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Revolutionize your eye care records with myCare Integrity EMR. Navigate patient data and integrate digital diagnostics with this software. Use your own personalized dashboard to improve the organizational efficiency of your professional eye care clinic. Discover the future of streamlined patient management and diagnostic accuracy today!

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What Is myCare Integrity EMR?


myCare Integrity EMR is a cloud-based software solution crafted to streamline the management of electronic medical records for eye care specialists. With its intuitive interface, this software transforms how specialists handle patient information, diagnoses, and treatments. Say goodbye to traditional drawing tools and paper-based systems to embrace the efficiency and accuracy of digital record-keeping. myCare Integrity EMR might be the best choice for you when it comes to providing top-notch patient care and minimizing administrative complexities. 

What Is myCare Integrity EMR Best For?

The myCare Integrity EMR system stands out among its competitors due to its specialization in eye care. This software isn't just any other EMR system; it's a tailored solution for ophthalmology practices. With its focus on eye care, integrated diagnostic tools, and personalized patient dashboards, myCare Integrity EMR brings a smooth workflow to professional ophthalmology clinics. 

myCare Integrity EMR Pricing

The cost of myCare Integrity EMR starts at $500/month/user. For a customized quote that suits your practice's specific needs, click on Get Pricing.

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change 

myCare Integrity EMR Integrations

This intelligent software seamlessly integrates with most popular third-party integrations to improve its versatility and capability. Enjoy seamless integrations with standard pharmacy, lab, and payer systems to ensure efficient data exchange and holistic patient care. 

How Does myCare Integrity EMR Work?  

Here’s how to get started with the software after successful installation:     

  • Log in using your credentials and familiarize yourself with the dashboard  
  • Create new patient records by entering essential information 
  • Explore personalized dashboards for efficient patient management 
  • Integrate with digital diagnostic equipment for accurate results 
  • Upload existing images with pre-existing patient records 
  • Use documentation tools to update medical notes and plans 
  • Gain valuable insights with the software' built-in analysis tools 
You can also schedule a free myCare integrity EMR demo to learn more about the software. Click on Watch Demo now!

Who Is myCare Integrity EMR For?  

myCare Integrity EMR caters to the specific needs of eye care professionals. Whether you're an independent practitioner or part of a larger clinic, this software is designed to enhance patient care and streamline operations. The software is specifically designed for: 

  • Ophthalmologists 
  • Optometrists 
  • Opticians 
  • Practice Managers 

Is myCare Integrity EMR Right For You?

If you'd like to join a community of leading eye care professionals, myCare integrity EMR may be the missing piece in your eye care practice. Improve patient care and optimize your operations with the software's integrated diagnostic tools. Experience security, scalability, and efficiency in managing your electronic medical records with myCare Integrity. 

Still not sure if it's the right choice for you? Contact us at (661) 384-7070 so we can assist you in making an informed decision. 

hellonote Features

myCare Integrity EMR urgent care provides personalized patient dashboards that allow eye care professionals to access and manage patient information in one single, organized interface. This feature allows for the quick and efficient retrieval of patient records, medical history, and treatment plans to streamline the decision-making process.

This software seamlessly integrates with digital diagnostic equipment to enhance diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. Eye care professionals can directly link diagnostic results, images, and test data to patient records to gain a comprehensive view of each patient's eye health.

With myCare Integrity EMR, creating, updating, and accessing patient records is simple and straightforward. This feature allows eye care professionals to efficiently manage critical patient information to reduce administrative burdens and ensure accurate, up-to-date medical histories.

Specifically tailored for ophthalmology practices, myCare Integrity EMR provides many features designed to address eye care professionals' unique needs. From specialized templates for eye-related diagnoses to tools for managing conditions specific to vision health, myCare Integrity plays a crucial role in supporting your eye care services.

With its efficient image management system, myCare Integrity allows professionals to store and access digital images of eye conditions, test results, and progress over time. This feature allows for better visual documentation of patients' eye health.

Pros and Cons of hellonote


  • Tailored solutions for ophthalmologists and eye care clinics
  • Seamlessly integrates with digital diagnostic equipment
  • Personalized patient dashboards for efficient record management
  • High customer support functionality rating


  • Some difficulty handling previously created images, according to some myCare Integrity EMR reviews

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The typical users of the software are ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, and practice managers.

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