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Mahler Health is a full-service practice management software solution that streamlines provider/patient clinical operations and optimizes the facility workflow. The robust tool allows providers to schedule, bill, manage claims, check real-time eligibility and benefits, and run compliance tracking from one customized dashboard. 

Mahler Health Software comes with an advanced EHR, patient dashboard, full RCM, telemedicine, telepsychiatry, eRx, HIPAA Compliant CRM, and so much more. The tool is made to facilitate providers by taking the complexity out of practice management. It helps provides to spend more time taking care of patients instead of worrying about the paperwork. 

The EMR software solution is developed on the principles of automation, customization, and integration. The software also comes with FHIR, ClearingHouse, ERA data & processing, revenue cycle management tool, simplified claim submission, extensive denial management, and a host of other beneficial features. 

Mahler Health Key Features 


EMRs with inefficient technology workflows significantly hinder the provider/patient clinical processes resulting in the loss of valuable time and countless dollars each month. MahlerHealth completely eliminates the possibility of any data publication and prolonged claims processes with efficient, HIPAA-compliant CRM. The EHR software lets providers run real-time eligibility and benefits checks, claims management, and more. 

Cost-Effective Solution 

Mahler Health’s all-in-one solution for healthcare practice is focused on providing more value within an affordable pricing structure. The ERM software has multiple tools like PracticeHarmony, RevenueConductor, Lullaby, etc., to ensure that providers can run medical facilities confidently without hidden charges or any long-term contracts. 

One Login for Your Entire Practice 

Mahler Health EMR puts entire clinical operations under one login that can be accessed on any device, desktop, or mobile. The software eliminates the error-prone multi-platforms with multiple logins that lead to an endless headache for providers and medical facilities. Providers can easily manage notes, calendars, patient scheduling, claims management, the billing process, insurance eligibility verification, and much more all from one robust dashboard. 

Mahler Health Pricing 

The pricing detail has not yet been provided by Mahler Health. 

Software Demo 

The software does not offer a free trial for any of its tools. However, you can contact them to schedule a demo before you make up your mind about investing in the healthcare practice management solution. 


Mahler Health EHR has detailed reviews from providers using it for more than 2-3 years. Healthcare software has a good reputation among industry leaders due to its all-in-one solution approach to clinical workflow management. Learn more about the healthcare software under our reviews section. 

Our Thoughts 

The System is a complete practice management solution that eliminates the complex patient/provider scheduling and simplifies the billing process. The healthcare tool facilitates providers with customized dashboards according to the center’s needs for claims, billing, EMR, compliance tracking, etc. Thus, there’s more focus on patient care and less on paperwork. 

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