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iClinic is robust medical software that enables clinicians to achieve clinical management excellence. It allows clients to gain more visibility into their clinical dashboard and enhance practicality in clinical management. The iClinic software is available in Portuguese and helps practices with calendar management, online marketing, and teleconsultation. 

Above all, iClinic EHR specializes in designing innovative and smart solutions for practices of different specializations. It focuses on creating exceptional eHealth services with embedded decision support that follows standard treatment guidelines. Moreover, eClinic EMR nurtures a healthy patient experience by integrating clinical data for better health management. 

Key Features 

Medical Agenda 

The iClinic Medical Calendar is inclined to reduce patient absences so practices can score more revenue. It practices an unparalleled medical agenda with improved visualization. The vendor sends timely reminders and syncs with the online scheduler. In addition, the calendar allows for personalized modifications, creates waiting lists, and blocks busy slots. iClinic EMR does all this to minimize no-shows. 

Financial Management 

Another quality feature of the iClinic EHR is the financial management that taps into the core of clinical cash flows. It integrates with the medical agenda to process patient payments according to visit types. Also, it enables physicians to generate automatic transfer reports to ensure no payment is left unprocessed. iClinic EHR supports the installation payment process and allows patients to share payment links for better financial management via a single dashboard. 


The EMR module of the iClinic EHR deals with clinical challenges to streamline overall workflow. The vendor revolutionizes clinics by featuring flawless EMR services. Using the mobile EMR service, clients can enhance their online presence to deliver attentive services to patients. Also, iClinic performs data backups every 12 hours to ensure data integrity and absolute data secrecy. The iClinic portal also plays a crucial role in delivering improved care. 

iClinic Software Pricing 

This vendor practices a monthly subscription-based model. Click on ‘Get Pricing’ button above to get a detailed quote for your practice. 

iClinic Software Demo 

Physicians can request a demo of the iClinic system to explore its embedded functionalities. One essential thing to analyze in the iClinic demo is the patient portal. It's the easiest way to decipher how great a solution it is for engaging patients in care. 

iClinic Software Reviews 

iClinic software is adored by medical professionals for three prime reasons ease of use, customer support, and functionality. MD Land iClinic excels in all these aspects and spans the continuum of care for private practices. Clients support this solution because it provides numerous low-cost services. The quality reporting and payment posting services of iClinic Healthcare are highly praised in the reviews. 

Our Thoughts 

iClinic is a user-friendly, multi-specialty solution that aims to simplify the clinical workflow. Its ease of use and inexpensive nature add value to patient care services. Furthermore, this multifunctional solution wins points with impeccable billing and coding services. iClinic truly evolves and creates a comprehensive ecosystem for all healthcare facilities.

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