Lighthouse 360 PM Software

Lighthouse 360 PM Software

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Struggling with appointment no-shows, scattered reviews, and administration issues? Lighthouse 360's cloud-based solution offers streamlined patient engagement and practice management. Automated reminders, personalized communication, and seamless review handling enhance patient relationships. Train your team and optimize patient interactions with Lighthouse software.

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What Is Lighthouse 360 Software?


Lighthouse 360, a cloud-based patient communication software tailored for dental practices, empowers efficient patient relationships and streamlines practice management. Enhance patient engagement with automated reminders, personalized communication messages, and seamless patient review management. With its intuitive interface, Lighthouse practice management simplifies patient interactions, improves patient recall, and optimizes dental practice operations.

What Is Lighthouse 360 Software Best For?

Lighthouse 360 stands out from its competitors by offering a holistic patient communication solution that automates reminders, manages patient reviews, and strengthens patient recall. Its competitive edge is its ability to integrate automated communication with patient review management. Lighthouse 360 is a must-have for dental practices aiming to foster patient relationships and elevate patient communication systems.

Lighthouse 360 Software Pricing

Lighthouse 360 pricing is based on a customer’s requirements. Click Get Pricing to access Lighthouse 360 software pricing plans.

Lighthouse 360 Software Integrations

Lighthouse 360 collaborates seamlessly with various third-party software, providing comprehensive functionality and adaptable solutions. Notable integrations include pharmacy, lab, and payer systems, ensuring a comprehensive patient care approach. It integrates with the following third-party applications:

  • Denticon
  • ABELDent
  • XLDent
  • PerioVisio
  • Dentisoft
  • EasyDental

How Does Lighthouse 360 Software Work?

Here’s how to get started with the software after its successful installation:

  • Log in with your provided credentials
  • Explore and become familiar with the dashboard
  • Sync patient data or integrate with your management system
  • Automate appointment reminders, phone call treatment notifications, and patient reviews management
  • Manage patient reviews to enhance your online reputation
  • Create personalized communication templates for different purposes
  • Customize communication channels such as emails, SMS, and voice messages
  • Utilize the scheduling feature for seamless appointment management
  • Train your staff to use Lighthouse 360 effectively

See the Lighthouse 360 Demo to view these steps in more detail 

Who Is Lighthouse 360 Software For?

Lighthouse 360 caters to dental practices from small clinics to multi-location offices. The software handles patient communications and optimizes communication for the following personnel:

  • Dentists
  • Orthodontists
  • Oral care specialists

Whether you're an independent practitioner or part of a larger healthcare organization, Lighthouse 360 offers invaluable tools to enhance patient relationships and bolster practice efficiency.

Is Lighthouse 360 Software Right For You?

Discover how Lighthouse 360's comprehensive patient communication system can revolutionize your dental practice. Lighthouse 360 software is a trusted solution underscored by its industry accolades and endorsement by prominent clients. Recognized for scalability, security, and add-on options, it is chosen for strengthening patient communication and practice management.

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Lighthouse 360 Software Pricing Plans

The price is tailored to the needs of a customer.

Lighthouse 360 PM Software Features

Lighthouse 360 streamlines patient communication by sending automated appointment reminders, reducing no-shows, and ensuring efficient scheduling. This feature helps dental practices optimize their appointment calendar and maintain a steady flow of patients.

With Lighthouse 360, dental practices can actively manage patient reviews, enhancing their online reputation. The software simplifies patient feedback collection, organization, and publication, fostering trust and credibility among potential patients.

The software facilitates timely follow-ups and consistent patient care through its patient recall feature. Dental practices can ensure that patients receive necessary treatments and preventive care, fostering long-term oral health.

The software enables personalized patient communication and engages dental professionals in meaningful interactions. Lighthouse 360 provides various communication tools to connect with patients, fostering a sense of care and responsiveness.

Lighthouse 360 offers a suite of practice management tools to streamline administrative tasks. The software simplifies day-to-day operations from appointment scheduling to treatment notifications, allowing dental practices to focus more on patient care.

Pros and Cons of Lighthouse 360 PM Software


  • Automated patient communication and reminders
  • Strengthened patient engagement
  • Comprehensive practice management system
  • Scalable to accommodate growing practices


  • Limited explicit information on integration partners
  • Customer support can be improved, according to Lighthouse 360 reviews

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Lighthouse 360 streamlines patient communication, practice management, and engagement for health systems, boosting efficiency and patient relationships.

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