MaximEyes EHR Software

What is MaximEyes EHR? 


MaximEyes is a system for ophthalmology and optometry practices that is made by First Insight Corporation. It uses a single interface to manage electronic health records (EHR), practice management, optical point-of-sale, ophthalmic image management, and patient engagement. 

MaximEyes EHR software has a modern, easy-to-use interface that is helpful for optometry practices that are looking for ways to make business tasks easier. It has features for clinical management like setting up appointments, reminding patients, documenting clinical information, a dashboard for doctors, and more. 

What is MaximEyes EHR best for? 

An optical dispensing tool is one of the best things about the MaximEyes practice management solution. It streamlines the process of dispensing glasses or contact lenses to patients. It allows optical practices to manage all aspects of the dispensing process from one central location. This includes maintaining accurate patient information, tracking inventory levels, generating invoices, scheduling appointments, and generating reports. 

MaximEyes EHR Pricing  

Maximeyes EHR software lets its users make their own pricing plans so that practices of any size can use it. The cost of the software is calculated on the basis of factors like practice size and the number of users. However, there is a one-time upfront implementation cost. 

Click on "Get Pricing" to get a bespoke MaximEyes quote for your practice. 

How does MaximEyes EHR software work? 

Any optometry practice can start with First Insight Maximeyes software by following these steps: 

  • Download the MaximEyes installation files. These can be obtained from the Maximeyes website or a vendor-supplied CD. 
  • Before installing, it is important to check that the computer or server meets the minimum system requirements for running MaximEyes EHR software. 
  • Once the installation files have been obtained and the system requirements have been checked, run the installation program. Follow the prompts to complete the installation process. 
  • After completing the installation, start the configuration process of the software. This may involve setting up a database, configuring network settings, and configuring user accounts and permissions. 

Click on "Get Demo" for live support from the Maximeyes support team. 

Who is MaximEyes EHR For? 

Maximeyes EHR software offers practice management, direct EHR PQRS reporting, and workflow efficiency management. It is designed to be scalable, meaning that it can be adapted to meet the needs of practices of different sizes. Most frequently, both small and large eye care practices use it, including: 

  • Independent optometrists, ophthalmology groups, multi-location practices, and large-scale eye care chains 

The Maximeyes practice management solution supports the following specialties: 

  • Optometry 
  • Ophthalmology 
  • Vision Therapy 
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology 
  • Low Vision Practice 

MaximEyes EHR Features 

  • Clinical Documentation 
    MaximEyes EHR and practice management solution includes a comprehensive charting tool. It enables clinicians to document patient encounters and treatment plans quickly and easily. It includes customizable templates for various specialties and a flexible interface that allows for easy data entry and retrieval. 
  • Appointment Scheduling 
    Maximeyes EHR software helps you manage your appointments and track patient visits. You can view your schedule by day, week, or month and even schedule recurring appointments. 
  • Image Management  
    Maximeyes practice management software allows you to capture and store images. This includes retinal photos, anterior segment photos, and visual field test results. 
  • Insurance Management  
    The Maximeyes electronic health records software lets you enter insurance adjustments and negative chargebacks into the system. You can allocate specific line-item amounts in the Superbill to either insurance plans or patients. By using the VSP calculator, you can ensure that remittances correspond with the exact patient balances, adjustments, discounts, and chargebacks. 

Is MaximEyes EHR Right for You? 

First Insight made the Maximeyes EHR and practice management software, which can help improve how a practice works. It integrates features like document management, patient care, and marketing tools. It is a comprehensive solution that can also be used for financial reporting, outbound communication, and patient management. 

Overall, it is a robust EHR used for managing patient care and administrative aspects in several eyecare practices. However, deciding if it is the right choice for your practice can be challenging. 

Before switching, you can consider budget, features, system compatibility, and transition value factors. Reading reviews about the Maximeyes EHR software can also help you make an informed decision. 

MaximEyes EHR
What’s included
  • EHR
  • Advanced Patient Portal
  • 2-Way E-Prescription
  • Cloud-Based Image Management
  • Customizable Exam Templates
  • Practice Management
  • Fast Pay Health
  • Billing Management
  • Compliant eClaims
  • Flexible Scheduling

Pricing may differ depending on your organization's type and needs. Please click on the "Get Pricing" button below to get a customized pricing guide.

MaximEyes EHR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • Specialized features: MaximEyes offers specialized features specific to ophthalmology practices, such as visual acuity charts, OCT images, and fundus photos.
  • Customizable templates: The system offers customizable templates that enable providers to create personalized care plans for their patients.
  • Robust billing capabilities: MaximEyes has robust billing capabilities, including submitting claims electronically and tracking reimbursements.
  • Integration capabilities: The system can integrate with other healthcare systems, enabling seamless data exchange between different systems.


  • Steep learning curve: Due to its specialized nature, a steep learning curve may be associated with learning how to use the system effectively.
  • Limited scope: While MaximEyes is excellent for ophthalmology practices, it may not be suitable for other types of healthcare settings or patient populations.
  • Technical issues: As with any software system, technical issues may arise from time to time, which can impact its usability and effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does MaximEyes EHR offer an API?

Yes, MaximEyes EHR offers an API to users.

Does MaximEyes EHR offer training to its users?

Yes, MaximEyes offers a self-guided training program called "Integrated Learning" that allows users to learn about the usability of the software.

Does MaximEyes EHR support mobile devices?

Yes, MaximEyes EHR supports iOS and Android mobile devices that are compatible with the system.

What are the support options provided by the MaximEyes EHR?

The MaximEyes EHR offers these support options to users: live support, email, and social media.

Which languages are supported by MaximEyes?

The MaximEyes EHR software supports one language currently: English.

MaximEyes EHR Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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MaximEyes EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

23 Reviews


Our office made a great decision by switching to MaximEyes.

March 2023


Medical Practice

Sometimes after updates, certain functions that used to work stop working. Although its frustrating, we understand that this happens to all systems and appreciate that the team always works to resolve the issues within a reasonable time frame.

Maximeyes veteran with 20 years of experience.

February 2023


Medical Practice

Their instant chat support is typically very prompt and courteous, with response times under 30 seconds.

Using this "all in one" software has improved our efficiency.

August 2022


Medical Practice

We can customize the software in many ways to better suit our practices workflows and thinking.
The of creating documents from the chart may take longer than expected due to some features that tend to be slow.

Highly Recommended!

August 2022


Health, Wellness and Fitness

The customization feature is appreciated and although it may require upfront time investment to ensure proper setup, the end results are favorable. Its a valuable investment.
It can be overwhelming to customize everything on your own. Having an expert from Maximize to assist can be helpful.

Eye Care MaximEyes Review

February 2022


Medical Practice

The software allows for easy customization of various aspects. Schedules can be set and modified easily, even if a provider is absent or an extra day is added. Additionally, exam templates can be personalized according to provider preferences.
It is difficult to change the prices for optical lenses because the price needs to be updated in multiple locations. The implementation team at MaximEyes set it up initially, but now changing prices for a new year is more complicated than expected.

Takes time to learn but all good!

May 2021


Dr. Roberta Horwitz - Eye Care For You

The works support staff is extremely supportive and professional.
The layout is not user friendly it takes a lot of time to get used to this software but once you get the hang of it, its all good!

Great Value for money

May 2021


Eyecare Associates PC

It is a simple to use programme. Weve been using this product since a long time and have seen several improvements in that period.
I believe some of the features can be improved and made automated.

Optimised our workflow

May 2021


Smart Eyecare

The help is fantastic, and they do an excellent job of guiding us through the whole thing. The system itself is easy to operate and user friendly.
It is much better than any other programme I have used. Great Work Team!

MaximEyes Review!

May 2021


Pacific Eye Clinic

I like that the system is easily adaptable to my practice and gets the job done in a short amount of time
Running reports can be a bit difficult, and I do wish there were a few more choices available.

MaximEyes Your Work Potential

April 2021


20/20 Optometry of Silicon Valley

User Friendly and easy to manage plus its simple to adjust to your schedule plus amazing support team.
Nothing to complain about; a satisfied customer.

Very easy and usable

March 2021


Dr Barbara Yanak

They are always improving the system. The user interface is great and makes finding everything very convenient.
The software always requires updates and they are too technical to understand.

You receive personal attention

March 2021


Envision Eye Care

The staff listens to you and they remain on call for as long as it takes to resolve an issue.
There were some minor issues with the customization but they have been fixed.


March 2021


Centar, Imler, Gjurich and Caldwell

It is a versatile software and designed by people who understand eye care. The administrative staff can use it easily too.
Adding codes is complicated but once you get used to it, it will work.

Need an IT professional to run it

March 2021


Yakima Vision Center

It is great for larger practices because you can integrate it with other third-party software.
It is so technical that you need to be on the phone with the customer support almost every other day.

Good features and responsive team

March 2021


Eye Care for You

The codes are up-to-date and the doctors can quickly fill out forms. It also was reasonably priced.
The practice management and patient information modules are not synced.

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