Medical MasterMind EHR Software

What is Medical Mastermind EHR? 


The Medical Mastermind EHR is an MU-stage compliant, cloud-based platform that allows doctors and medical staff to access patient records, update medical histories, order tests, and prescribe medications. 

The Medical Mastermind EHR provides a range of features to help healthcare providers streamline their workflows and improve patient care. Some of its key features include patient appointment scheduling, electronic prescription management, medical billing, and coding support. The system also supports e-faxing, allowing providers to send and receive documents securely. 

What is Medical Mastermind best for? 

Medical Mastermind stands out for its user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and customize. It is designed to be intuitive and provide a comprehensive view of the patient's medical history, including medication lists, lab results, and more. 

Secondly, it offers customizable templates that can be adapted to fit the unique needs of each medical practice. This flexibility allows for the creation of templates that are tailored to specific specialties and clinical workflows. 

Medical Mastermind EHR Pricing 

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How does Medical Mastermind EHR Work? 

Mastermind EHR is an electronic medical record (EMR) system designed for medical practices of all sizes. The software is designed to help healthcare providers manage patient data, track appointments, manage billing and insurance claims, and much more. 

Here are the general steps for an easier transition to Mastermind EHR: 

  1. Mastermind EHR can be hosted in the cloud or on your own server. You will need to decide which option is best for your practice. 
  2. Ensure your computer or server meets the minimum system requirements before installing the software. These requirements can be found on the Mastermind EHR website. 
  3. You can download the software from the Mastermind EHR website. 
  4. Follow the instructions provided to install the software. This process will vary depending on your hosting option. 
  5. Once the software is installed, you must set up user accounts for yourself and your staff. 
  6. You can configure the software settings to meet the needs of your practice. This may include setting up appointment schedules, insurance billing settings, and other options. 
  7. If you have existing patient data, you can import it into Mastermind EHR. The software supports various data formats, including CSV, Excel, and XML. 
  8. Finally, ensure your staff is trained to use the software effectively. Mastermind EHR offers training and support resources to help you get started. 

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Who is Medical Mastermind EHR for? 

The Medical Mastermind software improves clinical workflows by allowing healthcare providers to manage patient statements, reporting abilities, and more. It is mostly used in mid-sized clinics that want to eliminate outdated paper systems. Here are the types of practices that benefit from Medical Mastermind: 

  • Specialty-specific systems 
  • Healthcare providers 
  • Urgent care facilities 
  • Patient consultation facilities 

Medical Mastermind EHR software is a medical education and clinical decision support platform that provides a range of specialties and topics for medical professionals. Some of the specialties supported by Medical Mastermind include: 

  • Internal Medicine 
  • Family Medicine 
  • Pediatrics 
  • Emergency Medicine 
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology 
  • Psychiatry 
  • Cardiology 
  • Gastroenterology 
  • Endocrinology 
  • Hematology 

Medical Mastermind Features 

  • Billing Services 
    Medical Mastermind’s billing services are designed to help healthcare practices streamline their billing process. It equips practices with features such as appointment scheduling, patient registration, charting, e-prescribing, lab integration, and reporting. As a result, practices can increase their revenue and reduce manual administrative tasks.
  • Visual Management 
    The color-coding feature in Mastermind EHR allows users to visually differentiate between various system elements. They can quickly access patient records, appointment schedules, and clinical notes. Color coding can also be used to represent information, such as the urgency of a task, the status of a patient's condition, or the priority level of an appointment. For example, urgent tasks can be highlighted in red, while routine tasks can be highlighted in green. Similarly, the status of a patient's condition can be represented by colors, such as yellow for stability and green for improvement. 
  • Role-Based Access 
    The software provides role-based access to clinical information and prescription generation, allowing practitioners to quickly and easily access patient data. 
  • Transparency 
    Medical Mastermind EHR also offers transparency when it comes to approval processes. With objective data available at the click of a button, practitioners can easily evaluate the system without spending months researching or attending meetings. 

Overall, Medical Mastermind EHR is an intuitive system that helps healthcare professionals provide better patient care while simplifying their workflow. 

Is Medical Mastermind Right for You? 

The Medical Mastermind EHR is a robust option for users who want to switch from existing, inadequate software. It offers a user-friendly screen layout through which physicians can manage patient scheduling, patient information, imaging, and more. 

You may want to consider a few factors—the size of your practice, the number of providers, and the types of patients you see—before you switch to Medical Mastermind. It is a HIPAA-compliant, ONC-ATCB-certified tool that can help users manage paperless practice. 

Reading through Medical Mastermind reviews can also impact your decision. Finally, whether Medical Mastermind EHR is right for you will be determined by your specific needs and preferences, as well as the software's suitability for your medical practice. 

Medical Mastermind EHR Pricing 

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Medical MasterMind EHR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Deployment and Support






Web based
















Phone call


  • Customizable: Medical Mastermind EHR is customizable, meaning that healthcare providers can tailor the system to their specific needs and workflows.
  • Secure: Medical Mastermind EHR is designed to meet the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards for data security and privacy, so patient data is protected.
  • Integration: Medical Mastermind EHR integrates with other healthcare software, such as billing and scheduling, to provide a complete solution for healthcare providers.
  • Mobile access: The software is accessible on mobile devices, so healthcare providers can access patient data and records from anywhere at any time.


  • Cost: Medical Mastermind EHR can be costly, especially for small healthcare practices that may not have the resources to invest in the software.
  • Learning curve: Like any new software, there is a learning curve associated with Medical Mastermind EHR, which can take some time for healthcare providers to get used to.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Medical Mastermind offer an API?

Yes, the Medical Mastermind software offers a Base API and an advanced API.

Which languages are supported by Medical Mastermind?

The Medical Mastermind software supports one language currently: English.

Medical MasterMind EHR Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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Medical MasterMind EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews


It simplified our work and made it more efficient

May 2022


Excellence Care Center

Using it for about a year now and couldn’t be happier! Medical mastermind has helped us in multiple specialties and documents for patient information.
Dont really have anything to complain about.

Not exactly user friendly

May 2022

Jessica M

Medical Practice

It has a great pop up feature for treatment team notes.
The same great feature comes with a caveat. There is a pop up window every time you switch tabs. Literally just wastes time.

Our patients loved using this!

April 2022

John S.

Health, Wellness and Fitness

When one of our patients went out of their way to appreciate how easy using our software has been for them. I immediately came to the website to leave this review.
Their tutorials are a bit barebone. We had to ask for help to understand some features.

I can easily depend on it

March 2022


Hospital & Health Care

It has been great for our small clinic and has helped us eliminate the paper. All our data is on the web and easily accessible anytime.
I found it difficult to use it on my older smartphone. The touch response is laggy and Im pretty sure it is just my phone.

A great overall product

March 2022


We Care Pediatric and Adolescent

Colorful and eye catching screen layout helps to understand whats being displayed. Very user friendly.
Since it is cloud based, customizations are difficult because it takes time to update.

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(661) 384-7070

Call us at

(661) 384-7070