HIPAA Video Software

HIPAA Video is cloud-based medical software that lets patients and healthcare professionals communicate securely. Users can easily make video calls, send messages and files, and securely share confidential patient information. It also allows healthcare providers to share screens, record meetings, and manage patient information. 

HIPPA-compliant group video conferencing is available with HIPAA Video. This feature allows users to invite up to five participants for secure group video calls, enabling greater collaboration and communication among healthcare professionals. With the ability to record, store, and share video calls securely, HIPAA Video is an ideal solution for remote healthcare teams that need to stay connected, even when they’re not all in the same room. 

Key Features

High-Quality Video and Audio 

High-quality video and audio are essential for effective communication, especially in the healthcare industry. HIPAA Video allows users to communicate clearly with easy setup, high-definition video, and crystal-clear audio. HIPAA Video also ensures that all communications are secure and compliant with secure encryption, advanced authentication, and a secure, cloud-based environment. 

Screen Sharing and Recording 

Share your computer screen with other healthcare professionals easily and securely with the HIPAA screen-sharing feature. This feature is especially helpful for training and educational settings. You can also record meetings for easy playback and reference. 

Practice Management Tools 

HIPAA Video offers a range of practice management tools to streamline healthcare processes and provide better patient care. It allows users to manage patient data, schedule appointments easily, and track billing information. HIPAA Video also offers integrations with other healthcare software systems, allowing users to streamline their operations further. 


The HIPAA patient video system also offers confirmation and reminder features, which enable you to set reminders for upcoming appointments easily. This feature helps ensure that important appointments never get forgotten and that patients are always alerted to upcoming check-ups or changes in their care.

HIPAA Video Pricing  

HIPAA Video Health Care starts at $30/month and offers different plans based on the size of your organization and usage. Click on the "Get Pricing" button for more information. You can also get a custom quote based on your medical practice needs by contacting our customer support team.

HIPAA Video Demo 

Watch a free live demo of the HIPAA Video software to see how it can help your organization stay connected and compliant. Click on the "Watch Demo" button above to view the demo. The software also offers a free version and a free trial of the paid features.

HIPAA Video Reviews  

HIPAA Video has received many positive reviews from its users. Users like the software for its ease of use, secure environment, and features such as video conferencing, screen sharing, recordings, and online patient tools. More reviews about this medical software can be found in our Reviews Section.

Our Thoughts  

HIPAA Video is a valuable choice for healthcare organizations looking for a secure, compliant, and user-friendly video solution. The software helps healthcare providers stay connected with their patients, colleagues, and other stakeholders by providing an easy-to-use interface and advanced security features. Overall, we recommend HIPAA Video for any healthcare organization looking for a secure and compliant communication solution.

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