MDLIVE is a cost-effective telemedicine solution that offers 24/7/375 access to board-certified physicians and pediatricians via secure phone, online video, or the MDLIVE App. Founded in 2009, MDLIVE has its headquarters in Sunrise, Florida. Their HIPAA and PHI-compliant secure systems enable registered users to receive virtual consultations from their homes and even get an e-prescription. Their providers are available at all times to offer high-quality care designed to substitute an urgent care center or local emergency department. With MDLIVE, the patient can easily receive behavioral health services by scheduling video consultations with licensed therapists.

The vendor partnered with Walgreen's in December of 2014 to support virtual physician visits through the pharmacy's smartphone app. Instead of going through the hassle and inconvenience of urgent care visits ER for non-emergency problems, patients can seek medical help from the convenience of their homes. With a growing network of over 39 million members, MDLIVE offers treatments for many common health conditions such as constipation, flu, pink eye, allergies, and more. It also covers behavioral issues including addictions and depression, anxiety, and dermatological issues such as rashes, acne, and insect bites. The telemedicine platform offers an easy-to-use interface, users can access it by simply downloading the mobile app on the smartphone platform of their choice – just about in fifteen minutes, they can register for free by entering their information to create a secure account.


The software offers three flexible pricing plans with unlimited visits: Counseling – starting at $99 per month or less depending on your insurance, Psychiatry – starting at $259 per month, with initial and follow-up visits, and Dermatology – starting at $69 or less depending on your insurance. These plans also include consultations with licensed mental-health therapists at affordable costs. Users can contact the vendor for additional pricing details.

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Users can request a free trial.


Their system offers online support.


The telemedicine system is quite upfront about the medical conditions their doctors can't treat. The patients also have the opportunity to submit their medical complaints, allowing the doctor to interview the patient thoroughly to narrow down the problem and suggest further treatment.

Product Advantages

Patients can easily choose the doctor for an urgent visit, or schedule a later appointment at their convenience. MDLIVE shows that the doctors used are board-certified in their specialties or not.

Product Limitations

The software is limited to people living only in the United States. Patients who have already used this service in the US, and then are traveling abroad, will not be able to use this telemedicine service.

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