Nextech EMR Software

What Is Nextech EMR? 


Nextech is an electronic health record (EHR) and practice management software designed for various medical specialties. The software enables healthcare providers to enhance their daily operations and financial performance through its user-friendly interface, adaptable features, and cutting-edge analytics tools. Nextech EHR streamlines clinical workflows with features such as a patient portal, marketing tools, billing, reporting and analytics, scheduling etc. 

What Is Nextech EMR Best For? 

Nextech electronic medical records software offers a patient charting solution that allows healthcare providers to manage patient records, reduce administrative burdens, and improve the overall quality of patient care. Furthermore, the tool enables customization to meet specific practice needs, making it versatile and adaptable to different healthcare settings. 

Nextech EMR Pricing 

Nextech EMR cost varies based on the size, type and requirements of an organization. Get in touch with our team to get a customized pricing quote today! 

Nextech EMR Integrations 

Nextech EMR software integrates with several third-party software solutions, including: 

How Does Nextech EMR Work? 

Here's how you can make use of the software's features: 

  • Log in with your credentials and access the dashboard 
  • Enter relevant patient information and manage health records  
  • Utilize the patient charting module for efficient documentation 
  • Use the customizable forms and templates based on your specialty practices' needs 
  • Simplify scheduling and book appointments to enhance regulation 
  • Leverage marketing tools to improve outreach and patient campaigns  
  • Generate reports and analytics to track practice performance and track trends  
  • Streamline billing processes and make use of other practice management tools  

You can also schedule a Nextech demo to get an insight into the software's capabilities. 

Who Is Nextech EMR For? 

Nextech electronic health records and practice management solution caters to practices of all sizes. The following medical specialties can use it: 

  • Dermatology 
  • Plastic Surgery 
  • Med Spa 
  • Orthopedics 
  • Ophthalmology 

Nextech EMR Features 

Nextech EMR software offers the following key features: 

  • Practice and Workflow Management 

Nextech EMR offers comprehensive practice and workflow management tools, streamlining the operations of healthcare practices. It allows practices to efficiently manage patient records, appointments, and billing. With its user-friendly interface, it simplifies daily tasks and enhances productivity. This feature ensures that healthcare providers can focus on patient care while maintaining an organized and efficient practice. 

  • Advanced Analytics 

Nextech Systems provides insights into key performance indicators, patient outcomes, and financial data. With these analytics, practices can make informed decisions, improve their services, and optimize revenue. This feature is a valuable asset for practices looking to leverage data to enhance their operations and patient care. 

  • Patient Portal 

The patient portal enables patients to access their health records, view lab results, schedule appointments, and communicate securely with their healthcare providers. This feature not only improves patient satisfaction but also reduces administrative burdens on staff, as patients can manage many aspects of their care independently. 

  • Marketing Tools 

The marketing tools help healthcare providers to expand their practice reach and attract new patients. These tools include patient communication, email marketing, and referral tracking. Practices can effectively market their services, engage with their patient base, and measure the success of their marketing efforts.  

  • Revenue Cycle Management 

The software offers tools to manage billing, claims, and financial operations efficiently. With this feature, practices can submit claims accurately and on time, reducing the risk of denials and delays in reimbursement. It streamlines the entire financial process, allowing healthcare providers to focus on patient care while ensuring a healthy revenue cycle. 

Is Nextech EMR Right For You? 

If you are actively seeking a specialty-specific and customizable software solution, Nextech EMR software might be the ideal choice. It offers a complete solution for healthcare providers looking forward to expanding their practices and improving their performance. Along with comprehensive features, Nextech also provides a mobile app that allows users to access their data anywhere, at any time. 

Nextech has been dedicated to providing inventive services that promote efficiency, stimulate expansion, and elevate the overall patient care experience. The ONC-certified software has achieved various awards, such as AAD's DataDerm Recognized EHR vendor, Best Support G2, and 2019 Bronze Stevie winner, making it a reliable solution. 

Still not sure whether Nextech EMR is the right fit for your practice? Go through Nextech EMR reviews or contact us at (661) 384-7070, and we will help you make an informed decision. 

Nextech EMR Pricing Plans  

The pricing varies based on the specific needs of your practice.

Nextech EMR Software Features


Appointment Management/Scheduling




Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Customizable Forms/Reports


Document Management


Lab Integration


Online Payments


Immunization And Allergy Tracking


Mobile App




Order Management


Reporting And Analytics


Billing And Invoicing


Insurance Eligibility Verification


Claims Management


Inventory Management


Referral Management




Patient Demographics

Deployment and Support






Web based
















Phone call



  • Customizable templates for various specialty providers 
  • A slight learning curve for new users 
  • Physicians can easily access patients' lab results 
  • Due to the change in algorithms, letters can be confusing at times  
  • Plastic surgeons can create to-do lists and surgery notes 
  • The support team's responsiveness varies, according to some Nextech reviews 
  • The iPad app allows users to feel the ease of a paper charting system 
  • A healthcare provider can create patient profiles with ease 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Nextech EMR offer an API?

Yes, Nextech EMR provides an API.

How does Nextech EHR help health systems?

Nextech EHR software helps physicians streamline patient data and clinical operations to enhance practice efficiency. It offers various features such as scheduling, revenue management, and reporting and makes producing surgery notes easy.

How long does it take to implement Nextech EMR?

The implementation procedure for Nextech EMR software is remarkably straightforward. Users have to follow a few steps, which include data transfer, software setup, user training, and ongoing assistance, which are designed to meet the specific needs of individual healthcare practices.

Is Nextech EMR cloud-based?

Yes, Nextech is a cloud-based EMR software.

What are the customer support functionality pros of Nextech software?

Nextech PM, according to its customer support, functionality, rating and reviews, is one fantastic EHR software. It offers frequent updates, a helpful support team and specialty-specific content solutions.

What languages does Nextech EMR support?

Nextech EMR software supports the English language.

What level of support does Nextech EMR offer?

Nextech EMR offers client support via phone and form submission.

What type of pricing plans does Nextech EMR offer?

Nextech practice plus EHR software offers flexible pricing options that can be tailored according to an organization's needs. Contact us today to get a personalized quote.

Who are the typical users of Nextech EMR?

Next Tech EMR suits practices specializing in dermatology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, medical spa and plastic surgery.

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Nextech EMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

41 Reviews


Good for aesthetics patient management

April 2023

Andrew J. Cox

RejuvEN Aesthetics, CA

It helps to have an EMR customized for aesthetics/plastic surgery procedure patient management. The facial anatomy charts/resource add-ons are spectacular!
Some site tutorials for working with advanced features are missing; we need to rely on customer support for these/training our residents.

Functional Software with Usability Challenges

March 2023


Medical Practice

I appreciate the diverse range of functions the software provides, but I must admit that learning how to use them effectively has been a bit challenging for our team.
One area where the software could improve is its user-friendliness. Some aspects are not very intuitive, and when we reach out to customer service, the assistance provided can vary depending on the representative we speak to.

Overall great product

March 2023


Medical Practice

Having used the PM system for 22 years and the EMR system for 9 years, we have found great satisfaction with this software. Its ease of use is commendable, and we appreciate the continuous introduction of new features. The support provided by the company is also excellent, ensuring a smooth experience.
One area for improvement would be the availability of online scheduling without the need for a third-party vendor. It would be beneficial if the software itself offered this functionality. Additionally, while the text reminder feature is helpful, we wish it provided more customizable options.

Excellent Features and Support

March 2023


Medical Practice

I am highly impressed with the softwares user-friendly interface, comprehensive offerings, and the continuous introduction of new features. The support provided by the team has been outstanding as well.
I have a couple of suggestions for improvement. It would be great if we could offer online scheduling without the need for a third-party vendor. Additionally, I wish the text reminder feature had more customization options.

Working well in our ophthalmology center

February 2023

Caroline S. Charmaine

iSight LASIK, WI

It was hard for us at first to secure a suitable EMR solution for our clinic, but then a colleague referred Nextech to us, and so we decided to take up the subscription. The platform is incredibly easy; allows us to easily navigate between the dashboard and custom reports to speed up our patients-seeing cycle/turnover. The customer support and training options provided by the vendor are also great (they are easy to contact and work with). We will continue using the software as long as the quality keeps up – they keep on updating the product.
The system seems to leave a lot of cookies in our browser; we try really hard to avoid cluttering up our RAM – which is a bad thing/a problem.

It is user-friendly

December 2022


Wallis Dermatology Associates, PLLC

The Nextech EHR Software is simple to learn and use.
We would be able to resolve problems at a faster rate if we had detailed training at the beginning. Unfortunately, it took us reasonable time and effort to understand and integrate modules for official onboarding.

Good app

December 2022


Computer Software

Good prices, abundant information, and smooth application.
Lack of technical support for the application, some shortcomings, but not important to everyone.

Nextech covers all your specialty needs

September 2022


Tri-Cities Skin & Cancer

Nextech EHR Software is one of the most user-friendly systems I have ever used. Offers ease of use. It is great that there are so many features in this software that I am constantly discovering something new and interesting. It offers niche-specified features which fulfill all that one would need. The ability to customize the pages helps a lot.
There should be a way to send out payments to a category all at once rather than having to drag each line item individually. The reporting has great features; however, the reports can be too complex to navigate at times.

Amazing EMR

July 2022


Star Clinic

I use it on a daily basis and the training part of the job was super easy. The customer support is quick to answer. You transcribe all the notes and updates with ease.
There are currently no cons at the moment.

Nextech is great

May 2022


Capital Eye Consultants

I love how easy it is to use on a daily basis. I can navigate through all the modules and customize whatever I feel like it. The eprescription and patient referral systems are especially great.
Believe me, when I say, It is not as user-friendly on tablets.

Best for practice management

March 2022


Pain and Arthritis Management

We can do almost everything from administration, check-in, and billing on this software.
I just wish they would let us change the font shape and the font size.

Easy for professionals

February 2022


WB Heart Clinic

Scheduling the activities on this system is very easy. You can also notify patients and send reminders. The schedule is color coordinated and easy to read. There are new practices we can associate with through our system too.

Good experience

January 2022


Delaware County Medical Center

Nextech has been user-friendly and easy to navigate for all our employees. It has an extensive knowledge base and the staff is excellent too.
The financial summary reports are not always available.

Using it for a long time

November 2021


CE Medical

Our administrative staff is happy with the services. They can work unencumbered now. The physicians are also happy with the pro charts
There is a glitch in the fax machine.

All-in-one solution

August 2021


Amruss Inc

We can input information into charts and make it easier to use. The system is user-friendly and completely customizable.
It was overwhelming at first but after the training we were good to go.

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Call us at

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