gGastro EHR Software

What is gGastro EHR Software?  


gGastro EHR software is a completely integrated platform created specifically for gastroenterologists, offered by Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology. It combines the features of an endoscopy report writer (ERW) and an electronic health records (EHR) system into a single solution for private clinics, ASCs, and hospitals.  

gGastro EHR software is an acclaimed GI-specific EHR solution. It aids businesses in increasing profitability, streamlining operations, concentrating on patient care, and assisting with regulatory requirements. With its gTelehealth platform, audio and visual synchronous telehealth features are also offered. 

What is gGastro EHR Software best for?  

gGastro provides capabilities that are suitable for practices that specialize in gastrointestinal health or need to perform endoscopic procedures. The software comes with an Endoscopy Report Writer (ERW), which is its best-known feature. ERW feature helps gastroenterologists easily update crucial patient data of endoscopies. The records are stored securely, integrate automatically with gGastro and also eliminate duplication of data. 

Some of its other best-performing features include claims management, claims scrubbing, compliance tracking, insurance eligibility verification, and appointment scheduling. Lastly, gGastro also connects to GIQuIC and interacts with local health systems. 

gGastro EHR Software Integrations  

gGastro EHR software does not openly disclose a lot of information on how it integrates with other programs. However, it does streamline the national interchange of health data by integrating with Carequality. Moreover, you can learn more about it by speaking with one of our customer service specialists. 

 Additionally, you can click on the "Get Demo" option to learn more about the features of the application.  We understand the importance of selecting the best EHR system that suits your organizational needs. The demo will give you an understanding of the platform and help you decide whether you need to integrate with other applications or not.  

How does gGastro EHR Software work?  

gGastro EHR software is a cloud-based platform that works fine on Windows and Linux operating systems. Moreover, you can also utilize the application on mobile devices. It is available on all iPad, iOS, and Android devices that provide users the ease of accessibility.   

gGastro EHR software provides users with an exceptional onboarding website experience. The first phase in this aspect is to select templates and launch kits. Browse through the template gallery and pick the style that most closely reflects the goals you have for your new web presence. Following that, the onboarding team reviews the services you bought and sets up the required email accounts.  

Who is gGastro EHR Software for?  

gGastro EHR software is a web-based system designed for the following departments: 

  • Gastroenterology practices  
  • Ambulatory surgery centers   
  • Hospital departments  
  • Small businesses  
  • Large enterprises

gGastro EHR Software Features  

  • Patient Self Scheduling  

You can give patients the option to plan general or specific sorts of appointments online, in addition to confirming, canceling, and rescheduling appointments. Automate appointment confirmations automatic or confirm manually, and send them to patients via text or email. When a cancellation is confirmed in gPM, the open time slot becomes available for online booking.  

  • Analytics  

gInsights provides views into clinical, operational, and financial data for practices. Clinics receive simple-to-understand dashboards with graphs and other visualizations to highlight trends and areas for development.  

  • Patient Engagement   

Patients can be engaged in a variety of ways, including telehealth video check-ins, iPad check-in/check-out apps, and automated survey creation and deployment.  

  • Carequality Integration  

The Carequality Interoperability Framework has been integrated. This interface, which has efficient data exchange features, allows gGastro users to upload patient and visit data, as well as search, find, and receive health records across the Carequality network.  

  • Endoscopy Report Writer (ERW)  

An ERW automatically and seamlessly transfers data between itself and the EHR. It guards against duplicate data and simplifies endoscopy reporting.  

  • Mobile Access  

iOS and Android apps make records available on the go. Practitioners can view appointments, search their patient files, and view procedure notes, charts, medications, and other information. 

  • Medical Records  

Gastroenterological records are stored in the cloud or on a local server. Diagnoses, orders, findings, maps, and other information are already included in these documents.  

  • MIPS Tracking  

It monitors metrics from the Merit-based Incentive Payment System. It calculates a practice's MIPS score and identifies areas for improvement. 

Is gGastro EHR Software right for you?  

If you are looking for SaaS software that includes services like practice management, business operations services, and analytics for benchmarking and reporting, then gGastro EHR is the optimum platform for you.  

As the name of the application suggests, the main target audience of the system is gastroenterologists. In addition to this, the application also provides the gGastro EHR and gGastro Endoscopy Report Writer (ERW) as part of a package of solutions for private practices, ASCs, and hospitals.  

gGastro EHR Software Pricing  

Unfortunately, gGastro has not disclosed its pricing plans publicly. gGastro does not provide potential customers with a clear pricing strategy on its website. However, you can click on the “Get Pricing” button to get a detailed and customized pricing plan from our experts. Our customer service representatives will give you an insight into how much the software costs and source customized pricing plans for your practice.  Thereby, users can make informed decisions keeping in view their budgetary constraints.

  • Small Organization
  • Medium Organization
  • Large Organization
Within Budget
Within Budget
Within Budget


  • Endoscopy Report Writer system: The ERWS functionality helps users elevate and expedite the reporting process.
  • User-friendliness: The application has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use for beginners.
  • Customer Support: Customer support is always available for clients to help them during emergency calls.


  • No Messaging System: gGastro EHR software does not offer a messaging system resulting in communication gaps.

gGastro EHR Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

gGastro EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

7 Reviews


Excellent for Gi-specific practice

March 2021


Woodholme Gastroenterology Associates

This software has a very futuristic approach when it comes to updating its features. It is GI specific and it helps a lot in our practice. Documentation integration with other organizations is very easy.
They are always improving so I don't have any complaints.

Complete system!

March 2021


Texas digestive disease consultants

it is a Complete system which manages billing, scheduling and documenting all in one single unit. Very easy to learn and navigation is quite easy too.
Sometimes, it gets very slow!

Using gGastro for quite some time now!

March 2021


Seaford Endoscopy Center

It is best for GI-specific practice. Everything gets controlled by one server. Billing, Notes, and patient portal are all under one system which makes it really convenient for the staff.
Enhancements requests are a bit slow but it happens rarely.

Premier Software for GI services!

March 2021


Winchester Gastroenterology Associates

The best thing about this software is that their team is continually trying to improve the product. The seamless link between endoscopy suite and office management has been possible to due to great implementation of information by this software. Really helpful for a managing practitioner.
On a general note, it gets a little inefficient when data load is there. team can surely improve the pace.

Best GI-specific EHR software out there!

March 2021

Apurva T.

Medical Practice

It is one of the few GI specific software with an efficient workflow for scheduling, endoscopy and outpatient services. Managing documents and billing services is considerably faster than others.
Compatible with old versions of Windows. Upgrading would definitely be a plus!

Worth all your investments

September 2020

Joyce M.

Center Manager

gGastro EHR has been nothing less than a blessing. I have been using this software for a long time now. I love how its GI specific and that it can be customized according to your needs.
Enhancement requests are slow to happen sometimes.

Customer service is a call away

September 2020



This software makes everything so simple and easy. The staff is great and this software is great for endoscopy units.
Some areas require little improvements. They did claim that everything could be customized but seems like it was a false promise.

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