iO Practiceware EHR Software

What is iO Practiceware EMR Software? 


iO Practiceware provides electronic health record (EHR) and practice management software solutions for medical practices. It is designed to streamline administrative tasks and improve clinical workflows, allowing medical practices to focus on providing high-quality patient care. 

iO Practiceware includes features such as electronic prescribing, a drawing feature, referral letters, and patient scheduling. It also provides billing and collections, patient portal, electronic charting, and document management. Their software is also designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing medical practices to tailor it to their specific needs. 

What is iO Practiceware Best For? 

One feature that makes iO Practiceware's software stand out is that it can be customized to meet the specific needs of ophthalmology practices. It provides features such as documenting and tracking ophthalmic exams or procedures, managing patient contact lens prescriptions. Moreover, it integrates with diagnostic equipment such as visual field analyzers and optical coherence tomography (OCT) machines. 

iO Practiceware also offers a customer support team that can assist with any questions or issues that may arise while using their software, including any questions related to ophthalmology-specific features. They offer training and resources to help practices get the most out of their software and optimize their workflows. As a result, it can help you achieve a higher patient engagement and treatment success rate.  

iO Practiceware Pricing 

iO Practiceware pricing depends on the number of potential users of the software. The customizable pricing options make the software scalable for most practices. It also offers a one-time implementation cost for new users - paid upfront during the initial setup.  

Click on “Get Pricing” for a customized iO Practiceware subscription for your practice from our customer service experts.  

How does iO Practiceware EMR Work? 

The installation process of iO Practiceware can vary depending on the software version and the practice's specific requirements. However, here is a general overview of the steps involved in the installation process: 

  • Before starting the installation process, ensure that your computer system meets the minimum system requirements for the iO Practiceware software. These requirements may include specific operating systems, processor speeds, memory, and disk space. 
  • Obtain the installation media for the iO Practiceware software. This may be in the form of a CD or DVD or a download link from the iO Practiceware website. 
  • Once the installation media is obtained, run the setup program to install the iO Practiceware software. This will typically involve accepting the license agreement, choosing the installation location, and selecting the components to be installed. 
  • After the software is installed, configure the system to meet your specific needs. This may include setting up user accounts, configuring the patient portal, and customizing the software's templates and workflows. 
  • Train your practice staff on how to use it effectively. iO Practiceware may offer training resources, or the practice may need to hire a consultant to provide training. 

The installation process can be complex, and it may be beneficial for the practice to work with an IT professional. Alternatively, click on “Get Demo” button above to see iO Practiceware in live action! The free demo will help you visually understand how the software works. 

Who is iO Practiceware For? 

Solo practitioners, small practices, and large-scale enterprises use iO Practiceware software. Over 250 satisfied practice managers use it due to its optometry-centered capabilities. It helps them stay on top of critical information such as accurate auto-coding, clinical follow-ups, and other clinical fields. It is generally used by: 

  • Practice managers 
  • Administrative staff 
  • Clinicians 

The following are the specialties supported by iO Practiceware: 

  • Optometrists 
  • Opticians 
  • Ophthalmologists 

iO Practiceware EMR Features 

  • Practice Management  

iO Practiceware is a software designed exclusively for eye care practices so they can achieve efficiency, profitability, and regulatory compliance. With its user-friendly interface, the software is tailored to complement your preferred workflows, allowing you to manage your practice more effectively. Automating key tasks, such as patient flow management, billing, and record-keeping, reduces the likelihood of errors and maximizes accuracy. 

  • Inventory Management  

iO Practice Management software enables users to manage various tasks within retail optical POS software. This includes the ability to generate lab orders, receipts, and custom letters and forms using the information stored in the system.  

Users can also send orders for contact lenses directly from the order screen and monitor their progress throughout the process. Additionally, the software allows for easy management of payments for multiple orders or patients and handles returns, exchanges, and warranty transactions from a single location. Practicing ophthalmologists can also manage test equipment orders using this feature.  

  • Insurance Management  

With iO Practiceware, processing patients' insurance has become easier than ever. The software automatically calculates the amount due from the patient and their insurance company, including any applicable discounts and sales tax. Additionally, it includes various features that facilitate payment acceptance, insurance claim generation, refund, and store credit processing. The program can even generate insurance claims on a line-by-line basis. 

Is iO Practiceware EMR Right for You? 

<>With features like multiple-location access and an intuitive interface, iO Practiceware electronic medical records can be used for practice management. Physicians can use it to quickly input data and access visual information with a touchscreen interface.  

It also offers mobile applications that are fully compliant with HIPAA regulations - ensuring secure data input. Interested users should definitely read iO Practiceware reviews to see how it ranks among current users.  

Furthermore, you can contact our helpline and have all your queries answered by our customer service experts.

What’s included

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  • Ambulatory Services
  • Practice Management
  • EMR
  • Mobile App
  • Specialty Support

iO Practiceware EHR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does iO Practiceware offer an API?

No, iO Practiceware does not offer an API to its users.

Does iO Practiceware support mobile devices?

Yes, iO Practiceware supports Android and iOS mobile devices.

Is the iO Practiceware software cloud-based?

Yes, iO Practiceware is a cloud-based platform.

iO Practiceware EHR Software Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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iO Practiceware EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

23 Reviews


I have had a bad experience with this service for the past several years due to poor quality of service.

January 2023


Medical Practice

The process of viewing clinical information and recording progress notes was convenient and easy to use.
We did not receive any service. Our billing and software issues remained unresolved for more than a year. There was no response to problems related to software, billing, or practice management, and the financial reports were inaccurate and unusable.

Youll love it!

May 2022


Florida Vision Institute Inc

It has many features that we can use it to store patient information, monitor status, schedule appointments, and process insurance billing all from one place.
There are a few glitches here and there, but I cant think of any big flaws in this software.

A Perfect Fit

April 2022


SurgiMED Clinic

All the employees and customers are happy with the iO Practiceware EHR Software. Simple and Effective, as they call it. Also, their customer support is indeed one of the best in the market.
Nothing to complain about so far.

Needs time to learn

March 2022


Sarah Rose Memorial Hospital

The insurance claim and billing make it easy for us to settle payments and contact healthcare providers.
Takes some time to learn the shortcuts but when you do it becomes very useful and time-saving.

Gets the work done!

May 2021


Medical biller

It has all the standard features of a good system, such as the ability to add notes and create new appointments with ease.
The font size is a little smaller than the average, but customer service has already contacted me to discuss this.

Worth it

March 2021


Panther Medical Center

This solution is worth the trouble of switching because it has made our lives easier. We can change the preferences to fit our clinic.
The training videos lack information that we need.

Needs work

March 2021


Honolulu Private Medical Services

They have customization options to make charts easier to fill.
The scheduling and billing features have too many bugs. You cannot edit it afterwards because it starts freezing up.

IO Review

March 2021


Zune Medical Alliance

The marketing analytics feature is very useful and gives us insights into our practice that our last software did not.
It takes too long to upload and attach documents.

We trust it with our data

March 2021


Avery Medical Clinic

The software has all the features to create and store medical records in a safe and secure location which can be accessed at any time.
The scanning options takes a lot of time to load.

Trustworthy and fast

March 2021


Shoreside Medical Clinic

The software provides a smooth experience and we are able to increase our efficiency by 50%.
The customization options are not designed according to a small practice and they should include more templates.

Vast functionality

March 2021


SurgiMed Hospital

It has so many functions that we can store patient files, update status, set appointments and process billing with insurance from the same system.
There are a few bugs that require fixing but otherwise it is great.

Not satisfied with the level of customization

March 2021


Porter Family Hospital

It comes with the options for adding notes and creating new appointments like any EHR should.
It does not have all the customization options and we need to manually input everything.

Useful and efficient

March 2021


iCare Medical Center

We are using this to create and maintain medical records and have found it so much more convenient than paper files.
There needs to be a better patient portal so they can also access their reports from home.

A good fit for our clinic

March 2021


Daytona ENT Clinic

I am happy with how well our employees have adapted to the software. We are using it to manage the practice and keep track of records.
There are a few glitches in the system which can get annoying.

A reliable software

March 2021


Savoy Medical Center

iO is great for managing health records and it has never let me down. I can process billing much more efficiently now and my job is less stressful.
I have encountered a few glitches and bugs which were immediately reported to technical support.

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