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iPraktice software is a Practice Management solution which makes a doctor's medical practice run smoothly and efficiently. iPraktice comes with an advanced calendar that doctors can use to update their availability. As a result, hospital receptionists can schedule patients at different time slots without any hassle or mix-ups. This particular feature avoids crowding outside the doctor’s cabins. And this way, doctors can attend to patients in a stress-free environment with a complete focus on their care.   

iPraktice enables doctors to create individual patient profiles, where all their scans, previous prescriptions, and reports can be saved and assessed quickly when required. So, whenever a patient comes in for a follow-up visit, the doctor can have complete details of his/her treatment journey so far, without the doctor asking a million questions. Furthermore, with this feature, the patients do not need to take the stress of bringing all their reports with them every time they visit their healthcare providers.

Key Features


iPraktice has a telehealth feature that allows patients to schedule appointments from the comfort of their homes. They can also opt for either offline or online modes of consultation, whichever is more convenient for them. The secure video calling feature of iPraktice makes remote consultation very intuitive and safe.

Clinic Management

The Clinic Management feature helps manage independent or multi-site clinics. Every location can have a customized availability schedule, which meets the practitioner’s needs for each site such as pricing, appointment type, and appointment length.

Booking Management

iPraktice offers a very clear, precise, and adaptable calendar to provide its customer with all the tools they require to manage their healthcare practice. This intelligent feature of the software allows flexible booking schedules, flexible fees, and individual color coding. Moreover, the customers can repeat appointments which are quite convenient for them.

iPraktice EHR Demo

Click the “Watch Demo” above to access the software demo which will help you familiarize yourself with iPraktice. The software offers a free trial for the software as well. 

iPraktice EHR Pricing

The software pricing is not publicly available on their official website. They offer two pricing packages for the customers to consider. iPraktice does not have a free version of the software at the moment. However, you can click the “Get Pricing” button above to get a customized pricing plan from our customer support representatives. 

iPraktice EHR Reviews

This EMR is relatively a new entry to the market and does not have a sufficient number of reviews to conclude customer feedback.  If you have an experience with this software, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the Reviews Section below.   

Our Thoughts

iPraktice is a robust solution that is currently being used by chiropractors, physiotherapists, and exercise physiologists in medical facilities from large medical organizations, and small clinics, to independent practices.  In our expert opinion, iPraktice is an efficient and economical solution that aids in the growth of customers’ business and workflow management, which makes it noteworthy.

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