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Forcura software is a cloud-based workflow and care coordination solution that offers features such as intake and referral management, document management, patient management, scan captures, customized reporting, and messaging. Forcura software streamlines referrals by consolidating them from multiple sources into one location. This allows your team to manage, track and respond to referrals for one or all of your locations. The software automatically syncs with Forcura EHR and EMR systems, making it easy to track referral information and patient records. 

The software offers practice management features that are extremely helpful for both care providers and patients. Forcura software customer support is prompt and friendly. This makes it easy for new users to get started with the system and get the most out of the software.  

Forcura Software Key Features 

Manage All Your Data in One Place 

The system provides a comprehensive solution for managing and tracking all your outstanding orders, referrals, labs, and other documents in one cloud-based platform. The EHR Integration allows you to seamlessly connect with Forcura EMR to access all your patient data in one place. This makes it easy to make informed decisions about patient care.  

Track Documents and Images 

The scanning feature makes it easy to track documents and images. The virtual print driver can upload documents directly into the solution. It also helps field staff and clinicians scan clinical papers and images, like consent forms and wound images, to link with patient records. The Forcura scanning app is available for both Android and iOS devices.  

Secure Communication & Customizable Reporting 

Forcura health management software includes a secure messaging system that allows care providers to communicate with each other. The system ensures that all messages are HIPAA compliant. The software also includes a patient portal, which allows patients to message their care providers and view their records. The software provides customizable reports that allow users to track outcomes and performance. These reports can be generated for one or multiple locations. 

Forcura Software Pricing 

The system has not provided pricing details and does not offer any free trial or free version. You can get a custom quote according to your company size. 

Software Demo 

You can schedule a free demo to see the system in action and to get an idea about how it can benefit your practices and if its features fit your needs.  


The system is rated around 4.5/5 stars on multiple websites. Users praised it for its ease of use, comprehensive features, and ability to streamline referrals. Practices also reported that the software has helped them improve patient care. You can read more Forcura software reviews in our review section.  

Our Thoughts

Forcura software offers a comprehensive solution for managing referrals and patient data. The software is easy to use and includes a secure messaging system. It also provides customizable reports and a patient portal. All these features make it an excellent choice for practices looking to improve patient care. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Forcura fit my business?

Forcura is a web-based document workflow app that facilitates intake and referral management and physician orders by connecting post-acute-care providers with remote care team members and referring physicians. Forcura is suitable for small, midsized, and enterprise-level medical organizations.

How does Forcura work?

Head to the vendor website to request a demo or contact the support team to learn more about the Forcura EHR software.

How does Forcura's pricing compare to their alternatives?

Forcura pricing is budget software, and compared to its alternatives, the prices are pretty balanced.

How much does Forcura cost?

Forcura's pricing plans start at $92 per month.

Is Forcura HIPPA-compliant?

Yes, Forcura is HIPPA-compliant software.

Forcura Software Pricing

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Forcura Software reviews

Overall Rating

7 Reviews


Great tool for tracking patient records!

March 2023

Mandy K.

Medical Practice

We’ve been using Forcura for a while now, and it has really helped us track patient records more effectively. The system integrates seamlessly with our EHR and EMR systems, making it easier to access all relevant information in one place. It also includes a scanning feature which allows us to quickly upload documents into the system. Plus, the customer service team is always available if we have any questions or need additional help.
One of the major concerns about this software is that it doesn't offer a free trial or free version. But considering the features and value for money, we don’t think this is a major issue.

Excellent software for streamlining patient care

February 2023

John S.

Medical Practice

We've been using Forcura for several years now, and it has really helped us streamline our patient care process. The system consolidates referrals from multiple sources into one place, making it easy for us to manage and track them. The software also includes a secure messaging feature which makes communication with other health providers easier and more secure.
The only minor downside is that the pricing information isn't readily available on their website. Otherwise, we are very happy with this software and can confidently recommend it to others!

A great tool to manage our practice efficiently!

January 2023

Martha A.

Clinical Practice

We’ve found Forcura to be an invaluable tool for managing our practice. The document management feature has been especially useful as it allows us to easily track referrals and images. The customer support has been great, which is something that we really appreciate!
The only downside is that the system doesn't offer a free trial or any kind of demonstration prior to purchase. However, the customer service team is always willing to answer our questions and provide us with additional information.

Affordable software that does all you ask of it.

December 2022

Sheila Mike.

Health and wellness

I started using Forcura on the advice of a colleague, and it's been great. It's easy to use and very comprehensive in its features. We've used it to track referrals and patient data and the patient portal is a great addition. The price was also very good which was an added bonus!
The customer service could be better at times and apart from the patient portal, there isn't really any other way to communicate with patients.

A great way to encourage paperless workflow

November 2022

Elizabeth Addams

Hospital and Healthcare

Going paperless and using technology to get all work done is a great initiative. Forcura is pushing the limits of what it is capable of, starting with its initial platform to eliminate paper-based faxing and continuing with its connection with HCHB. The software’s messaging system is great and very secure. Users do not have to worry about any breach of privacy. I personally love their customer service. The staff goes out of their way to facilitate customers and answer all queries.
The reports are slow and difficult to process at times. I have been waiting for the Order Tracking Report to be fully functional for quite some time, so the reports section still needs some development. Moreover, the editing capabilities in Forcura can also be improved. Editing and viewing PDFs is sometimes quite a task and needs to be made easier for users. In the beginning, there were far too many updates, which led to frustration. But now that the system has greatly improved, that issue is resolved.

An easy-to-use and intuitive software

November 2022

Miranda Benjamin

Medical Practice

Its ease-of-use is one of the best features of the software. It is robust, and with one single click, I can assign documents to the patients. This makes it easier and quicker to process orders and faxes. Their staff has been very supportive and always responds to all my queries very promptly. Even for employees who are less tech-savvy, Forcura is incredibly user-friendly. They schedule a meeting time to demonstrate to you how everything works through various demos. On top of each document, they employ a barcode system to help link it to the correct client or patient.
The software does offer a lot of great features, but one major disadvantage is that if the barcode is not placed on top, the tool fails to detect it. This leads to the attachment landing in the "Inbound" folder, where users have to access it manually. The fax feature is very good, but the inability to fax documents via mobile phones is a problem. Lastly, the user interface can be improved as well. It is not unbearable, but certain changes can be made.

Excellent document management software

October 2022

Sheila C.

Health & Wellness

It is incredibly user-friendly, even for those employees who rarely work on a computer. They arrange a meeting time to deliver several demos to show you how it all works, and their customer service is excellent. Forcura integrated with our EMR system, simplifying and streamlining data entry activities such as order management and referral attachment, as well as other job components. Each document has a barcode system that aids in connecting it to the correct client or patient.
Since I've been using Forcura for about 4 years, the only drawback I've discovered is that if the document's bar code is not properly positioned on top of it, it will be sent to "Inbound," where the user will need to manually take it out of that category and archive it with the right patient.

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