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DELPHI32 is a comprehensive practice management software designed specifically for small mental and behavioral health practices. The application is suitable for psychologists, therapists, counselors, social workers, and psychiatrists. It comes equipped with powerful features, such as claims submission, appointment scheduling, customizable progress notes, reporting and analytics, patient statement generation, and expense management.

The technology-driven platform offers end-to-end billing solutions, including revenue cycle management, invoicing, and financial management. It empowers practitioners to manage claim submission, medical record management, customer assessment, and patient statements. Users can also utilize its expense register functionality to track and record all kinds of expenses in one centralized location.

Moreover, DELPHI32 Software gives professionals an overview of their practice activity with referral sources, such as yellow pages, word of mouth, and agencies. It also shows all payments, adjustments, and sessions for a full billing history of the patient.
Key Features
Claims Management 

The practice management system helps users manage finances by reducing manual data entry and verifying insurance at the point of care. It uses dynamic technology to validate claims, get claim statuses in real time, speed up denial analysis, and get paid faster by using billing codes that have already been filled in.

Appointment Scheduling

DELPHI32’s scheduling solution allows users to manage scheduling requests, add new patients, and reduce no-shows. Staff can also add resources to schedules, save appointment templates, fill canceled slots, add clients to waiting lists, print billing receipts, and improve the overall patient experience.

Reporting and Analytics 

The application generates detailed billing reports to give users actionable insights into aged accounts, profit and loss statements, income sources, and session summaries. Its billing analytics tools help practices predict trends, reach more people, and manage the day-to-day processes of the revenue cycle better.

DELPHI32 Pricing 

DELPHI32 medical billing software is available on a flat-rate pricing model. Further, the vendor’s one-time fee for a single practice is set at $895.00.

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DELPHI32 Demo 

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DELPHI32 Reviews 

DELPHI32 Mental Health Software has received favorable feedback across most accredited sites. Its robust suite of medical billing tools, A/R reporting solutions, and ease of use have impressed many subscribers.

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Our Thoughts

DELPHI32 software is a dependable practice management system that offers a well-balanced suite of features to help mental health clinics optimize billing, bridge workflow gaps, and deliver high-quality patient care. Overall, the company that makes the software has a lot of happy customers, but you should try out the demo version of the app to see if it's a good fit for your business.

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