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What Is CyberClinic EMR?


CyberClinic, by Cyberhealth365, is an electronic health record (EHR) and patient scheduling system designed to cater to the needs of small to midsize healthcare organizations. The solution offers deployment flexibility, allowing practices to choose between on-premise and cloud-based models based on their preferences. Key features include patient scheduling, patient records, e-prescriptions, billing, reporting and document management.

What Is CyberClinic EMR Best For?

CyberClinic EMR offers a robust and advanced patient scheduling system. Patients can easily schedule recurring appointments, empowering them to take control of their ongoing healthcare needs. This eliminates the need to contact the clinic for follow-up visits, streamlining the scheduling process and improving patient satisfaction. By sending reminders via SMS, email, and WhatsApp, patients are informed about their upcoming appointments, reducing no-shows.

CyberClinic EMR Pricing

CyberClinic EMR cost is flexible. The software provides personalized pricing packages tailored to individual users, taking into account their specific size and needs. Click Get Pricing for a tailored quote.

CyberClinic Health Integrations

The vendor has not shared any details regarding its third-party integrations.

How Does CyberClinic EMR Work?

Here's how you can get started with the software after its successful installation:

  • Log in and access the dashboard
  • Create a new file by entering patient information, medication and medical histories
  • Schedule appointments efficiently with the integrated calendar tool
  • Simplify billing and claims management with the revenue cycle management tool
  • Access patient medical records and manage patient demographics
  • Generate and oversee prescriptions for patients within their unique profiles
  • Use reports and analytics to track trends and identify bottlenecks to improve medical practice efficiency
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Who Is CyberClinic EMR For?

CyberClinic caters to medical practices of all sizes. It can be used by:

  • Single doctor clinics
  • Polyclinics
  • Day Hospitals
  • Medical centers
  • National registries

It is well-suited for diverse medical fields, encompassing allergy and immunology, dentistry, dermatology, home health care, endocrinology, family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, and plastic surgery.

Is CyberClinic EMR Right For You?

Are you looking for an EHR platform to enhance practice efficiency and improve patient care? Then look no further, as CyberClinic EMR could be a suitable choice. The tool offers electronic health records, billing, reporting and analytics, patient scheduling and more to reduce administrative burden and streamline clinical tasks.

The software guarantees adherence to a wide range of security standards, including compliance with HIPAA regulations. Moreover, it is highly scalable and grows with your organization.

Still not sure if CyberClinic EMR is a suitable choice for you? Contact us at (661) 384-7070, and we will gladly help you make the right choice.

Cyberclinic Software Features

This feature allows practitioners to create detailed, structured, customized clinical notes tailored to individual patient visits. It streamlines capturing critical medical information, such as symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, and progress notes. One of the key advantages of Clinical Notes is the ability to maintain a complete patient history over time.

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Electronic prescribing enables providers to create and send prescriptions directly to pharmacies, eliminating the need for paper prescriptions and manual faxing. This feature enhances patient safety by reducing the risk of medication errors and streamlining the prescription renewal process. Furthermore, it offers real-time access to a patient's medication history, allowing providers to make informed decisions about drug interactions, allergies, and adherence.

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These templates help standardize and expedite patient visits by following all necessary steps. Whether for routine check-ups, specific examinations, or complex medical procedures, Agenda Templates provide a structured appointment framework. This feature enhances the quality of care by ensuring that no critical steps are missed and improves practice efficiency by reducing administrative tasks.

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Healthcare providers can capture, store, and manage clinical images directly in electronic medical records. This feature is essential for specialties that rely heavily on visual data, such as dermatology, plastic surgery, and ophthalmology. Image capturing enhances patient care by providing a visual record of conditions, progress, and treatment outcomes.

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Physicians can efficiently create, submit, and track insurance claims, ensuring that they receive timely reimbursements for services rendered. This feature supports various billing methods, including fee-for-service and value-based care models. Additionally, billing within CyberClinic EMR helps practices stay compliant with healthcare regulations and coding standards, reducing the risk of claim denials and audits.

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Users can generate comprehensive reports based on various criteria, such as patient visits, revenue, and clinical data. These reports help healthcare providers make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and track their progress toward practice goals. Moreover, clinicians can monitor key performance indicators, identify trends, and adapt their strategies accordingly to provide the best possible care to their patients.

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Patient demographics allow doctors to maintain accurate and up-to-date patient information. This includes personal details, contact information, insurance information, and medical history. This feature is the foundation for patient records and ensures that healthcare providers understand each patient's background and healthcare needs.

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Pros and Cons of Cyberclinic Software


  • Improved patient care
  • Robust scheduling
  • Patient demographics
  • Clinical image capturing


  • Technical glitches and bugs, according to some CyberClinic EMR reviews
  • Customer support needs improvement

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