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Community CareLink by First Call is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) and practice management system for mental health facilities and drug rehab centers. In addition, the solution works for social service agencies, drug courts, and other organizations of about the same size. 

Community CareLink was made with your organization in mind. The software is highly user-friendly and offers excellent customer support. CareLink medical supplies include treatment options, progress notes, narrative reports, custom templates, ad hoc reporting, and a patient portal. The billing module has a billing dashboard, EDI support, batch posting, and the ability to check eligibility. 

Community CareLink Software Key Features 

Easy Scheduling 

The software is a social work case management tool that makes it easy for businesses to schedule appointments. You can also set up appointments for your clients at partner agencies in real-time.  


Clinicians made software for clinicians to make it easier for People Serving Organizations worldwide to do their jobs. It gives the most output with the least amount of data entry. 

Cloud Interface 

Community CareLink Medical is cloud-based software that means that you can use it anywhere with a stable internet connection. Moreover, this cloud-based interface prevents the need to invest in expensive hardware. 

Community CareLink Software Cost  

CareLink Software pricing is not available to the general public. There are different pricing tiers depending upon the size of your organization. You can communicate with the vendor to get a quote for your practice.  

Software Demo  

Not sure if Community CareLink EMR is the best choice for you? Don't worry; the company will give you a free demo. It lets you try out the software and all of its features in real-time to make an informed choice. In addition, the demo enables you to figure out if the software meets your needs or not. 


Most users give software 4 or 5 stars, which shows how much people like it and how well it works. Read the Community CareLink EHR reviews below to learn about the pros and cons. 

Our Thoughts

Community CareLink makes it easy for social service providers like specialty courts, probation offices, agencies that help people with substance use disorders, temporary housing shelters, child welfare groups, and others to work together. The people who use the system make a continuum of care and a complete picture of what happens to clients and programs. 

Community CareLink Software Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Community CareLink Software reviews

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