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HealthLink Software is a cloud-based state-of-the-art Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) EHR software. It improves consultation cycling through Straight-Through Prescriptions (STP). This web-based tool is specifically manufactured for clinics, medical practitioners, retail pharmacies, and laboratories. It facilitates patient management through patient registration, appointment scheduling, referral management, and insurance tracking. HealthLink acts as a virtual hospital or clinic. You can interact with other healthcare providers and share secured medical information with other practitioners.  

With finance management, you can track inventory and stocks. HealthLink Medical offers comprehensive EHR with consultation notes, discharge sheets, health summaries, and consent sheets. You can manage cancellations, check-ins, payments, and cost balances. Straight-Through Prescriptions (STP) allow you to interact and share e-prescriptions with local and other pharmacies to save time. Health Link automatically manages bills pertaining.  

HealthLink Software Key Features 

HealthLink Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) 

It offers customized calendars for test appointments and scheduling. Customized billing packages for each patient allow you to streamline your patient flow. EHR and EMR provide time flexibility. HealthLink sends automated messages to your patients for reports and lab results.  

Retail & Wholesale Pharmacy Management 

HealthLink Telehealth has an easy-to-implement stock-take-on process for Inventory and Stock Maintenance. You can easily streamline Billing and Financial Accounting. Customer registration helps you track your customers and manage sales, purchases, and inwards registers. Health Link helps you manage your E-Commerce and track order status.  

Comprehensive Clinic Management 

It helps you manage Consultation Appointments, Customer/Patient registration, Out-Patient Queue Management, and Billing. You can easily see Electronic Medical Records / Electronic Health Records and other Reports with a single click. Health Link Medical is a Telehealth and Telemedicine which provides complete Virtual Clinic Support. You can have independent access to EHR/EMR by customers/patients and send Straight-Through Prescriptions - STP. 

HealthLink Physical Therapy Software Pricing 

Health Link Medical's pricing starts from $345.00 per year. You can get more information from the vendor.  

Software Demo 

No free version of the software is available. You can get a free trial of Health Link software for a limited time. A demo of the software is provided by the vendor according to different pricing plans and features.  


Many happy users have rated Health Link Physical Therapy with positive reviews. You can easily manage Manage Imaging and Diagnostics with this tool. It has features for Allied Health, General Practice, Hospital & Health Services, Pathology, Radiology, and Specialist Practice. You can get Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) and Diagnosis-Based Automatic Record Generation (D-BARG) Health Link.  

Our Thoughts 

You can manage medical billing e-prescriptions and patient records with this software. It provides both patient and physician scheduling. The personalized patient portal helps in Discharge Management, Patient Flow Management, Patient Location Tracking, Patient Monitoring, and Waiting Time Tracking. HealthLink Medical is integrated with Gentu, ZedMed, Genie Solutions, MedLink, Stato, IntraHealth, Visual Outcomes, MedTech, Medical Director, and Clinic to Cloud. With multiple all-in-one services and end-to-end solutions, HealthLink EHR is suitable software for growing enterprises.

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HealthLink Software reviews

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The best EHR if you are the sole person in charge of all clinic billing

October 2022

Jessica F.

Medical Practice

I have handled tens of bills at a time while dealing with patient information using Health Link, and it was so easy! E-prescriptions are another value-added feature. I also use it to manage appointments, and there’s an excellent dashboard that allows easy time tracking and patient flow management.
However, the documentation is mostly missing, which basically means patient records cannot be shared with anyone. And don’t even try to use it on a mobile phone; it will really break the experience for you.

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