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Meddbase Software is a cloud-based platform that provides healthcare professionals and practices with clinical, financial, and administrative tools and services. The software combines electronic health records and appointment and billing capabilities that allow providers to manage live, up-to-date medical records. It is designed for medical practitioners seeking secure management and a patient record system that is accessible from any device.  

Medbase system file, organize and manage medical records including digital imprints of prescription, charts, and complete detail of the treatment. Medbase enables health and care businesses across all medical disciplines to carry patient-led services and to make things easily accessible by an upgrade from the traditional pen-and-paper approach to an electronic recording system. It also offers SNOMED CT clinical coding along with links to online accounting. 

Med+DBase Key Features 

Medical Record Management System 

Meddbase system ensures the best record management system with fewer medical errors, medical records are a patient’s entire medical history. The software helps patients and doctors record information electronically, which doesn’t take up any physical space. So, there’s no physical damage or loss of medical records. 

Document Sharing 

From initial checkups to tests, through billing, Medbase software facilitates medical personnel and staff with an easier transference of data across all departments. The chance of misplacing data is eliminated because medical records are digitally shared with practices. Remote access to records is also available in case the provider or patient is traveling. 

Improved Time and Productivity 

Meddbase software helps practices accurately bill patients for the treatments and services offered. It also automates the task of filling out forms, giving practitioners more time to look after patients instead of drowning in paperwork. 

Provide Decision Support  

The Medbase system provides doctors with the relevant information to support their decisions about patient care. This information is based on historical data and the medical record of the patient. 

Med+DBase Software Pricing 

The pricing for the software has not been provided by the vendor. However, the software can be purchased with a per-person, per-month subscription. The software team also trains the users as part of the initial setup. 

Software Demo 

Meddbase does not offer a free trial of the software but you can always schedule a live demo before making up your mind. 


According to customers, the software offers the right data in the right place and secure data sharing. Read what users have to say about Medbase software in our verified user reviews section. 

Our Thoughts 

It’s a complete practice management software that allows providers to access, share, and manage up-to-date live medical data across multiple locations. If you’re looking for software that combines scheduling, EHR, billing, and accounting apps then Meddbase may be the right fit for your needs. 

Med+Dbase Software Pricing

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Med+Dbase Software reviews

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2 Reviews


A Wonderful Product

March 2023


Medical Practice

The extensive range of features offered by Meddbase indicates that it is a well-established product that has undergone development for many years.

Recommended Product

February 2010



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