expEDIum Medical Billing Software

expEDIum Medical Billing (eMB) is a complete, secure web-based medical billing software and practice management solution that enables medical billing businesses and healthcare professionals to efficiently manage the practice and fully automate every medical billing and claims processing operation. This medical billing software handles both CMS-1500 and UB-04 claims in electronic and paper formats and is HIPAA compliant. It also complies with all standards-based changes in the industry and ICD-10 codes are embedded within the system as well.  

expEDIum Medical Billing Software Key Features 

Claims Portal 

The ‘Claims Portal’ (eCP) is an economical, standard-based Web-based Electronic Claims Processing and Claims Adjudication Software that enables customers to efficiently manage the whole claims life cycle. This system is ready for ICD-10 codes and complies with all standards-based changes in the sector without charging more to clients. This all-inclusive solution helps customers manage practices more efficiently, handle the claims life cycle easily, manage denials and rejections, and effectively regulate payments and regulations.  

EMR Integration 

expEDIum software maintains a strategic partnership with EHR/EMR vendors that enables them to deliver a fully integrated EHR + PMS + Clearinghouse in a single solution adds a great deal of quality and value to the partnership since iTech's focus is on offering an ideal and affordable medical billing. It features a secure web service interface that enables one-time auto login from EHR to PMS as well as real-time data transmission between EMR and expEDIum using our proprietary XML. It integrates ‘RESTful’ APIs that also enable EMR/EHR to have their own UX/UI. 

Medical Billing Services 

The typical payment cycle lasts 10 days as opposed to 24 or more days with a traditional system. With the expEDIum medical billing software, nearly all claims are accepted by carriers on the first try. You can follow up on A/R reports on a daily or weekly basis to make sure payment delays are kept to a minimum. There is an effective follow-up for rejects and denials. Due to improved secondary insurance visibility, denials are managed better, and secondary payments are increased.  

expEDIum Pricing  

The cost of the software is based on your medical firm. For the customization of a suitable pricing plan, you can contact the official vendor.  

Software Demo 

There is a comprehensive expEDIum medical software demo available on the website so you can see it from different angles before signing up.  


The expEDIum reviews show that it is a reliable tool to resolve billing and health insurance claims. It helps you track claims, denials, and rejections. 

Our Thoughts  

The software solution is a useful module to track payments and rules. One of the reasons that it is rated high among users is that you do not have to pay an extra amount to customize it as it is ICD-10 ready and adheres to industry standards.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What level of support does expEDIum Medical Billing offer?

expEDIum Medical Billing provides the following support options:  Phone Support, Email/Help Desk, and FAQs/Forum.

What others Apps does expEDIum Medical Billing Software integrate with?

Contact the support teams to learn what other apps expEDIum Medical Billing Software integrates with.

What type of pricing plans does expEDIum Medical Billing Software offer?

expEDIum offers several plans, click on ‘Get Pricing’ button to get custom quote for your practice.

Who are the typical users of expEDIum Medical Billing?

expEDIum Medical Billing has the following typical customers:  Freelancers, Small Businesses, Mid-Size Businesses.

expEDIum Medical Billing Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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