Genensys Software

What Is Genensys Software? 


Genensys is a clinical and business management platform designed for independent medical practices. It offers a seamless and integrated system of modules that includes electronic health records (EHR), practice management, marketing, patient engagement, and billing software. 

By letting healthcare providers customize the EHR, Genensys helps them cut down on administrative tasks, grow their practices, and focus more on giving good care. 

What Is Genensys Software Best/Known For? 

Genensys EMR is best known for its simplicity, quick response time, and competitive pricing. Thanks to the intuitive menus and fast support making the software easy to use. That means you can be up and running with the system quickly, no matter how big or small your practice may be. Plus, the software offers amazing customer care and training services, ensuring all the support you need to continue working efficiently and effectively. 

Genensys Pricing 

Every organization has different needs, Genensys understands your specific needs and reduces your healthcare costs by offering a customized quote. 

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Genensys Integrations 

Genensys offers APIs that help integrate third-party applications with the Genensys platform. The EHR is also interoperable with the entire Genensys suite of software. 

How Genensys Does Work?  

The following guide will help you get started with the Genensys EHR system: 

  1. Sign in by inputting your user ID and password. 
  2. To access patient records and EMR charting, select the Charting tab. When creating a new chart, you can add information such as medical history, family history, vital signs, allergies, and medications. 
  3. The EHR also includes a powerful search feature that can be used to quickly locate patient records. 
  4. To access billing and scheduling options, select the Practice tab. You can access patient lists, view appointment schedules, and manage claims from here. 
  5. To access reports, locate the Reports tab at the top of the page. This tab allows you to access reports, such as patient payment histories and practice trends. 
  6. To access further options, such as patient engagement, marketing, and analytics, select the Connect tab. You can access resources such as patient communicators, patient surveys, and marketing tools here. 

The "Watch Demo" button below allows you to watch a full demonstration of Genensys in action. 

Who Is Genensys For? 

The following small to medium-sized specialties can use Genensys to streamline their processes and improve patient care: 

  • Oncology 
  • Speech Therapy 
  • Primary Care 
  • Psychiatry 
  • Orthopedics 

Do note that the above are just some of the specialties that benefit from Genensys. 

Genensys Features 

The following are some of the key features of electronic medical records software: 

  • Enterprise Level Scheduling 
    This feature helps you keep track of everything that needs to be done during a workday. You can assign tasks, set reminders, and easily view completed or upcoming tasks. 
  • Patient Insurance Tracking 
    The software tracks patient insurance information and provides detailed reports of claims’ status and balances due from each insurer. That helps reduce administrative time and paperwork. 
  • Custom-Made Evaluations 
    Genensys allows you to create customized evaluations with a simple drag-and-drop interface. That helps ensure you collect all the data you need and quickly identify any areas that need further attention. 
  • Track Payroll For All Independent Contractors 
    The software helps you to track payroll for all of your independent contractors. That makes it easy to keep track of payments and ensures that everyone is paid on time and accurately. 

Is Genensys Software Right for You? 

Genensys Software helps reduce administrative responsibilities and expand your practice. It provides features such as enterprise-level scheduling, patient insurance tracking, copay collection, customized evaluations, care plan tracking, payroll for independent contractors, scanning and storing documents, secure text messaging, and authorization management for smaller practices. 

Moreover, it offers interoperability to exchange key patient data with other care sites and integrates quality measures into the workflow. It also ensures data security through two-factor authentication and other security measures. The pricing for Genensys is tailored to each organization's unique needs and goals. 

If you're an independent medical practice looking for a comprehensive business system, Genensys may be the right choice for you. 

Genensys Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • Seamless integration: With its intelligent design, the software can easily integrate third-party applications and other systems.
  • Security measures: The software offers stringent security measures such as two-factor authentication to help protect patient information.
  • Customized pricing: Genensys offers tailored pricing for all organizations, making it more affordable.


  • Occasional glitches: As expected, Genensys EMR software may experience technical hiccups now and then.
  • Customer support: The customer support team is often slow to respond and lacks knowledge about the software, making training an urgent necessity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Genensys Software cost?

Genensys offers customized pricing for each organization.

Is Genensys Software cloud-based?

Yes, Genensys Software is a cloud-based system and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

What are the main features of Genensys Software?

The main features of Genensys Software include enterprise-level scheduling, patient insurance tracking, customized evaluations, copay collection, payroll for independent contractors, scanning and storing documents, secure text messaging, and authorization management.

What level of support does Genensys Software have?

Genensys offers email and phone support and a knowledge base with blogs.

Who are the main users of Genensys Software?

Independent medical practices can use the software to manage their clinical and business operations. Some of them include oncology, speech therapy, primary care, psychiatry, and orthopedics.

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