. Recognize specific claim mistakes and take action to fix the issue.  

ClinicAid Software Pricing 

ClinicAid price starts at around $13 per month. However, you can select from the following packages for a bigger plan: 

  • Mini - up to 100 claims: $13/month 
  • Basic - up to 250 claims: $30/month 
  • Standard - up to 700 claims: $69/month 
  • High 1500 - up to 1500 claims: $135/month 
  • High 3000 - up to 3000 claims: $240/month 

Software Demo 

You can watch a free demo of ClinicAid to make an informed decision. Simply click on the ‘Watch Demo’ button to get live action. 


ClinicAid EMR has secured many positive reviews from its clients. Users praise the medical software for its friendly interface, thorough reporting, and cutting-edge automation features. You can find more authentic reviews in the Reviews Section. 

Our Thoughts 

ClinicAid EHR software is a versatile program accessible to all healthcare institutions and providers in Canada. The software is an industry leader as it saves the time and expense involved in scheduling and billing. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Clinicaid Software offer an API?

Yes, Clinicaid provides an API for its users.

Does Clinicaid software support mobile devices?

No, Clinicaid Software does not support mobile devices.

What level of support does Clinicaid offer?

Clinicaid offers the following support options: Email/Help Desk, Chat, Phone Support, FAQs/Forums, and Knowledge Base.

What level of support does Clinicaid Software offer?

Clinicaid software offers the following support options: Phone Support, Chat, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, and Email/Help Desk.

Who are the typical users of Clinicaid software?

Freelancers, small businesses, mid-size businesses, and large enterprises.

ClinicAid Software Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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ClinicAid Software reviews

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