InterSystems HealthShare EHR Software

What Is InterSystems HealthShare Software? 


InterSystems HealthShare is a software platform designed to bring clinical information together in a secure and integrated way, allowing providers and decision-makers to quickly access the data they need. With HealthShare, care teams can access patient records, treatment plans, and outcome analytics from any device or location, regardless of the technology that created them. 

InterSystems HealthShare supports organizations as they work to improve their care coordination efforts, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. The software's system helps practices meet the data-sharing requirements with APIs. 

What Is InterSystems HealthShare Best For? 

One of the outstanding features of InterSystems software is the TrackCare capability - a comprehensive set of features to improve care quality. It has a patient-centric design that allows users to view all relevant data related to a patient in one, easily accessible record. Additionally, the system puts all vital patient data at providers' fingertips, enabling them to quickly make informed decisions based on up-to-date information. 

TrackCare has an intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop capabilities, allowing users to quickly access the data they need with just a few clicks. Furthermore, it supports numerous imaging formats, including X-ray and CT scans and detailed 3D models, allowing healthcare professionals to visualize images easily. 

InterSystems HealthShare Pricing 

InterSystems HealthShare pricing is customizable and depends on the product requirements of each practice. 

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InterSystems HealthShare Integrations 

InterSystems HealthShare software integrates with several third-party applications to improve care coordination for medical practices. However, it does not provide the software names on the website. 

Click on Watch Demo for more details about third-party integrations. 

How Does InterSystems HealthShare Software Work? 

Here is how to get started with the InterSystems Healthcare software: 

  1. Create a database server, which is used to store patient data and other information. This can be accomplished by setting up an instance of Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Database. 
  2. Configure the software’s user interface components, such as the application server and web portal. 
  3. Once the database server and user interface components have been configured, you can begin setting up various features within HealthShare, such as clinical information systems (CIS) or document management systems (DMS). 
  4. Depending on your setup, these features may require additional configuration steps, such as linking a database of patient records or creating templates for data collection forms. 

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Who Is InterSystems HealthShare For? 

InterSystems healthcare software is used across various medical specialties, including but not limited to: 

  • Clinical research 
  • Emergency medicine 
  • Laboratories 
  • Pharmacies 

InterSystems HealthShare Features 

  • Population Health Management 
    InterSystems offers a comprehensive set of tools for population health management. The software allows healthcare organizations to analyze vast amounts of data from many disparate sources with powerful analytics capabilities. This helps identify gaps in care, uncover trends within a population, and ensure that all patients receive appropriate services. 
  • Medical Analytics and Reporting 
    InterSystems offers advanced analytics capabilities that allow for the analysis of large amounts of data from disparate sources. With this powerful tool, providers can identify gaps in care, uncover trends within a population, and ensure that all patients are receiving appropriate levels of services. This allows for more informed decisions based on up-to-date data, helping to maximize the quality of care delivered. It also offers an intuitive reporting system that simplifies generating reports based on patient data. Reports are customized to focus on specific information, allowing providers to easily identify improvement areas. 
  • Customizable Data Collection 
    InterSystems HealthShare provides a powerful feature that allows healthcare organizations to easily create data collection forms. These forms are customizable and allow users to gather structured data efficiently. The data collected through these forms can be used for a variety of purposes, such as monitoring patient outcomes, evaluating the effectiveness of treatments, or providing insights into disease progression. The information gathered is stored in HealthShare's database and can be easily accessed from the user interface. 
  • Health Outcome Tracking 
    The health outcome tracking feature offered by InterSystems Health software allows healthcare organizations to monitor patient progress, evaluate treatments, and gain insights into disease progression. The system utilizes data collected from various sources, such as clinical notes or electronic health records, and provides advanced analytics tools to help healthcare professionals make better decisions. It can also be used to set up alerts when certain thresholds are met or if any changes in patient status occur. 
  • Care Coordination 
    The Unified Care Record from HealthShare is equipped to receive clinical information in real-time and can send alerts regarding patient admissions to the primary care provider and payer. These alerts aim to improve patient care coordination and facilitate automatic enrollment into care management programs through HealthShare. Additionally, the clinical data can be used to populate care management systems to ensure up-to-date and accurate information. 

Is InterSystems HealthShare Right For You? 

InterSystems HealthShare is a powerful healthcare software that provides a comprehensive solution for tracking health outcomes. It collects data from various sources, such as clinical notes or electronic health records, and utilizes advanced analytics tools to help healthcare professionals make better decisions. 

InterSystems HealthShare software also enables payers to access and analyze data quickly, detect potential fraud or waste before it occurs, and customize views with filters based on criteria such as age, gender, or geographic location. 

InterSystems HealthShare Pricing 

InterSystems pricing may differ depending on your organization's type and needs. Please click the "Get Pricing" button below for a customized pricing guide.

InterSystems HealthShare EHR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does InterSystems HealthShare cost?

InterSystems Healthshare pricing is flexible - click on Get Pricing to see what it will cost for you.

Is InterSystems HealthShare Software cloud-based?

Yes, InterSystems Healthshare software is a cloud-based platform.

What are the main features of InterSystems Software?

InterSystems software offers features for data collection, medical analytics, reporting, and care coordination.

What level of support does InterSystems HealthShare Software offer?

These are the support options offered by InterSystems software: email support, phone support, and online support.

Who are the main users of InterSystems Software?

InterSystems Software is used in laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals, and medical research centers.

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InterSystems HealthShare EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

29 Reviews


The Next Best Thing!

March 2023


Salutic, S.L.

InterSystems HealthShare EHR is an all-rounder! Easy to use, easy to manage, and comes with great customer support. Its also supported by a big community that can prove beneficial for us in the future. InterSystems has really helped us streamline our day-to-day tasks and we are forever grateful for it.
The only thing is that it requires a qualified person for administration but I think its due to security concerns.

Great support

January 2023


Middleborough Medical Center

It allows us to analyze the system with ease and comfort. They have considered every possible scenario when designing the product.
Some features have not caught up with the current needs of the market.

Best of the bests!

December 2022


ret. Frankstahl GmbH

This product has been a great help to our workplace from the start. Its flexible and easily manageable. It provides amazing service and is super-efficient when it comes to getting the task done. A 10/10 for the customer support too. Impressive work.
Needs a qualified person to operate and you need to educate your staff on how to navigate files through it but its definitely worth the trouble in the end.

The Perfect Practice Partner

October 2022


BPlus Tecnologia

The system is highly efficient and reliable. Its great for taking notes and data management. The customer support also try to resolve your problem as soon as possible. Overall, I recommend this software to my fellow colleagues.
The only thing is that its not very well known in the market and that makes it harder to hire qualified people for its operation.

An excellent software

September 2022


Three Rivers Help

The product is fantastic, the feasibility is excellent and the customer support is dependable. We highly recommend this software.
We are satisfied! No complaints.

A good system

August 2022


Fitness and Med Care

I like that the software provides excellent services to its customers! The features are fantastic and quite helpful.
The system keeps crashing which makes it inefficient.

Effective and easy to use

August 2022


Oldacre Care Unit

We can say with confidence that the software is dependable and intuitive.The layout is user-friendly and easy to access for almost all the staff. They also keep updating and improving it.
None at all

Massive improvement! Impressed

June 2022


HFT facility

The potential is fantastic. This software offers great services to its clients. They also keep updating the system to keep making it better and better.
There are a few minor glitches in the system.

A lot better than our last one

April 2022


Care Services

Our experience with this software has been terrific! I love how straightforward and quick it is to navigate with. The customer support has also been very helpful.
The system is slow and the glitches are frequent.

Software you can depend on

February 2022

Liz Awwn

Pediatrics Care

Its easy to use and manage. I especially like that the message recording and tracing are very straightforward, and you can easily track the process flows with this system.
I dont like that the administration of this system necessitates the involvement of a trained individual.

Best choice!

January 2022

Bobby James

Tim Healing Clinic

Its a super reliable and easy to use software.
Having such a large number of features makes integration a bit difficult.

System keeps improving

December 2021


Chris Mental Health Clinic

I like that the system has a large number of functions built into the solution, such as a user browser, interfaces with various technologies, and a database.
We ran into a few obstacles when implementing it because its still new, and we had to use some workarounds because the guidance wasnt really clear.

Quality Product

September 2021

Mathew Hills

Roche Diagnostics

InterSystems provides a number of programmed features to its users. Easy to customise and to operate.
Having a number of features slows down the system a lot and you have to wait hours to get the task done.

A Positive Experience!

July 2021

Alok Youn

Tubelight Communications

I admire the number of inbuilt features they offer, the system is easy to use and is pretty affordable as compared to other systems out there.
Its very hard to operate in the beginning but it gets less confusing once you get the hang of it.

Perfect For Beginners

April 2021


Mental Health Care

If you are a beginner just stepping into the tech world; this is the software for you. Uber-easy to understand and operate.
Long processing hours. Less efficient compared to other software.

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