Are you struggling with geographical barriers and limited patient access? Check out eVisit software, your bridge to seamless telehealth. Connect, diagnose, and treat patients remotely through secure video conferencing. Elevate your healthcare quality and break free from constraints. Get started today!

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What Is eVisit Software?


eVisit software is a versatile cloud-based telemedicine platform that facilitates virtual medical visits for small and mid-sized practices. With an array of features tailored to streamline remote healthcare delivery, it offers a comprehensive platform that bridges the gap between patients and healthcare professionals. The key features of eVisit include e-prescriptions, medical charting, mobile consultation, patient scheduling and more.

What Is eVisit Software Best For?

eVisit is a remote patient monitoring platform that stands out due to its efficient telehealth capabilities. The eVisit platform, complete with a virtual waiting room, helps healthcare providers conduct online consultations through secure video conferencing and real-time communication tools. It facilitates seamless face-to-face interactions to enable you to diagnose, treat, and provide medical guidance from anywhere. This enhances communication and engagement.

eVisit Pricing

The eVisit cost is customizable and can be tailored according to the needs of an organization. You can also check out the subscription options available by contacting our sales team.

eVisit Software Integrations

eVisit offers several useful third-party integrations, including:  

How Does eVisit Software Work?

Follow the steps mentioned below to get started once logged in:

  • Create new patient files and enter medication history, treatment plans and other information
  • Schedule appointments and send automated reminders to reduce no-shows
  • Interact with patients efficiently using eVisit’s communication tools (video, audio, and chat)
  • Prescribe medications electronically and update patient records directly within the platform  
  • Document visit details, diagnosis, and treatment plans within the EHR system  
  • Use the integrated billing functionality to facilitate accurate invoicing  
You can also schedule a free eVisit software demo for a teaser of the tool.

Who Is eVisit Software For?

eVisit telehealth platform caters to small to mid-sized healthcare organizations. It serves the following:

  • Primary care
  • OB/GYN
  • Pediatrics
  • Urgent care
  • Occupational health
  • Internal medicine

Is eVisit Software Right For You?

If you are a healthcare provider or organization seeking to augment your services with telehealth capabilities, eVisit offers a robust solution. Its intuitive, bi-directional user interface and comprehensive features address common pain points such as limited patient access, communication issues, geographical constraints, and administrative inefficiencies.  

Many reputable health facilities rely on eVisit to manage patient interactions and provide quality virtual care. These include Banner Telehealth Network, Concentra, and Envision, among others, making it a reliable and secure choice. Additionally, the HIPAA-compliant software provides mobile applications compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Still unsure whether eVisit is the right choice for you? Contact us at (661) 384 7070, and our expert team will help you make an informed choice.

eVisit Software Features

This feature facilitates a seamless and secure payment experience for patients, allowing them to conveniently settle bills online. Integrated credit card processing ensures efficient financial transactions, reducing administrative burdens for healthcare practices. The system supports accurate invoicing, automates payment processing, and enhances overall revenue cycle management.

The software offers customizable templates and a bi-directional user interface, enabling practitioners to quickly and accurately input patient information during virtual visits. Efficient charting not only enhances the speed of documentation but also ensures the completeness and accuracy of patient records.

The patient portal offers patients a convenient and secure online platform to access important healthcare information. They can use it to schedule virtual appointments, access treatment and medication history, and communicate with care providers.

With the eVisit telehealth program, users can send electronic prescriptions to pharmacies directly from the platform. This helps eliminate error-prone handwritten prescriptions and boost patient safety. As a result, accessing medication history becomes easier, leading to streamlined medication management and better patient outcomes.

This insightful feature helps users easily gather, analyze, and interpret patient and operational data. It provides comprehensive reports and visualizations that enable data-driven decision-making, thereby helping improve care quality and operational efficiency.

Pros and Cons of eVisit Software


  • Streamlined virtual visits for enhanced patient-provider interactions
  • Offers great customer service
  • Encrypted communication ensures patient data protection
  • Helps to track telehealth visits
  • Online credit card processing for easier payments


  • No free trial or free version
  • Steep learning curve, as per some eVisit reviews
  • Connectivity issues cause calls to drop unexpectedly

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