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Herfert Software is a cloud-based chiropractic practice management software for small to extensive medical facilities to centralize processes like inventory management, medical billing, appointment scheduling, and patient history tracking. Healthcare providers can update information on patients' charts using SOAP notes. The patient records feature enables staff members to manage appointments, registration, claims, payments, transactions, and medical exams. 

Herfert EMR Software's insurance billing feature allows administrators to charge any insurance service provider directly, review billing details before printing, and reopen closed claims. Auto check-in/check-out, inventory management, barcode scanning, electronic data transfer, claim to track, and other features are available. The patient correspondence feature allows users to create labels, merge mail, and mail sorts to organize all administrative information. The system automatically sends text or email reminders for missed or upcoming appointments, patient statements, and care plan schedules. Its color-coded year-to-date (YTD) graphs show new patient visits, write-offs, billing, and payments. 

Chiro HD, ChiroTouch, Chirospring, and Genesis Chiropractic Software are the top Herfert software alternatives.

Key Features 

Complete Patient Management 

Herfert EHR offers the most user-friendly patient management software that seamlessly integrates with all areas of your practice. Once your data is entered, it is accessible throughout the system for everyone. The software provides a visually appealing appointment schedule, reminders, quick patient registration, more than 60 report options, and more. Herfert Chiropractic Software streamlines and simplifies office administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on your patients. 

Quick SOAP Notes 

The random text generation feature by Herfert enables practitioners to duplicate patients' previous visits with a single click. Patients can also use a tablet or computer as a kiosk to self-check in and enter their personal information. In addition, practitioners can customize their SOAP notes or use one of the free built-in templates. It also offers advanced document and image storage with easy retrieval and organization. Across the country, the chiropractic SOAP Notes are subjected to excruciating insurance audits, and Herfert always passes all the trials.

Easy, Fast, and Reliable Billing 

The billing feature is Herfert's forte. Practitioners can even bill patients directly. Herfert detects and corrects claim issues before they are rejected, offers tools to track claims, and never fails to bill a service. An automatic post-payment feature is also incorporated into the software for your electronic billing response files to handle all the electronic payments. It happens to be a fantastic option for all types of practices. Practitioners can also email patient statements, automatically charge care plans, and charge interest on past-due balances.

Herfert Chiropractic Software Pricing 

Herfert offers two types of pricing plans for its customers. It provides a monthly subscription and a one-time purchase option. You can click on the "Get Pricing" tab for Herfert pricing details. 

Herfert Chiropractic Software Demo 

Herfert's demo can be helpful for you to evaluate its adequacy for your practice. But first, you need to click on the "Get Demo" tab to watch the software before making the final purchase. 

Herfert Chiropractic Software Reviews 

Herfert software garnered a 4.9/5-star rating on all major review sites. The review section shows that the reviewers praise the software for its fast and easy patient scheduling and registration. The software is easy to use and train on while offering excellent notetaking capabilities. In addition, it provides affordable pricing and top-notch customer service. However, its emailing system could be easier to use, and the user interface could be more stable. You can check out our "Reviews" section for more user reviews. 

Our Thoughts 

Herfert Chiropractic Software is excellent software for chiropractic and other healthcare practices. Its unique features make it a perfect choice for practitioners working in chiropractic healthcare facilities.

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