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Cash Practice Systems is designed to simplify billing and patient retention in healthcare settings. With features like automated billing and patient education, the platform allows providers to focus on care rather than administrative tasks. Its flexible pricing options make it accessible for small and larger healthcare facilities.

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What Is Cash Practice Systems?


Cash Practice Systems is a cloud-based solution tailored for healthcare providers, especially chiropractors. It aims to simplify patient retention, payment processing, and practice management.

The platform offers key features like biomarker testing, payment plans, automated billing, and patient education, all designed to streamline healthcare operations and ensure compliance.

What Is Cash Practice Systems Best For?

Cash Practice software stands out for its specialized focus on healthcare providers, particularly chiropractors. The platform's unique feature, The Wellness Score, allows for comprehensive biomarker testing and health grading. This not only aids in patient retention but also provides a detailed health assessment that is easy for both providers and patients to understand.

Cash Practice Systems Pricing

The starting plan for the software is as little as $49/month. Feel free to reach out for more specific Cash Practice Systems pricing tailored to your practice's needs.

Cash Practice Systems Integrations

Cash Practice Systems offers seamless integration with a variety of third-party applications that are crucial for healthcare providers. Notable integrations include:

The platform also supports API integration, allowing for a more customized experience tailored to your practice's specific needs.

How Does Cash Practice Systems Work?

This section will act as a guide to help you navigate through Cash Practice Systems' features and functionalities.

  • Log in to your Cash Practice Systems account to access the dashboard
  • Utilize The Wellness Score to conduct biomarker testing and health grading for patients
  • Use the Care Plan Calculator to create customized payment plans
  • Set up the Auto-Debit System for automated billing and recurring payments
  • Engage patients with educational content using the Drip-Education Email feature
  • Access CP Online Forms to create custom online forms for lead capture
  • Monitor analytics and insights through the dashboard for performance evaluation
Schedule a Cash Practice Systems demo and see how you can automatically collect credit card information and more.

Who Is Cash Practice Systems For?

Cash Practice Systems is specifically designed for healthcare providers, with a particular focus on chiropractic practices. The software is versatile enough to cater to small, medium, and large-sized healthcare facilities.

The platform is most commonly used in the following sectors:

  • Healthcare
  • Chiropractic Clinics
  • Wellness Centers

Is Cash Practice Systems Right For You?

Healthcare providers seeking to simplify patient retention and billing recommend Cash Practice Systems. The secure and scalable software offers specialized add-ons like the Cash Practice Academy for extra training.

Still on the fence? Read Cash Practice Systems reviews to get more insights.

Alternatively, you can contact the team at Software Finder at (661) 384-7070 for personalized guidance on whether you need this amazing and necessary tool.

Cash Practice Systems Software Features

This feature allows healthcare providers to conduct comprehensive biomarker testing and health grading. It provides a detailed health assessment that is easy to understand, helping in patient retention and more personalized care.

Integrated with ChiroHealthUSA, this tool helps in creating payment plans for patients. It calculates the cost of care based on various parameters, offering legal network-based discounts, thus making healthcare more affordable for so many patients.

This feature automates billing, facilitating recurring payments and credit card transactions. It eliminates the manual effort involved in billing, making it convenient for both healthcare providers and patients.

An email marketing service that allows healthcare providers to send educational content to their patients. This feature helps in patient engagement and education, ensuring they are well-informed about their health. Furthermore, you can create automated email marketing campaigns that are tailored to specific patient needs and conditions, thereby increasing the likelihood of positive health outcomes.

This feature allows healthcare providers to create custom online forms for capturing leads, collecting fees, and making sales online. The forms can be customized and embedded with countdown timers to increase conversions.

Pros and Cons of Cash Practice Systems Software


  • Cash Practice customer service is swift and helps solve any emerging problems quickly
  • The exceptional customer service offers incredible training covering various topics
  • Cash practice systems integrates easily without too many steps
  • The auto debit system saves information without any additional input from the user


  • Cash practice systems supports a wide knowledge base but it can be tedious going over the extensive material
  • The software can automatically collect credit cards for easy payment processing but can suffer from occasional glitches

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Cash Practice Systems is not an EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software. It is primarily designed for patient engagement, billing, and retention.

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