DentalWriter is a powerful web-based EMR platform meticulously crafted to manage dental sleep medicine, oral surgery, and TMD. While DentalWriter is simple, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with customer support, which delays the training timeframe.

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What Is DentalWriter?


DentalWriter Plus is a cloud-based solution that aids billing and sleep medicine management, simplifying processes and saving valuable time for both dental professionals and patients. Its capability of tracking and managing information maximizes its efficiency and accuracy. Furthermore, generating SOAP reports helps physicians involved in patient care to seamlessly collaborate with the system.

DentalWriter Pricing

DentalWriter Pricing will depend on your practice's size and requirements. Get pricing details for a tailored price quote.

DentalWriter Integrations

The vendor has not listed any integrations. Schedule a DentalWriter demo for more information about its integrations.

Who Is DentalWriter For?

DentalWriter Plus is best used by dental practices and healthcare professionals in various facilities.

Is DentalWriter Right For You?

DentalWriter stands out as the primary billing software provider for Dental Sleep Medicine. It ensures that healthcare professionals and dental practitioners know the latest advancements, insights, and emerging opportunities. What sets DentalWriter™ apart is its organized workflow, licensed technology, and exceedingly experienced support team.

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DentalWriter Features

The DentalWriter Navigator streamlines workflows by providing an interactive checklist comprising the essential steps and forms to follow and fill for individual cases, ensuring everything is aligned and organized.

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This feature allows patients to fill out all critical information in the forms before they visit the clinic or healthcare facility. The questionnaires are then incorporated into the software, helping dental professionals save valuable time.

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The system utilizes detailed and competent cross-coding to automatically cross-code dental procedures to medical ICD-10 diagnosis codes and CPT codes directly from the examination, simplifying the coding process.

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DentalWriter offers fully customizable exam forms that provide maximum efficiency and allow control of patient visit flow for dental sleep medicine, TMD, and oral surgeries. This customization tailors forms according to specific clinical needs and optimizes the entire process.

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The software enables convenient monitoring of the status of medical claims, benefit verifications, and pre-authorizations. Additionally, users can directly chat with an assistant for any required inquiries or guidance.

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Pros and Cons of DentalWriter


  • Robust report writing
  • Streamlined billing process
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to process claims


  • Editing documents can be complex
  • Inadequate customer support

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DentalWriter Pricing will depend on your practice's size and requirements. Get pricing details for a customized plan that best suits your business needs.