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HotDoc is cloud-based scheduling software that enables doctors and healthcare professionals to easily connect with patients and book the appropriate appointments at the appropriate time. Users can quickly search for practices based on specialty, location, opening hours, gender, or spoken language using a variety of intuitive filters. Furthermore, your practice will be added to the top of your patient's care team, allowing them to easily find and book the right appointment with you. 

HotDoc EMR makes it simple to create and store digital medical records for your patients, making it easier to track their medical history and provide more accurate care. And, thanks to its seamless integration with HotDoc scheduling software, you can easily refer patients to other providers while keeping track of all appointments in one place. The software also includes mobile access, allowing you to make changes or check on appointments while on the go.

Key Features

Automated Scheduling

HotDoc medical software includes an automated scheduling feature that assists practices in better managing their appointment schedules. This feature enables practices to set up automated reminders for patients and providers, as well as text or email appointment confirmations and reminders. This can aid in reducing no-shows and improving communication between the practice and its patients. Furthermore, the automated scheduling feature can assist practices in better utilizing their appointment timeslots, resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

Digital Medical Records

HotDoc software simplifies the creation and storage of patient records, ensuring that all critical information is always available when needed. For added security, the software supports all popular file formats and backs up your data to the cloud. Furthermore, the software's user interface is simple to navigate and use, even for those with little computer experience.

Mobile Access

HotDoc EHR software also includes a mobile app for iOS and Android users, allowing you to make changes while on the go. With just a few taps of your finger, you can update a patient's record or check on the status of an upcoming appointment.

HotDoc Software Pricing 

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HotDoc Software Demo

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HotDoc Software Reviews

The software has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both healthcare professionals and patients. Many users appreciate how simple it is to use and the convenience of having all of their information in one place. Furthermore, the scheduling feature is particularly popular because it helps practices reduce no-shows and administrative work.  

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Our Thoughts 

HotDoc's simple user interface and powerful features make it an excellent choice for healthcare professionals looking to better manage their appointments. Overall, HotDoc Software is worth considering if you need dependable scheduling and medical record software with advanced features and simple tools.

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