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Discover MDToolbox – a trusted e-prescribing solution for seamless prescription management. Empower your small to medium-sized practice with user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive e-prescribing modules, and secure controlled substance prescriptions. It streamlines workflows and ensures compliance, optimizing your operations and enhancing patient care. Get started today!

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What Is MDToolbox?


MDToolbox is an award-winning e-prescribing solution designed for small to medium size medical practices across various specialties. The software provides a variety of modules and solutions including electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS), electronic prior authorization, direct messaging, and mobile access. It can run as a standalone product or synced with other office software, allowing physicians to create and send electronic prescriptions, find drug information, and get prior authorization from insurance companies for their patients.

What Is MDToolbox Best Known For?

The software stands out with its MDToolbox-Rx Mobile solution, which allows busy physicians to easily prescribe both controlled and non-controlled medications electronically from any mobile device like iPhones, Androids, iPads and tablets. This empowers prescribers to ensure convenient and flexible prescription management even when on the go.

MDToolbox Pricing

MDToolbox offers the following two standard pricing options:

  • E-Prescribe Pro – $30/month
  • E-Prescribe Complete – $38/month
The vendor also offers various optional add-ons. Contact us for a personalized pricing quote tailored to your specific requirements.

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.

MDToolbox Integrations

MDToolbox-Rx supports integration with a variety of software systems. However, the vendor has not disclosed more information about its specific third-party integrations.

How Does MDToolbox Work?

Follow the steps outlined below to get started with the software:

  • Log in to the software using your credentials
  • Search for a patient in the database or add a new patient
  • Complete an electronic prescription by selecting the medication, dosage, and submit to pharmacies
  • View insurance formulary information and check for prior authorization requirements
  • Send and receive secure clinical messages to coordinate care with other providers
  • Access the mobile version of MDToolbox to complete prescriptions on the go from any device
  • Use the EPCS module to electronically prescribe controlled substances
  • View patient history and favorite lists to streamline the prescribing workflow
You can also schedule a free MDToolbox demo to learn more about the software’s functionalities.

Who Is MDToolbox For?

MDToolbox is well-suited for small to medium-sized practices across a variety of healthcare specialties.

Is MDToolbox Right For You?

If you're in search of an affordable yet comprehensive e-prescribing solution tailored for small to medium-sized practices, MDToolbox could be the right choice. It provides a suite of modules and mobile access, streamlining day-to-day prescribing workflows.

As an ONC-certified 2015 edition platform, MDToolbox merges cutting-edge technology with comprehensive features to facilitate secure and efficient electronic prescribing. Its award-winning solutions and dedicated U.S.-based support services demonstrate its commitment to user experience and satisfaction.

Still not sure if MDToolbox software is the right choice for you? Contact us at (661) 384-7070, and we will help you make an informed decision.

MDToolbox-Rx Software Features

MDTools-Rx is a certified e-prescribing solution that connects physicians with over 70,000 pharmacies nationwide, allowing them to send and receive prescription orders and refills easily. The software provides features such as access to drug reference information, decision support tools, patient education resources, and real-time checking for medication interactions and formulary compliance.

The software is fully certified to securely send prescriptions for Schedule II-V controlled substances electronically. It has undergone audits by a Qualified DEA Auditor and is also certified by Surescripts® for the electronic transmission of controlled substances. Healthcare providers can utilize a standardized workflow for all prescribing tasks, improving security and overall patient safety.

MDToolbox software offers a user-friendly electronic prior authorization module that enables healthcare providers to quickly obtain prior authorization from insurance companies for their patients. The module alerts prescribers when prior authorization is required and streamlines the process with electronic smart forms. These forms are pre-filled and only present pertinent questions, ensuring a quick and efficient approval process.

The vendor’s email messaging module provides healthcare providers with a secure platform to exchange messages and health information. This feature ensures the highest levels of encryption and security, facilitating confidential and protected communication among healthcare professionals. Overall, it enhances collaboration and information sharing within a secure digital environment.

Pros and Cons of MDToolbox-Rx Software


  • An intuitive interface for seamless navigation
  • Offers EPCS functionality for secure controlled substance prescriptions
  • Efficient electronic prior authorization process for insurance approval
  • Mobile access supports prescribing on-the-go for flexibility.
  • Responsive customer support


  • A potential learning curve for new users, according to some MDToolbox reviews
  • Additional costs for optional add-ons
  • Compatibility issues with certain EHR systems may arise

MDToolbox-Rx Software Pricing

E-Prescribe Pro

(E-Prescribe Pro Features)


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What's Included

  • Everything you need for standalone e-Prescribing of noncontrolled substances

  • E-Prescribe Non-Controlled Prescriptions

  • Electronic Refills + e-Cancels

  • Electronic Prior Approvals

  • Meaningful Use Stage 3 Certified

  • Web-Based - Prescribe Whenever and Wherever You Need

  • U.S. Based Support: Phone, Email, & Chat

  • Built-In Time Saving Tools: Favorite Lists, SIG Builder,Dosing Calculator and More

  • View Patient Formularies and Prescription Pricing

  • State PMP Integrations

E-Prescribe Complete

(E-Prescribe Pro Features, plus:)


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What's Included

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    The typical customers of MDToolbox include small and mid-sized healthcare facilities.

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